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Chapter 274: Merchandise had foreign substances in the form of a middle-aged man. Younger sister is very pitiful. Part 2

Chapter 274: Merchandise had foreign substances in the form of a middle-aged man, the younger sister is very pitiful. Part 2




He is a big idiot. For the sake of his sick little sister, his only blood relative, pressed by the need to obtain a specific medicine, he quit being an adventurer to work for the Confederation. Not only is it cliche, it is also so silly.

Even though the place of origin of that medicine is the Kingdom, with the Frontier being the supplier, he was working on the Confederation’s side, which monopolized it, blocking it from the circulation. Even though that is the very reason why he couldn’t get the medicine in the first place?

「Poor thing, for her only blood relative to be such an idiot! Isn’t she way too pitiful?!」

「So true, even though she is suffering from illness, she also has such an idiot for a brother, who is doing idiot things, poor thing.」

「Moreover, he is an idiot enough to not only assault the Frontier’s rumored『Mushroom Evangelist』, but also take an iron ball to his head, ah, his poor little sister!!」

「If he is that skilled he could’ve resolved everything by going to the Frontier to pick mushrooms himself… His poor little sister, to have her brother do such idiotic things because he is such an idiot.」

「In the first place, with his only relative being the sick little sister, he has to do his best to protect her, and yet he goes and picks a fight with that! What an idiot! I feel insanely bad for his little sister?!」

「「「Her older brother is that big of an idiot? Poor girl~」」」

He is super depressed. Surging waves of 『Idiot』and 『Poor little sister』chants already brought him to the verge of tears, and the orphans, with their innocent eyes full of sincerity, deliver the finishing blow.

Even so, he is too much of an idiot… After all, that issue affects every sick person and not just his sister. And yet he assisted the Confederation, making himself complicit. The one he should be asking for help are on the exact opposite side, but even if he wanted to seek help, he is at odds with them.
Such extraordinary idiocy makes one feel genuinely sorry for his sister. His little sister is way too pitiful, having to suffer from the illness because of this stupid brother. After all, for her brother, who is willing to dirty his hands and get himself this tattered for the sake of his sister, to be such an idiot… Well, it actually was Angelica-san who trashed him, but even so.

「I know that saying that I didn’t know wouldn’t work as an excuse… But I didn’t know. Neither about mushrooms, nor about the Frontier, I didn’t know anything. I thought that only the Confederation has the needed medicine… Really, such an idiot. I honestly don’t know how to look my sister in the eyes now, and the same goes for our parents who passed from this world. However, while I know I’m not in the position to make requests, you can have all of my swords, but please spare some mushrooms for my sister, I don’t have any gold on me since I left all of it to my sister… I beg you.」

Yeah, he is an actual idiot, after all, he is clearly planning on getting killed.

He is such a great idiot that it’s genuinely infuriating. There is no telling what will happen to the sister if her brother, her only blood relative, gives up on his life, and there is no guarantee that the other party will keep their word regardless of how hard he pleads. Not to mention that even if she were to recover through such means, she would end up all alone… If he gives up on delivering the remedy to her personally, then it is the same as giving up altogether. So… Have your scolding here?

「Aah~… That’s quite nice of you. It’s been a long while since I’ve met such a sensible person of rerorero hobby, so I’m super touched. No, honestly, there was nothing but sore losers, who didn’t know when to give up.I mean, all of them were so willing to charge head first into danger, throwing their lives away, and if they couldn’t do that, they’d come all the way to the frontier, loitering all over the place with their heads. Even the villagers, willingly jumping into a swarm of monsters on their own for the sake of their families, even though there was no telling if that would change anything. It was really tough, but I’m very glad that I’ve finally met a sensible person, a good loser, who knows when to give up… Whatever-san.」

「Good, bad, call it whatever you like, but with me getting caught, on top of not only getting the medicine but actually actively helping in preventing it from getting to the market. Coming this far, I can’t find any excuses. I ruined everything.」

He is laughing. Ah, it’s over… No one can interject anymore. After all, Haruka-kun is laughing.

「This is the remedy mushroom. Usually, a single one should be more than enough, but in an unlikely case of final hours already closing in, two would still allow for full recovery with excess, however, with three one could handspring straight out of the grave and dash into full sprint the very second they recover? Yeah, with HP mushrooms and Stamina Mushrooms on top of that one can swiftly make a complete recovery. But you have given up, haven’t you? Your little sister will die, but that can’t be helped? Since you gave up? Good~bye, little sister~.」

Cutting Wismregzero-san’s ropes Haruka-kun threw him the swords he took from him.


「What are those eyes? People that gave up aren’t getting anything. Obviously? Since you gave up? Everyone keeps struggling, crawling around without giving up no matter how bad it gets? There is no way anyone can grab the hand of a person who isn’t even trying to reach out and grab the chance themselves? That’s why your little sister is going to die.」

Bloodthirst. A frenzied thirst for blood brimming with madness.

「Close your trap… And give it to me.」

「What are you talking about? You gave up, didn’t you?」

His expression is different from before, his voice too… Everything about him changed, even the way he talks. So he could do it if he tried…… But, yeah, Haruka-kun is harsh on elder brothers.

「…Give me that!」

「How about you try and take it? But you don’t really need to try, since you gave up already?」

The madness-seething violent bloodthirst exploded. Madness and killing intent swelled up along with magic power… but nothing more. After all, Haruka-kun is smiling… Madness? Explosive bloodthirst? Magic swords? That’s nothing, that’s not enough at all. Maddened frenzy of a person that once had given up is nothing to him… There is no way it would reach that still very active greedy plunderer of lost and taken, that keeps struggling and lamenting without rest, reaching his hands to take back anything and everything.

The magic swords glared with blue light.

The thrust magic sword split into several, all stabbing at Haruka-kun, while the one in his other hand launched an invisible slashing attack. As he made a sudden spin, another magic sword thrusted out from the blindspot created by his body. However, he is unsightly slammed to the ground.

Kneeling, he stabs one of his magic swords into the ground, that instant spears of stone sprout from the ground. Then, immediately jumping up, he clad one magic sword in flames and slashed with a backhand grip, meanwhile, another magic sword was deftly coming from a blind spot. However, that also ended with him getting unsightly knocked down.

With his knees shaking, he uses magic swords in both hands as a support to stand up, and dragging his feet, steps forward. By now he can’t even walk properly, even supporting his own weight is too much to ask. Even so, he steps forward, getting knocked down once again.

Dragging himself forward by stabbing a sword into the ground he kept crawling and clawing, forward, forward, and forward, he kept moving, as much as his tattered body would allow him to. Gripping a magic sword in his blood-smeared hand with its nails torn off, he raises it over his head, trying to activate some sort of magic attack, but is sent flying along with it.

Knocked down over and over and over, he continues getting knocked down again and again and again.

Beaten to the ground, he keeps crawling, keeps coming forward.

And gets knocked to the ground along with the magic swords in his hands.

But he keeps crawling, single-mindedly pursuing the mushrooms. He no longer had any magic swords in his hands, since he doesn’t have the strength left to hold them anymore… He is simply crawling, and as soon as he drags himself close enough, he gets knocked away.

Even so, he keeps crawling.

He can’t even see a thing anymore.

Losing the direction he probes for the presence, and continues to crawl that way.

His armor, clothes, skin, and flesh, are all being scraped and torn, but even so, he keeps crawling.

They say that only death can cure stupid, but it seems that even death is not enough to convince an idiot to give up. Yeah, that’s how a proper idiot should be. After all, Haruka-kun is finally smiling normally now… Although he keeps hitting him anyway?


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