Chapter 277 Part 1

Chapter 277: It’s supposed to be ingested, so putting it in your eyes instead of the mouth will result in an injury despite being part of medical treatment. Part 1

Day 67 – Evening, Souvenir Store, Orphanage Branch.

Finally, the supply from the Merchants Confederation has ceased. The iron pirate ship appeared again, plundering all the cargo, and sinking every vessel… Thus, they seem to have finally given up. Or rather, being in the middle of internal discord provoked by the magnitude of their financial losses, and having the pirates deliver the finishing in the form of countless sunk ships, they have no other option but to back off, even if they are yet to give up. They don’t have any goods nor means to deliver them anymore. And with the Confederation divided, they have their hands tied with domestic affairs, so for the time being, they won’t be able to cause mischief outside. Without any profits and only enormous damages without any means to recover their losses, their top brass is bound to lose their political strength. And politicians without political sway possess no power whatsoever.

But to sail all the way to the Confederation’s ports to sink ships there, the Geeks must be pretty pissed?

Don’t tell me that they didn’t make it in time? Or maybe they were too late? Did I fail once again? Was this another disaster? …No idea, but thinking about this isn’t going to help either. Even so, I’ll definitely make sure to protect the Frontier. Even if it’s pointless and futile and if failure means losing everything, I still might be able to protect something, and for that sake I’m going out to kill.

「Well then, there won’t be any new shipments, so it’s time to switch to selling our stockpiles. Even if considering only what I plundered from the Confederation, the stockpile will easily last even if the Playking goes full LET’S PARTY mode and starts throwing daily lavish feasts in the Capital for 3 months straight, and that’s with the original inventory being several times that? Yeah, I picked up everything, so we have a lot. Well, it isn’t going to last that long though. The moment the rationing stops the gates will swing open. Even the Capital’s treasured artifact 『Ultimate Lock』 meant for protecting the city from the enemies, is useless if the gates are opened by the people from the inside. I mean, I don’t think there are that many citizens who want to fight for the Second Prince? And since the city will be surrendered if rationing stops, they have no choice but to come here to buy provisions. So I’m going to rip off every single penny they have? I mean, since it was plundered in the first place, I’m not going to accept any complaints about it getting plundered back?」 

「The person who was plundering more than anyone is casually giving testimony! It’s like he has no remorse at all!」

「After plundering as if he was doing something nice, stealing as if he was doing something wonderful, scamming as if he was doing something praiseworthy, and robbing them of all they had, the villainous criminal is giving advance notice of the next crime, clearly not sorry of what he’s done at all!」

「With the nobles going bankrupt one after another, and their estates being captured the very instant they put them on sale, the luxurious slums (rip-off town) just keeps on growing, doesn’t it?」

「Moreover~, the five-storied pagodas erected to annoy them are so casually cruel~? There are banners with 『The people are like garbage!』[1], or 『Heya, plebs?』, or 『No Lower Class People Allowed』 hanging on them, you know~? The nobles were falling senseless, foaming at their mouths~.」

Since they are still pissing me off I keep expanding on the noblemen bullying, ramping up the taunting too. Since they did what deserves being looked down upon, they should have their share of being looked down on and at.

「Will the nobles be able to survive? Losing not only their wealth but also a place to live?」

If the Confederation pulls out they will go bankrupt. They were selling concessions and basically the country itself. If they lose their patron there won’t be new revenue. But even if they produce any, I’ll just have to crush the source of it and wring funds from them.

And a noble who sold their country is not a noble anymore. They’d have no choice but to earn their living with their own power after they run through their fortune. That’s what the orphans were doing. Receiving no help from anyone, they kept working hard, despite the continuous exploitation, helping each other, with no one else to rely on. So, do it? If you can’t, die?

Well, I’m sure they are perfectly able to survive or drop dead on their own, nothing to do with me.

Rather, it’s this place that I should be worried about. And the issue is the meals from tomorrow on. Sure, Cooking Club Girl can cook, but making meals for more than 100 people will take more than an hour by itself? And teaching cooking to the orphans, who previously never made anything aside from stale bread and vegetable scraps soup, is going to take even more time.

Suppose they will do fine with pre-made meals for about a week, but what then? The cold storage can last for one month at best, and no one was able to learn my otherworldly cooking. I guess it can’t be helped, since no one has my 『Magic Hands』 or 『Apex Thinking』 or 『Holding』, but no matter how much they cooked, 『Cooking』 wouldn’t appear in their skills. I actually don’t have it either, so it’s a bit of a mystery how I can do that, even to myself? I just can?

「After the troubles at the Frontier are over we can open 『Souvenir Store, Dungeon Main Office, Kind of?』 and have the children work there, so let’s take them with us? It’s going to be easier to find employment at the Frontier as well, and they are short on people too… It’s too cruel to just leave them here. They finally learned to smile. These children shouldn’t have to cry anymore. They already cried enough for the entire life, so they should never be made to cry again!」

Well, the Frontier should be a safe option? Hm? Wasn’t it supposed to be some sort of a danger zone at the edge of the continent? Well, the monsters are dangerous, but its inhabitants are kind and food is now plentiful, it even has more goods than the capital now. Even the town itself… The entire town population is armed with high-tier clubs, making it a safety zone, or maybe a danger zone, or rather a carnage city, but for some reason it’s incredibly popular with monsters, who are getting massacred in droves, making it very safe? Well, a monster stampede from the Evil Forest is not enough to destroy that town anymore. They might even be able to deal with a dungeon overflow, if it’s shallow enough. [2]

「There are still quite a few dungeons in the Frontier, so it isn’t that safe, you know? Magical Essence [3] is really dense there, so no matter how many dungeons are destroyed they just keep popping up all over the place? But the most dangerous part is that the geeks will eventually come back. Allowing them in close proximity to little orphan girls is a genuine risk!」

「「「「C’mon, that’s not tr… I can see them giving weird outfits as gifts!」」」」

Exactly. The Geeks already have a previous offense from the Poster-Girl-miniskirt-striped-kneesocks case. The girls don’t know, but those actually were in a set with striped panties too! I was the one who received that order, so there is no mistake. I demanded an insanely outrageous price, but they kept diving into dungeons daily, until they were finally able to afford the entire set. Moreover, it was in light blue and white color!

Furthermore, they are a heretical group conspiring to revive a sealed ghost from the days long gone. That’s right, they are trying to bring into this world an ancient ghost that the modern society exterminated through a long campaign of suppression and destruction.They are dangerous cultists and apostles of heresy. They are ardent heretics burning with the desire to revive that Forbidden Gym Uniform (bloomers), that by now has fallen through the gaps of history. The heretical bloomers and sailor-uniform enthusiasts! The little girls are in danger!

Well, the Forbidden Gym Uniform (bloomers) was already revived by Armores Pres-san and Athletic Girls. While Nudist Girl, Fish Girl, and once again, Armored Pres-san, also revived the Forbidden Swimsuit (school swimsuit), so aside from the Legendary sailor uniform everyone already secretly fulfilled their second coming in another world, but that’s a secret. I mean, even back then with kneesocks, they kept endlessly going striped kneesocks, striped kneesocks, striped kneesocks, striped kneesocks for an entire week like some sort zombies. It was super annoying! If they hear about this it definitely will get annoying again! And also the little girls will be in great danger!

Good grief, what a troublesome bunch, getting such indecent and dirty thoughts about the club uniform that Volleyball Club Girl, Nudist Girl, and Fish Girl have such history and emotional connection with. Naturally, when I put it on Armored Pres-san, I looked at it with highschool boy’s purity, and also touched, caressed, stripped, and stared at with an innocent gaze, taking her on a long all-encompassing club tour with the Forbidden Gym Uniform and the Forbidden Swimsuit, but it was all pure and innocent, so surely, there is no issue.


[TL Notes:
[1] Colonel Muska’s quote from Laputa.
[2] Considering that the risk of overflow appears only after the dungeon grows to 50+ floors, it isn’t shallow anymore.
[3] 魔素 (Maso), some of you may know it as Magicules from Slime Datta Ken. Just like there it is the building blocks of naturally spawned monsters, as well as the source of sustenance for monsters in general, and likely, the main factor influencing spawn of monsters, dungeons, and unusual materials.

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