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Chapter 285

Chapter 285: I think in terms of girls’ shame they should care more about beef bowls, but I’m too scared to actually say that.

Day 69 – Late at night, Abandoned Neighboring Town.

We finally arrived. We pillaged a few supply units that we encountered on the way here, so we got slightly delayed, but Haruka-kun said that cutting supply lines is the first step to hey-hey-ho? Just which Yosaku-san told him that?

「Angelica-san, sorry for being late. Is Haruka-kun alright… Or rather, did he create some sort of a mess already? Since you are here it means that the combat is yet to begin, right?」

Angelica-san is in full combat gear, but in her hands she is holding a hemp hat, pressing it against her chest like it’s something precious. Is she going to wear it over the helmet?


Then, she handed us a letter from Haruka-kun… Or rather, written orders? Well, it’s encrypted, as usual. How did I even arrive at the point of being able to decipher this?

According to the girl from the Stalker Girl’s clan that was with us, Haruka-kun, who was presumed to be fighting against 30,000 enemies all alone, is not only not fighting, but is also welcoming 30,000 enemies as customers and is currently ripping them off fully utilizing his monopoly. And the main branch of the souvenir store located in the Fake Dungeon is having a great success with the nobles’s army and is now very profitable, very busy, and very bustling. And the poor nobles’ army that’s continuously getting ripped off by Haruka-kun, is now apparently breaking through the Fake Dungeon with his cooperation? Yeah, it makes no sense, but I’m sure the same could be said about his letter as well. After all, there wasn’t a single time when he made sense!

『Dear what was your name again? Well, ladies and gentlemen?

It’s awfully auspicious, or maybe not? Day? Like, I genuinely have no idea what’s up with the calendar of this world? No, I mean, I apologize for calling you in such a busy period, or rather, you are here before I could even call for you, so I’m actually not to blame, Well~come?

Now, changing the topic, or rather, it’s not like there was any, but here is where it starts, or actually, to be quite frank with you, this is in fact a letter? Kind of?

And so, there is a map with the letter, right? There is? Right? If not, then I forgot to include it? That’s, like, seriously bad?

Well, the crosses on that map are dungeons outside the Frontier. 1 to 3 are probably for certain, 4 to 5 are probably for sure? The sixth and on are probably fine for now? Sort of? Looks like? Or rather, look at it?

I’m going to ask Armored Pres-san to handle the first one, the biggest, the deepest, and the most dangerous one, that looks like the main target, or rather, I already asked, so it’s fine. As for the second and the third one, no idea which one will happen first, but could you crush at the entrance the one that comes out first? But if it gets dangerous, run away?

Yeah, it looks like the Church’s divine punishment is actually a stampede caused through artificial dungeon overflow? And they seem capable of guiding it so they should send them towards the Frontier.

But crushing them beforehand could lead to overflow without guidance, the Kingdom will be in huge trouble then, or rather, if monsters just scatter everyone there’ll be no way to suppress them all, so we are waiting for an overflow? I guess?

So if Meripapa-san can make it to the third one while you are handling the first two with Armored Pres and Flat Gaze Pres, then it’s all fine, if not, retreat to the Frontier?

In the meantime I’ll be guiding the middle-aged men to Murimuri Castle, or rather, ripping them off for huge profits, while drawing them in, but it’s middle-aged men all around, the hell itself! And so I can’t move from here until the Church acts, if I move, it’s the growth and reconstruction, and the main one might be unleashed, causing an overflow here too? Probably? Well, I actually haven’t heard anything, so no idea though?

Well, probably, but judging from the distance and timing, neither Slime-san or Geeks and Idiots will make it in time, so if the fourth or the fifth one overflow there is no choice but to withdraw, so make sure not to take unnecessary risks?

I’ll make sure the way for retreat is open, it’s seriously risky and dangerous, but can I please ask you to do this?

So talk it over with everyone and decide with the girls-only meeting? If all 20 of you won’t agree, then immediately withdraw. But if you keep endlessly girls-only meeting then overflow might occur while you are at it? If you can’t make it quick then there is no point to it?

Well, if you can, then please. If you can’t then please take care of the Frontier. Either is fine, but even if you hurry back here, all manju are already sold out?

Yeah, middle-aged noblemen ate everything, so if by some chance they run your way, feel free to give them a scolding (beating)? I mean, I did nothing wrong, it’s all because of the middle-aged men who kept buying that I am so rich and magnate, how are you doing, today?

Yours Since Killin? 』

Too long! Also, it’s 『Yours Sincerely』, just how bloodthirsty is this letter supposed to be?! Or rather, is this even a letter?

The only thing I understood is that Haruka-kun, who we thought was facing 30,000 enemies by himself, is actually cooperating with the nobles’ army, greatly contributing to beating the Fake Dungeon. Well, I did think that overcoming the Fake Dungeon without Haruka-kun’s help is impossible, but does this make it a reason to assist them? Even the part about drawing them in while ripping off, generally, one would be considered a traitor who sold out for money, but since he is going to betray those who paid him too, or rather, since he is fully intending to set them up, it’s unclear on whose side is he. It’s more like he’s everyone’s enemy?

「This explains why Haruka-kun was so wary. No country can withstand artificial overflow of a dungeon.」

「And five of them on top of that. Everyone is finally living happily… Why do they have to do such a cruel thing?!」

So this is a divine punishment. Is this something a god would do? Sending a horde of monsters to attack people living in peace is the teaching of their god? Then we absolutely can’t forgive them. Such a thing absolutely can’t be allowed!

「I’m gonna do it. I’ll definitely stop it, I’m not letting a single one outside!」

「I’ll do it too. After all, this is the first time Haruka-kun asked for anything… The first time in eleven years.」

「I’m definitely coming and I’m totally stopping them. Even if the Frontier is protected… the children are still in the capital, we promised that we will come to pick them up!」

If we manage to suppress all five the entire Kingdom will be saved. But three is the limit, and if we stick to defending the Frontier the rest of the Kingdom will suffer great damage. The Capital will be fine, the children should be fine… But a great number of people living in towns and villages will die, creating new orphans.

And in case the nobles’ army proves incapable of breaking through the Fake Dungeon they must’ve been planning to destroy it in one go with dungeon overflow. That’s why he is going out of his way to lure them in and buy time. And also rip them off their money while he is at it. But there isn’t enough time, or the card he can play.

「But five… It would be tough even with Oda-kun and others, but if they can’t even come back in time…」

「Why are they going so deep on offense! I’m too now going to call them geeks and idiots when they come back!」

「Buut~, it is because they went on offensive and sunk numerous ships that we got to leave earlier and made it in time~?」

「Something must’ve happened in the Beastmen country. There is no way Oda-kun and others would’ve gone on offensive otherwise. 」

Judging from this incomprehensive letter, Haruka-kun must be buying time by drawing them deeper while engaging in delayment tactics. All alone, in the very midst of the enemy forces he is… Operating a souvenir store. Yeah, he seems to be making money?

And despite everything, he chose to send Oda-kun and others on an errand. There must be some meaning to it.

After all, Oda-kun and others are fighting out of their own volition now. Oda-kun and others, considered the strongest by Haruka-kun, have begun fighting. They are strong, but they weren’t going all out. They always left strength in reserve, fighting efficiently and skillfully, without overextending themselves. But they have a very defensive, passive fighting style, unfit for a title of the strongest. But despite that, they are strong enough to not crumble even once. There was something to it besides an effective fighting style of staying on defensive and then counter attacking the weak point… But they fought simply by deftly matching to others. It was unthinkable that they would go on offensive on their own. I’m sure there was a point to this, that’s why he sent them out. So it can’t be helped.

「The nobles are being guided and ripped off, he says. Well, it’s not combat so it’s probably fine?」

「There is no way it’s fine~, After all, Haruka-kun definitely must be where it’s the most dangerous.」

「I’m sure this 『Main one』 is more dangerous than a stampede from dungeon overflow.」

Even 30,000 of the nobles’ army is just a decoy. The main force is the Church’s army in the rear, and apparently, it’s they who have that 『Main one』. Moreover, it’s a trump card that they normally wouldn’t use, but will unleash if the overflow plan fails. It might even be an uncontrollable weapon of mass destruction. Since he didn’t mention anything about such a dangerous thing, he probably doesn’t have a clear idea about it either, and since he doesn’t have even a good guess, he can’t give us any warning. And in order to ensure that we can withdraw to the frontier he is planning to destroy it by himself.

「We finally came all the way here, but to guard the second and the third one we’ll need to leave again?」

「Since he sent out a letter, it must mean that Haruka-kun won’t be able to leave anymore. The battle has either already began, or is about to begin…」

If the 30,000 strong army falls, the Church’s army will step up. The Church’s force that has prepared means to overcome both the Fake Dungeon and Murimuri Castle, and to beat the Frontier’s Army. And if the Church’s army is beaten, a stampede will occur, then 『Main one』 will be unleashed. This is the army of the Church that preaches the teachings of God. The army of the Church that pretends to preach the teachings of God.

I thought that it was unusual for Haruka-kun to hold such a serious grudge against them, and suspected that he was simply angry because of Angelica-san, but turns out they were actually the worst enemies of humanity, lower than a vermin, a walking disgrace, living trash, the worst, the lowest, the scummiest, the most idiotic despicable garbage! It’s only natural he would be angry at them. Anyone who knows that and is yet capable of adhering to that faith without lashing out in rage has to be a god-crazed lunatic.

「We’ll be having a Girls-only meeting. If we don’t get 20 people we are retreating! Who is for going to dungeons, raise hands.」

「「「「「I’m going!」」」」」

Yup, I knew it before I even asked. Handling dungeon overflow without Haruka-kun, Oda-kun’s group, or Kakizaki-kun’s group, with just 20 girls is too dangerous. And yet everyone raised their hands. I knew it… It’s unanimous.

「It’s really dangerous, so be sure to obey a retreat order! It’s a promise.」


Even though we came all the way to the Fake Dungeon, inside which Haruka-kun is fighting… Not. Just ripping them off, actually. Well, in a broad definition, if interpreted in the most favorable and charitable way, he paradoxically could be considered fighting? And yet we have to go to the battlefield given to us.

However, this is what we wanted. We are fine with being Haruka-kun’s cards.

I’m sure he still doesn’t have enough cards to play. But we will do everything we can.

Because Haruka-kun asked us. Haruka-kun, who absolutely didn’t want to expose us to danger, finally relied on us. He finally included us in his deck. So that alone is enough. That’s why we’re definitely going to carry this through. For the first time after coming to this world we are needed by Haruka-kun, failing here will be a shame on us as girls!


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