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Chapter 292

Chapter 292: Looks like this world is determined to never let me go 『Yeah』.

Day 71 – Morning, Outside The Sixth Dungeon.

There was another idiot here. Just how many idiots have I seen since coming to this world? Well, we brought five of our own, but everyone else are Idiots produced in this world. There is a middle-aged man with his wrist missing, a hole bitten in his side, a part of his left leg that’s down the knee barely attached, who yet continues to throw grenades while leaning on a spear stuck into the ground. An idiot~, a huge idiot, a dumbass. That’s the leader of Stalker Girl’s Clan and Stalker Girl’s father, and his name… he doesn’t have one yet? Well, it’s a middle-aged man, so there is no issue even if he never gets one.

「Heeey, old man? Or rather, Stalker Girl’s clan’s old man, well, it’s that? How should I put it, I’m obeying gravitational forces, or rather, unable to escape laws of attraction? anyway, I’m going to fall there so prepare for the impact~ It’s a fall at the speed of sound, so I’m already crashing…」(BOOOOOOM)

I protected Stalker Girl by damping the gravitational force with 『Gravity』 magic and then 『Holding』 her with magic power, so I’m sure she should be safe, but she has stiffened with her eyes and mouth open. Well, I shoved a mushroom into her mouth, so she should be alright.

The monsters that came out of the dungeon due to overflow have passed away in an unfortunate crash landing incident. Perhaps striking the ground with Staff of the World Tree as a substitute for brakes was a problem? There is now something like a crater here? A giant pit in front of the dungeon entrance, the overflowing monsters are falling right into it. Let’s try sprinkling some poisonous mushroom powder? Ooh, they are crying and trashing in agony, but I don’t really care to see middle-aged men or monsters writhing around? It’s annoying?

I bribed the Dancing Girl Lady with crepes. She is currently taking care of the seventh dungeon. Worrying about her is just as silly as worrying about Armored Pres-san or Slime-san. After all, although that dungeon might be relatively close to the Frontier, it’s still merely a dungeon outside the Frontier. I don’t think any monsters there would be capable of wounding the Frontier’s strongest Dungeon Emperor-class but if they put even a scratch on that alluring skin I absolutely won’t forgive them! But it’s also difficult to refuse the option of then providing a personal medical attention, rubbing in a healing salve made from mushrooms! And I’m sure my hands will slip, I will slip both of my hands, going straight for those magnificent peaks. Definitely!

And at the fourth dungeon that we reached first, the Royal Girl was annihilating monsters left and right, with the Royal Family pride and Royal Guard at her side she was obliterating incoming monsters. This family gets very dullahan-like when it comes to protecting the people of the Kingdom, running about while carrying their heads around, but that is precisely the reason why there is no wavering in the Royal Family’s pride. That’s why I could leave it to her.

At the seventh dungeon Stalker Girl was doing something dumb again, wobbling about, she kept throwing grenades with her little hands that swelled from internal bleeding and had nails cleanly torn off. Since she didn’t have enough strength left to make a proper throw, she crawled all the way to the dungeon entrance while getting her skin scraped off, and continued to throw while taking on blasts from explosions with her entire body, becoming a bloodied mess in the process. I really had it with nothing but idiots around. So since she pissed me off I knocked her on the head. I crammed a mushroom into her mouth, so she should recover soon enough. Good grief, Poster Girl would cry if something happened to Stalker Girl or she got injured, like, she’d cry a river! Which will get Slime-san furious, and will scold me, and then the girls will also give me a sermon, it’s a whole lot of trouble, you know? I wish everyone would be more mindful about how it will affect me?

Both father and daughter are out cold with mushrooms sticking out of their mouths, but whatever?

Now, I sort of don’t get what is going on anymore, and since I don’t get it, I guess simply killing everyone should solve the problem?

The sixth and the seventh, which we weren’t particularly cautious about, are overflowing, when the fifth one is still silent. In that case, there is no telling what is happening at the distant eighth and ninth. They are so far away that even Stalker Girl’s clan isn’t vigilant about them. But for now it’s the sixth dungeon. Quite often, leaving things that can be taken care of later for later, allows not to think about them in the end at all? Well, it quite often simply becomes too late, but one simply has to destroy the evidence without anyone finding out. Most things can be solved by killing everything. Turn them into magic stones and then get rich through destruction of evidence, perfect solution?

Using 『Magic Wrap』 I put on everything I can without holding back, and then jump into the fray in buffed up state. Slashed monsters are being stabbed to death, and stepping forward with repeated lunges ends up with me cutting monsters apart from behind. Yeah, I give up.

Cutting monsters up without any idea of what is going on, I continue to pile up corpses of monsters without any idea of how any of this is happening. I’m sure the monsters are just as confused.

Fighting without comprehending what you are doing is quite challenging? Who would’ve thought that my self-styled fencing technique that I practiced back in the 8th grade would end up so useful in another world.

But this random barrage is easy to break through. It works thanks to this hole, but without it I’d have to chase them around. Why flying here right after getting chased around by middle-aged men I now need to chase after monsters? Actually, the entire thing would’ve solved itself if the middle-aged men just chased after the monsters! I mean, that’s what the military is for! This has nothing to do with me! I’ll be more than happy to be chased around by or chase after an overflow of pretty girls, but it doesn’t seem like any is coming? More like, there is a severe deficit?

Trying to save up in case of something, it always ends up with me clubbing enemies with Staff of the World Tree, I just go around and keep hitting monsters trying to climb out of the hole. This world is ultimately just Whack-A-Monster, a far cry from Monster Drum Master. Personally, I’d like to wait for the release of Monster Monster Revolution, but they might go completely extinct before that.

Just as I was about to say 『We won』, with the end finally being in sight, two additional red flares appeared in the sky, which were immediately followed by two black ones. In other words, more dungeons are overflowing. Why this world is so adamant about not letting me go 『Yeah』? But there is no point to this now? The Geeks and Idiots didn’t make it in time. They must’ve had something they had to do. And they decided themselves to do it, so they won’t be coming.

And since they won’t be coming, they went for a launch? It’s a plane? It’s a balloon? No, it’s a…

Using Farsight, I see hordes of monsters flooding out from the two dungeons. The overflows from the eighth and ninth dungeons have already made it outside their dungeons and are now making their way in a stampede towards the Frontier. With such a distance from the Frontier the stampedes also become that much more wide-range, making it impossible to suppress them, but looks like there is no issue with eating them? I mean, there is an endlessly stretching swarm of jiggly balls, and there is nothing that an infinite number of Gluttony-san won’t be able to devour? Although it might choose to run away if it’s a swarm of roaches!

Well, the Geeks must’ve seen that they aren’t going to make it and thought of something. The idiots didn’t think of anything, for sure. And then they tried to make something and ended up with something? Probably long-range ballistic Slime-san cannon. If it then uses 『Division』 in the air and downpours from the sky, then two swampedes are bound to become nothing more than a meal.

A carpet bombing of balls, balls, and balls covering the entire sky. And also carpet eating.

I have no idea what it ate in the woods of the Beastmen Country, but perfectly executed 『Division』 covered the entire area in swarm of Slime-sans. A dungeon overflow might be an obsolete concept by now? It rushes through the area devouring dungeon monsters like it’s nothing. I think by now it’s possible to destroy the world with just Slime-san. I mean, at this rate, it might devour the world itself along the way. I’m so worried about the food expenses!

Looking into the distance with Rajingan’s 『Farsight』, or rather, while just looking away, I continue whacking monsters, but it seems like there is no need to worry about there. That one bouncing around like a pinball and beating the hell out of floor and dungeon masters must be Slime-san’s main body. The difference in strength so clearly apparent that things went from alright straight into dungeon master bullying category.

Armored Pres-san is taking care of the first one. Yes, it’s the biggest and the deepest one, but so what?

The Pres and others are suppressing the second one, or rather, exterminating it while preserving strength. They seem to be planning to go to the other ones too if needs be.

The Frontier Army is working hard at the third one, or rather, they keep jumping into charge assaults from encircling and annihilating, even though this was supposed to be a defensive battle. Let’s pretend I didn’t see that.

Royal Girl and Royal Guard are at the fourth one, Maid Girl should be there too. While having a tough battle they are holding the line with precise orders, and when a big shot appears Royal Girl jumps in with Maid Girl to quickly dispatch it. The Kingdom’s elite army led by the Sword Princess.

The sixth one is currently getting whacked by myself? Yeah, still very much whacking in a very present tense? I mean, they are still coming? But the dungeon seems like nothing much.

The seventh is something completely out of this world by now. She is of the same type as Armored Pres-san and Slime-san, with her strength appearing unfathomable, so thinking about it is pointless. She would make for the most formidable enemy if she turns on us, but we have two scariest allies on this side, so it still should be possible to pin her down. And while we are at it someone’s hand might also slip and accidentally hold or touch or strip various parts, but in any case, it should be possible to restrain her! Rather, restraining my inner wild highschool boy might be more of a problem, as that lewd body threatens to push me into synchronization overload with it, making it go berserk (stampede)! [1]

And the eighth and ninth ones became a treat, or a feast? Endlessly devoured by infinite jiggling balls they are going to be a mere swarm of tasty snacks until the overflow ends.

Pulling out everything we somehow narrowly managed to get everything covered. Completely out of chips, moves, and tricks, forget trump cards, there is not a single card left to play. We used everything.

And yet there are red and black flares from the fifth dungeon. That is the closest one to the Murimuri Castle. And at the moment, it’s nothing more than a simple building, completely empty. There are no people and no cards to play.


[TL Notes:
[1] Another Evangelion reference.


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