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Chapter 293

Chapter 293: Everyone is well aware of this, so it isn’t really the fact that the history has to record.

Day 71 – Afternoon, Murimuri Castle

The Fake Dungeon that was protecting the Frontier until now is no more, with all of its traps destroyed or filled in. It had no strength to stop a stampede anymore, the gates that were safeguarding the frontier have crumbled.

The stone golems, fulfilling the role of its guardian spirits, were crushed by the sheer numbers of monsters. They fought to the bitter end while being smashed up, but were broken to pieces without a chance to regenerate.

The last trap, collapse of the Fake Dungeon accompanied by a large-scale explosion, fire, poisonous, and debuffing powder and strong adhesives, also was broken though. Even two rocky mountains of master golems coming to crush them couldn’t annihilate all of the monsters. While it caused great damage and vastly reduced their numbers, it wasn’t enough to annihilate all of them. Even the last trap of the Fake Dungeon couldn’t stop them.

The only thing left is the fortress, which only recently received the name of New Murimuri Castle. However, angry roars could be heard coming from its walls.

「They aren’t getting into the Frontier, exterminate them all!」


The swarm of monsters heading for the Frontier has begun to run amok, but then the gates of the empty fortress have swung open. Instead of attempting to defend the castle, a crowd of demons rushed out from there in a counterattack to finish the work.

「Don’t let monsters defile the Frontier’s happiness, DESTROY THEM!」


That was a picture of hell. Mere moments before a beatdown of a century is unleashed.

The disaster of the horde of monsters heading for the Frontier that was left without its protectors is smashed and torn to pieces under the accompaniment of angry bellows. Even if there is no one to protect it, this is the edge of the world. The domain of the scariest monsters on the continent. The people living there are all descendants of the ones who managed to survive on the farthest end of the world. The Frontier, where monsters run rampart and regularly go on rampage, is the place where descendants of heroes have lived for a long, long time.

Who was it who decided that its inhabitants are weak and in need of protection. Are the offspring of the heroes who survived in this land, created families, made kids and managed to protect and raise them, really someone in need of protection?

Where did that idea, that the people, who survived for generations in the Frontier that mercilessly weeded out the weak and allowed only the strong to live on, could be weak, came from?

Every person who managed to survive in this land is a descendant of a hero. All of their ancestors managed to live long enough to make kids, and did what it took to keep them safe. What possible reason could they have to be afraid of monsters from outside the Frontier.

「Everything that we’ve received was won through blood by our ancestors! Don’t let them take it!」


Even the people who had nothing were helping each other. They managed to get back up even after losing everything. That’s why the people of the Frontier have not perished yet. This is the strength, this is what makes the strong.

And a miracle happened at the Frontier.

Something that everyone kept dreaming of.

The fleeting and ephemeral dream.

That everyone could live smiling.

Merely that small of a happiness.

How much blood the Frontier has spilled just for that little.

How many people have sacrificed themselves simply to protect that dream.

That’s how they lived.

And that’s how they survived.

Without losing to the land of calamity, they fought against monsters, and carried on living surrounded by the most dreadful horror.

And they finally grasped that happiness.

Everyone is finally able to smile.

Why do they have to give up on that?

Why would they want to let go of it?

Why do they have to be the weak who are only robbed of what is dear to them?

If they give up, everything will be over. But, there were people who refused to give up until happiness comes to the Frontier, the people who tried to bring the dream to the Frontier.

How can they give up on the hopes that those people entrusted to them.

How can those hopes be erased?

Then, a boy who refused to give up appeared in the Frontier, and took back all of the dreams that the people of the Frontier were robbed of despite their refusal to abandon them.

Were they to give up on that… Even the right to have dreams will be lost to them.

「They can call it the land of demons, they can call it the cursed land, even so, we won’t let them have our homeland, that our ancestors protected!」

This is the dream protected at the cost of countless lives, and it is the current people of the Frontier who have to carry its weight now.

「Don’t let that boy fight alone. If there is no army, then we’ll simply have to fight ourselves, if there are no heroes, then we’ll simply have to become heroes ourselves. This is the fortress carrying my Murimur Shim Omui’s name, Murimuri Castle, I absolutely won’t allow it to fall! I absolutely won’t allow anyone to pass through it! Drown those lowly monsters in their own blood and protect the Frontier!」


The Frontier’s adventurers, militia protecting towns and villages, retired army veterans, hunters, men, women, elderly, and even children, everyone who is able to fight have gathered.

Annihilation of all of the most fearsome and formidable monsters at the cursed edge of the world had brought happiness to the Frontier. The great price of that was paid in blood, flesh, pain and suffering.

As if they’d let some swarm of puny monsters from outside the Frontier ruin their dream.

There is no way such a thing would be allowed.

「Adventurers, hunt down the floor masters and the dungeon master. The rest of that rabble can pummeled and trampled them to death! 」

There wouldn’t be much meaning in saving the Frontier that can’t survive without being protected by others. Failing to protect it would mean treating with disdain the feelings of everyone that fought for it.

「The weapons (clubs) given to us exist for the sake of smashing enemies, they were handed to us to crush into dust everyone who tries to take from us!」


The charge of the monsters was broken, leaving them to stand in a packed crowd, unable to move. Which means that all that is required is to kill them until every last of the monsters is dead.

「Skirmishers reserve force, the Annihilation Squad of Housewives charge! Slaughter them all, turn them into magic stones, and use them to cover the cost of side dishes for dinner!!!!」


As the monsters’ stampede was halted in its advance, turning them into a mere mob, it was swallowed by a rampage (stampede) of aunties. The vanguard was led by the Knight Princess of the previous generation 『Murimur The Atrocious』. Wearing armor over her dress she cut open the way for others, turning monsters into meat chunks with each swing of her colossal greatsword, immediately followed by aunties brandishing clubs who swallowed up the horde of monsters akin to a muddy stream. Overwhelmed by the forces of devastation, the monsters were trampled down, smashed with clubs, and turned into money for the future meals.

Later, it would be known by history that for quite a few it became the source of their secret savings.

The boy once fearfully named this place a town of demons or town of carnage, and today, the demons of carnage were unleashed. Foolish pests that dared to challenge armored housewives were crushed, destroyed, and exterminated. That’s because all of them are champions of the most terrifying battles on the Frontier, the maiden wars (bargain sales). Veterans who competed against the heroic girls. They weren’t opponents monsters from outside of the Frontier could challenge.

Thus, the war of the Kingdom has reached its conclusion. It goes without saying that the most important lesson that the war history would draw from this event is 『Aunties are scary!』. No, seriously?

Kind of?


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