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Chapter 294 Part 1

Chapter 294: As I thought, this castle seems to be haunted by middle-aged men. Part 1

Day 71 – Nighttime, New Murimuri Castle

Everyone is dancing with smiles. Everything is over, finally, the peace has come. Everyone has won the peace. That’s why—

 「「「「Let’s feast!」」」」


(Jiggle Jiggle~!)

A great uproar with drinking, singing, and sweets making. The feast and the festival are co-starring in this collaboration of great excitement and elation.

「More deep-fried meat they say, and add mayo too~. I won’t let lemon juice off~!」

「Bring an extra extra extra large portion of skewers! Bring so much that we call it Count Impaler!」

「Kyaaa, broiled eel, broiled eel!」

(Jiggle Jiggle)

All of the culprits of this crazed feast are familiar faces, but add more fried potatoes! And extra ketchup too!

And in the middle of this agitated and bustling atmosphere, there is a transcendent beauty single-mindedly focused on consuming the food. Possessing looks in no way inferior to the peerless beauty (Angelica-san), she eludes a bewitching aura as she is slurping yakisoba.

With the charm and elegance that makes one lose themselves watching her in fascination, wondering if Cleopatra, the beauty that is said to have changed the world, looked just as pretty, she is now stuffing her cheeks with pork cutlets and rice.

But she possesses not only beauty, but also the strength rivaling Angelica-san and Slime-san, who Haruka-kun claims to be in Dungeon Emperor-tier. When we asked Stalker Girl, who saw her fighting up close she replied with a dazzled 『She was beautiful. Fluttering like a vision from dreams she scattered monsters in a dance』. The strength on the level that would intoxicate Stalker Girl-chan, who saw the way two others from Dungeon Emperor class fight. Dashingly joining the fight for meat skewers with that strength she sinks her teeth into fried pork.

Her hair is in a long bob with bangs, which in turn makes her pretty facial features stand out even more. And for some reason, her incredibly suggestive outfit is being covered up with a school jersey given to her by Haruka-kun. She now has a hot dog in her mouth.

The stampede from the fifth dungeon, that made us think that it’s all over, reached all the way to this Murimuri Castle, but was wiped out here. The people of the Frontier repelled it with their strength.

As Haruka-kun claims, he confirmed with 『Rajingan』 that it probably was rippled effect from the release of the mysterious girl and and Rise from the Dead that made the Church’s contraptions go out of control, that’s why it’s no one’s mistake that they couldn’t detect preliminary signs. He strongly insisted on that, which is what makes it somewhat suspicious, but if no one gets it and Haruka-kun says that it’s alright then it’s fine that way. After all, if it was negligence or a really stupid mistake then Haruka-kun wouldn’t have said anything, he wouldn’t even have spoken at all. So if Haruka-kun says it’s fine, then it’s fine.

And the main culprit and the winner of a special prize for regular sermon attendance without an atom of remorse to his entire being, is now very busy with cooking. He is muttering complaints aloud, but around him, countless extravagant dishes are being piled up, while the heroes that prevailed over stampedes collapse one after another, defeated by this stampede of food. This will require construction of a stadium for collective ONE MORE SET!

Thank goodness Slime-san made it to the two distant unobserved dungeons. It apparently was a Cluster Explosive Meal from Long-range ballistic Slime-san cannon? What’s that? Some sort of a skill? Even since Slime-san came back it’s constantly frolicking around Haruka-kun, following him like a puppy.

While it took us a while, we managed to finish at our place without any injuries and still had strength to spare. We also beat up and captured some stray escaping nobles while we were at it. The iron hammer of justice has fallen on those that overindulged on manju. That wasn’t enough to make us forgive them, but we let them off easy since it seems they are still going to be put on trial in the Capital? The grudge of manju is scary, remember that!

And Haruka-kun was doing as usual, beating and beating monsters that were crawling out of the hole, he was apparently busy with BEAT MANIAN-ING and DRUM MASTER-ING. He was very nonchalant about it, speaking with almost disinterested expression, mentioning almost like in an off-hand comment. In the past I would’ve thought, oh, is that so, after all, that’s what I always thought until now. Thinking things turned out to be exactly as they seemed, 『Ah, as expected, Haruka-kun was totally fine』.

But now I can tell. After being together for two months I now can tell. He is all worn-out. His entire body is in tatters, nerves in shreds, and flesh and bones a barely reattached mess. That’s why he is keeping cool and keeps making mountains of food. When he is making a racket about being near death, it’s nothing serious, but when he is acting casual, when he is being all-nonchalant, the more unfazed he appears, the less alright he is in truth.

He doesn’t want to say that it hurts and make others worry.

He doesn’t want to say that it’s painful and make others worry.

That’s why he acts so laid-back and keeps making silly complaints while being noisy with everyone.

That’s why he is smiling. After all, it was for the sake of seeing everyone smile that he was pushing himself so hard.

That’s why I smile.

He was working so hard because he wanted to see everyone smile, so we must smile in return. That’s why everyone is doing their best, making such a racket with laughs.

We laugh with our all, doing our best to convey that we did get happiness.

「No, I’m telling you! I was quietly being a shut-in when a horde of middle-aged men swarmed in and marked the place with the stink of middle-aged men, and the stink was so foul, that I had to move and be a shut-in at another place? I mean, it reeked of middle-aged men? No way I can shut myself in such a place! I mean, with 40,000 Rise from the Dead Eternal body odor is Forever? Of course I’d move from such a place. So I set it on fire and after deodorization with hellfire buried it underground and sealed it. It really stunk?」

We were wondering what happened to the castle when we came back, and the culprit turned out to be a freely-moving type of shut-in crazed on construction. Hikikomori-san with an even more irresponsibly mobile residence than that of a hermit crab, who is habitually taking over residences of others for temporary stay! I mean, he actually is a new type of high-speed Hikikomori-san who while flying around expands his housing, possessing multiple residences all over the Kingdom, and even trying to convert dungeons into his housing! A rather unusual global shut-in. And he is perfectly self-sufficient too!

A bamboo thicket and a lake had appeared out of thin air, and New Murimuri Castle, despite supposedly being a hurried construction meant for the decisive battle, has an even more gorgeous interior, with recreation rooms and the salon coming equipped with massage chairs. Isn’t this the reason why his mana was barely enough? Naturally, baths became even more extravagant too.

「「「「A drink to the Frontier!」」」」

Soldiers, adventurers that rushed to help, townsfolk, Aunties (Supreme overlords), are drinking and laughing loudly together, all enjoying the festival to the fullest. They managed to protect the Frontier’s happiness after all. The happy Frontier remained untouched behind this castle. The happiness was preserved and they gained the future in which they can pass it on. Everyone believes that this is where the Frontier’s future is going to begin. That’s why they are smiling from the bottom of their hearts.

The miracle could happen because all of this was arranged beforehand. Haruka-kun managed to destroy the plot of the biggest organization on the continent by himself because he continuously worked on preparations. Without any pause he kept going on and on for the sake of peace and happiness. In fact, it was because Haruka-kun kept freely distributing lots of mushroom potions that everything miraculously ended with no fatalities. It’s because everyone survived that everyone can laugh so wholeheartedly. They managed to survive, and they managed to protect.


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