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Chapter 301

Chapter 301: Highschool boy abduction and confinement with forced lace weaving, but it seems goblins and kobolds aren’t invited.

Day 73 – Daytime, The Capital, Souvenir Store Orphanage Branch

Here is the big shot from the Second Division, tasked with protecting the Capital, who didn’t show up in a while. And that big shot came with a message from Playking. Good grief, making important people run errands, Playking is really flippant. He probably was saying something like 『LET’S message, YEEAH.』. As I thought, reviving such a frivolous creature with five wives was a mistake. If I 『Seal』 the flippant Play part of the Playking with the newly obtained skill, the remaining part is just a middle-aged man, so might as well throw him underground after that.

「Eehm, so to sum that up in other words to the very essence of the gist, the Royalty said 『Dance, dance, highschoolers, show me Hell~』[1] so we should just beat the hell out of the Playking without care if there is play or no play? Sort of?」

「Why summing up an invitation to a ball gives such a long and completely unrelated sentence! And you still were angry about him having five wives!」

But it was shorter than something like 『Gentlemen, I love lewd~』?

「Yes, in a few days the Princess will return to the Capital. Omui-sama should be able to come too. On this occasion, the King expressed the desire to invite all of you as a token of the utmost gratitude from the Kingdom. The Royal Family will arrange the suitable time and date, so please accept it. The King also seemed keen on coming incognito to thank you in person, but was caught by Sir Wismregzero, so this is how this came to be.」

「In other words, ONE MORE SET is going to be held by the Kingdom, and a BIG CAMP by Instructor Armored Pres will be taking place, so I have hunch of premonition by my six sense in big profits coming from leotard mass production, which might be getting my seventh sense awakened along the way, turning the cosmos ashen white? I guess?」

 「「「We told you it’s a ball! Why would we need to do ONE MORE SET at a dance party in the castle?!」」」

No, I mean, you do need it? After all, when we were leaving I made a large quantity of manju, and we are out of stock already? I thought that it’s strange and tried to ask around, but none of the girls would look me in the eyes? The Pres even used 『Shukuchi』 and 『Greater Acceleration』 to avoid eye contact? At this rate she might get skill 『Manju』 through her 『Plunder』! Is this a skill that makes one rounder? One more set?

And it seems they need dresses, and I apparently need a tuxedo? It’s about time the Geeks and Idiots come back, so I put a sign at the waterway 『To the Geeks and Idiots, go to the Capital, the idiocy is critical? Kind of?』 so they should be heading this way, but do they need tuxedos too? Do I have to make it? Well, aside from the girls’ dresses, the rest doesn’t matter that much, but they should have dresses already, but order again?

(((Haruka-kun in tuxedo, that’s a rare sight!)))

「Mermaid, white mermaid for me!」

「Eh! But I’m getting white mermaid though?」

「Then white princess for me!」

「I wonder if a furisode will be alright? A white furisode?」 [3]

「I want the skirt to be long and fluffy!」

「I want… It to… Come with a hat.」

「Dress, matching? Me too.」

(Boing Boing)

Eh? Slime-san is going to wear a dress too? And why does everyone want white? Whatever, I’m going to make it with multicolor anyway, since they need to have defensive capabilities and status resistances.

「Putting dresses aside for now, I’d say there is also a necessity to boost combat performance with accessories? With dresses and shoes alone you won’t be able to clear intermediate floors at the Frontier. How about some metal plating? No? What else… Maybe wrapping some chains? Since the skirts are going to be long, weapons can be put in 『Storage』 there, but what what would be best? I’d like to supplement performance with accessories or some small items?」

 「「「Veils and gloves!」」」

「No need for plating or chains, but add a corsage!」

「Also, we were called to a royal palace, not to a dungeon, just how much of combat readiness do you want to have at a dance party?」

「He probably can’t tell the difference between dance party and martial tournament, and thinks that Royal Palace is some kind of a dungeon.」[4]

「Aah, so he thinks we should participate in a martial arts tournament in a dungeon in full battle gear (dresses)~~, he wants to kill the Playking, doesn’t he~?」

What is this pressure! And all of them are asking for two outfits…

「I see, Abnormal Status Effect Resistance on the corsage, 『Mesmerize』 and some Evasion-type effects on the veil, then for the gloves it’s protection, and Attack Increase (ATT), and for the shoes evasion and speed skills, huh. But this alone will have you vulnerable to magic, so maybe some necklaces too? That leaves rings… But you have tons of your own so you can take care of that yourself, right?」

「「「「「Need rings too! With brilliant cut!」」」」」

Shaping magic stones with a brilliant cut, how original! But please don’t push, your eyes are red! It’s scary, so switch to flat gaze?

And then I was thrown into the workshop? No, didn’t the big shot from the Second Division say that there is no need for hurry? Like, any day will do, no?

Well, with the pressure they were exuding I don’t think I’m getting to leave the room without finishing the work? Highschool boy confinement? Yeah, I don’t think anyone asked for that.

Most likely, everything will end up in lacework. Since I’ll have to spin for that, I create threads with Alchemy and spin them giving them a new life. Applying magic stone coating to the readied strings, I continue to spin, putting everything in order with Alchemy. Fine and elastic it gives a nice beautiful luster to it. I mean, I did add some iron wire too? Yup, with this it might be able to reach +DEF and Slashing and Blunt Damage Nullification.

Weaving it like a lace I turn it into a fabric. I have to let them make their pick after making fabric, or there is going to be another Maiden War. A pattern is the main point of this weave. With the effect being held by a simple magic circle, physical and magic defense will be drastically increased when mana is poured into it, is what was even mentioned in the forbidden book 『Let’s GO Magic Tools!』. However, weaving it in is a very complicated process, it takes a tremendous amount of time, so I wasn’t able to do it previously, but it was finished in the blink of an eye. This is the true worth of 『Magic Hands』 manifested with superior control of『Wisdom』. I can weave as many magic circles as I want, so I might as well plant magic stones like in rhinestone deco, and turn it into a mana accumulator. Wait a moment? This could end up being more powerful than normal equipment? If I mithrilify these it will be perfectly viable for dungeon exploration!

I weave, adding defense and resistance effects into the lining too. Until now, mass producing something this complex and in such a short period of time was impossible, but now, Magic Hands are capable of performing several or several dozens more precise and minute tasks at the same time than previously. This technical revolution by 『Wisdom』 is terrific. Items surpassing equipment so far are being swiftly produced. To put it in easier to understand terms, it’s the side job’s turn again, having to review and remake everyone’s equipment and clothing, and then there surely will be more additional orders for underwear with production turn, and it’s always the side job’s turn!

But it’s necessary. The times when one is not armed are the most dangerous. The truly scary ones are people. Monsters don’t lie or deceive. That church’s equipment was specialized for deception and manipulation, and even their weapons had nothing but poisons or various debuffs. They pose a danger different from that of monsters. It’s about time to review the equipment. And additional orders are urgent too.

「I think I’m about to create something crazy here. Simply mithrilifying iron threads woven into strings drastically boosted the performance creating a transcendently strongest piece of a gear that is a dress, but is this really something that can be worn in a dungeon~? But this thing has higher defense value than the vanguard’s armor?」

(Jiggle Jiggle)

The great surface area allows for more complex and numerous patterns which directly translates into stronger defensive effects, and greater number of applied effects. And also my overtime work. But this is going to become something amazing.

I’ve woven the fabric. Now I only have to increase the variety of weaves.

The dress is gradually forming into something outrageous, but the design is unfit both for dungeon exploration or daily life. Well, I’m making it with freedom of movement and elasticity in mind, so there should be absolutely no problem with it in combat. The problem is obliterating monsters wearing a dress. What kind of full battle dress dungeon conquest party is that? I’m sure even monsters will be surprised. No one called them to the monsters’ party, and yet they barge in, wearing dresses, and murder everyone.

Well, for the Geeks, the Idiots, and me it’s going to be tuxedos, or rather tailcoats? Well, anything will work. Just add a metal plate, the visuals don’t matter that much.

However, my house is a cave in a forest, with nothing but goblins and kobolds around. Even if I make a tuxedo I don’t think I’ll have an occasion to wear it? I’m not going to LET’S PARTY with goblins and kobolds. Yeah, even if they were to invite me, I’m not going. They won’t though? Yeah, since I’m a loner?


[TL Notes:
[1] Hellsing reference, Father Alexander Anderson’s quote.
[2] Same as above, this time it’s the major’s speech.
[3] Long-sleeve kimono, the most formal style of kimono worn by young unmarried women in Japan.
[4] 舞踏会(butoukai) ball/dance party and 武闘会 (butoukai) martial tournament


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