The Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter Chapter 10 Part 2

「Alma. Put your hands on the wall and stick out your ass.」

Alma obediently follows my instruction. I guess she knows it is useless to resist. And that’s exactly right. I lift up her skirt myself and enjoy Alma’s ass through her g-string as I did before. Sniff, sniff. Rub, rub. Lick, lick. I spread her buttocks apart with both hands and pull her panties to bite into her ass. But still, Alma sure is a super A-class beauty with a triple threat of face, breasts, and ass. I believe, she is the daughter of a baron family and has a talent for magic. I wonder if she didn’t manage to find a marriage partner. Well, I guess such a thing is of no importance. What’s important now is to enjoy ourselves.

I stand behind Alma, who is standing facing the wall, and with my left hand, I rub her breast through her maid outfit, and with my right hand, I massage her secret place from over her g-string.

「Aahn, ahn,aahn.」

Alma begins to moan. I wonder if it feels good, as her ass began to shake erratically. I put my right hand, which has been stimulating her secret place from over her panties, inside her panties and continue to massage her secret place.

「Hnahn, aahn, aahn, aahn!」

Her moaning grows louder. The movement of her ass also becomes more intense. The nectar is overflowing. I’m wearing pants, but Alma’s ass writhing in pleasure is giving stimulation to my penis, and it feels crazy good. I can tell that I have a full erection, and I’m flooded with pre-cum. I pull down my pants and move my genitals up and down the crack of Alma’s ass.

「Alma, now I’m going to poke the inside of your vagina over and over again with this guy. Are you ready?」

「Aahn, Kars-sama. Yes. Yes, sir. Please feel free to use it. Please feel free to….」

I shift the g-string with little fabric to the right, put only the tip into Alma’s secret place, and knead the entrance around. The nectar is covering my glans, so lewd.

「Alma, tell me. What do you want me to do?」

「Uu, whatever you want, Kars-sama.」

I continue to stimulate the entrance of Alma’s secret place with my meat rod, which I have only the tip inserted.

「That’s not it. Alma. Tell me what you want me to do. If you don’t tell me, we’re going to stay like this forever, you know?」

「Uu, no way. Haa, haa, haa. Kars-sama, your mercy please. Please let this end quickly.」

「No can do. I’m going to stay like this until morning until I hear what you want me to do. I wonder if you’ll be able to endure it?」

「Ehh, well, umm, poke me… please.」

I’d like to make her tell me exactly with what and where she wants me to poke her, but I’ll spare her with only this much for today.

「I see. So you me to poke the inside of your vagina with this guy, right, Alma? Fully understood. If you’re going that far to ask for it, then I’ll poke it for you. Here we go.」

After saying so, I thrust my meat rod, which has been on standby at the entrance of Alma’s secret place, all the way to her deepest part in one go.

「Aahn, ahn, aaaaaaaaaah~」

Then I immediately start pistoning. Alma’s vagina is plenty wet. Alma’s ass is firm and well-fleshed, and each time I thrust in my pistoning, her ass flesh jiggles against my lower abdomen, and in the blink of an eye, the urge to ejaculate begins to well up in me.

Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack.

「Aahn, aahn, ahn, ahn, good, so good, aahn, coming, something is coming.」

「Alma, when pleasure reaches its climax, it’s called cumming. Listen well, when you feel the greatest pleasure, you have to say cumming. That’s an order.」

「Ahn, yes, yes. Aahn, aahn, aahn, ahn, cumming, aahn, cumming, cumming, so good, aahn, aaaaaaaah~, cumming, I am cumming~」

After confirming that Alma has reached climax, I stop my pistoning. My member perfectly stops at Alma’s deepest part. I can tell that Alma’s vagina is twitching and spasming, and I feel like ejaculating, but I use body manipulation to hold it in.

「Haa, haa, haa, haa, haa, haa.」

With sweat pouring from her neck, Alma breathes heavily. I gently hold Alma, who is basking the afterglow of pleasure, from behind and kiss her neck and earlobe. Of course, we remain connected.

「Aahn, ahn, aahn, aah, ahn.」

Alma moans as I caress her gently with my mouth. She’s become pretty sensitive.

After a while, Alma’s vagina calms down. Alma must have thought it was over. But this is just the beginning. I start pistoning again.

「Aaaah~, no way, no way, it is still, aahn, aahn, aahn, uaaahn, cumming, cumming, I am cumming again, aaaahn, ahn, ahn, uahn, cumming, cumming, I am cumming, aaaaaaaaaaaaaah~」

When Alma reaches climax again, I also stop my pistoning and stop my meat stick perfectly at her deepest part. Since I’m forcibly stopping my ejaculation with body manipulation, I can tell that pre-cum is overflowing like crazy. Alma’s entire vagina is convulsing, as if she is urging me to ejaculate.

「Hii, hii, hii, Kars-sama. Not good, any more than this, uu, I think I will lose my mind.」

「Got it. Then during your next climax, I’m going to shoot all my seed into you, too. Okay, Alma? Let’s feel good together.」

「Aah, yes, together with Kars-sama. Yes, I am going to, haa, haa, cum, together with you, Kars-sama.」

Mustering up the last of my strength, I resume pistoning.

「Aaaaahn, hii~, hii~, hii~, hnaaaahn, cumming, cumming, Kars-sama, I am cumming, hii, aaaaaaaah~」

I drive in my final thrust matching Alma’s climax and release all my pent-up stuff in one go. The ejaculation that I’ve held back to the limit is, to put it simply, tremendous. *Spurt, spurt, spurt* Each time I ejaculate, pleasure on the level that threatens to make me lose my mind dominates my mind, and I end up being unable to move. An excessively large amount of lewd juice, a mixture of love juice and semen, goes splash splash as it overflows each time I ejaculate and runs down my and Alma’s thighs. For now, I simply surrender myself to this pleasure.

I wonder how much time has passed. After savoring all the pleasure, I come to my senses.

「Alma, are you okay? Alma?」

Alma, having been intensely poked by me and reached climax over and over again while pressing her hands against the wall, is absent minded in the posture of leaning her arching back body on me. Drool is dripping from her mouth.

In order to take care of Alma, I pull my penis out of her vagina. A large amount of gooey, thick cloudy fluid drips from her secret place. Then, holding Alma in a princess carry, I carry her to the bed and lay her down on her back. Alma is able to neither move nor make a voice, but she seems to be barely holding on to her consciousness and is looking at me with a look of ecstasy on her face.

I take a towel and wipe off the body fluids excreted by both of us sticking on my lower abdomen. The lewd juicy is sticking all over my legs from my crotch to my feet. Then I clean the lower body of Alma, who is unable to move. The area from the ass to the secret place is all sticky. Her vagina is moving in a twitch and from time to time, a thick cloudy fluid is coming out of her vagina. When I’m cleaning the secret place of Alma, who is completely incapable of putting up resistance, the lewd scene ends up making my penis go up.

I have the urge to fuck the vulnerable Alma until morning as it is, but she is already over her limit and I also want to save my strength for Mion tomorrow, so I endure it.

「Alma, did that feel good?」

Lying on the bed, no voice comes out even as Alma opens and closes her mouth, so she moves her head up and down to convey her thoughts. However, when she sees my meat rod, her expression turns into that of astonishment. After all, it’s in a full erection state.

「It’s okay, Alma. Today, too, thank you. It felt very good.」

I kiss Alma on the forehead, turn off the light, and fall asleep while holding her in my arms.




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