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The Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter Chapter 11 Part 1

Special Training with Mion

 Chirp, chirp, chirp.

It’s a wonderful morning. Hugging the sleeping pantyless, knee-high socks and maid uniform clad beauty next to me, as I recall yesterday’s play with Alma while fondling her breasts, my meat rod, which is having morning rood, arches back even further. Ahhh, it feels so good~. Well then, today I’m going to train with Mion. Of course, that includes the night, too.

◇ ◇ ◇

 In the morning I train with the knights as usual.

I hold up my wooden sword and slash at the knight with the intention of killing him. Considering the difference in strength, going this far should be just about right. As we clash our swords over and over again, I feel as if I’m finding more weak points of my opponent and delivering more critical blows than ever before. The knight seems to not have that much leeway either.

As I take a break for a moment and do a self-appraisal, I find that my proficiency level in swordsmanship has risen to 4. It’s a godsend that it rises before entering the labyrinth. In order to raise my proficiency level in spearmanship as well, I switch to a spear and resume my practice. If I can get my proficiency level to 4, I’ll graduate from the apprentice knight level. Most knights’ proficiency level in swordsmanship and spearmanship is between 4 and 6, and thanks to my fast learning skill, I have grown to this level at the age of twelve.

「Onii-sama~. Next, please do it with me.」

「Alright, come at me, Lily. Today I’ll take you on with a spear.」

Lily has been doing practice-swinging over and over again on her own. I get the feeling that with each swing, her sword streak is gradually getting sharper and sharper.

「Here I come. Onii-sama.」

Saying so, Lily lowers herself and launches a thrust at me. So fast. Since the thrust is so sharp, way sharper than my imagination, I unintentionally end up seriously repelling it with my spear. Crap.

「My bad. Lily, are you okay…?」

However, Lily doesn’t let go of the wooden sword, and as soon as she reaffirms her grip on it, she immediately launches a slash at me. Even as I fall into panic, I parry the sword with my spear. As I launch small thrusts over and over again, Lily gradually shifts to do nothing but defend herself. As expected, facing a spear, it seems that it’s hard for her to go on the offense.

After exchanging blows for a while, both of us are breathing heavily, as our stamina is running low, so we put the practice on an end. It’s Lily’s second day with the wooden sword. Really, when it comes to talent with a sword, Lily is way above me.

「I do not stand a chance against you, Onii-sama. But tomorrow, I will land a blow on you for sure.」

In all seriousness, I think that day, too, will come soon. When I appraise Lily, I find that her proficiency level in swordsmanship has risen to 2. You’ve got to be kidding me. Lily is improving in the way of the sword at a much faster pace than me, who has fast learning skill. Hmm, I’m looking forward to her future, but even though she is obviously very talented, she has her standing as the daughter of a count, so I wonder if she’ll be allowed to make use of that talent fully.

◇ ◇ ◇

 In the afternoon, I’m in the training ground with Mion. It’s the beginning of my training to learn assassin’s skills.

「Kars-sama. For starter, I will teach you the relatively easy-to-learn throwing, instant step, and instant movement skills.」

「I can use instant step already. Is instant movement different from instant step?」

「Instant step is to pass magical energy through the legs and use the spring of the legs to move quickly while using body enhancement. Instant movement is to move quickly without any preliminary movements, using the entire body to move quickly by passing magical energy through the hips, abdominal muscles and thighs. Instant step is faster in terms of speed, but you can use instant movement to catch your opponent off guard.」

「No preliminary movements, huh. Let me see how it’s done for a bit.」

I face Mion at a distance of about five meters.


Mion instantly closes the distance and is right in front of me. True enough, it’s not that she was crazy fast or anything, but I couldn’t react to her at all. If Mion had had a knife with her and come at me for the kill, I bet I would have been dead.

「But it’s not like there’s completely no preliminary movements at all, huh. Just before you activate instant movement, there is a flow of magical energy and a momentary stiffening of the body.」

「Yes, exactly as you say, sir. As expected of you, Kars-sama. Instant movement is a first-timer killer, but if you concentrate on it, it is possible to see it through from the faint movement of magical energy and muscles. But as your proficiency level rises, you can move at a speed that even if your opponent does notice it, they will not be able to do anything about it.」

「Alright, I get it. Let me give it a try for a bit.」

I close my eyes and let the magical energy in my body circulate. I’m good at magical energy manipulation, and I’m also getting better at body manipulation thanks to sex. Sending magical energy to my waist, abdominal muscles, and thighs, I activate body enhancement. As it is, I move using my whole body. It doesn’t go well. But more or less, I feel like I can do it. After practicing for a while and repeating trial and error, after about 15 minutes, the skill is activated.

「Huh, no way! It really activated?!」

「Ah, I get it. It’s this feeling, right? But I’m already close to running out of magical energy. Next, let’s do throwing training.」

「No way, even though it took me a month to learn it.」

Mion grumbles to herself. I think it’s the effect of my proficiency level in magical energy manipulation and body manipulation.

「Ahem. Now then, you are to aim at that target with the throwing tools over here. As your proficiency level in throwing rises, you will be able to throw projectiles while running and hit running targets with greater accuracy.」

The throwing tools arranged by Mion are stick-shaped shurikens and kunais. I pick up the kunai. It’s pretty heavy. If you coat the blade with poison, I guess you’ll have no need for firepower.

With the mental image as if I were playing catch, I throw the kunai at the target that’s about 20 meters away. I lift my left leg and use the spring of my right leg to throw the kunai with a big stroke. It doesn’t hit the target. Mion is looking at me with expressionless, silent, still eyes. Err, is she exasperated by me?

「Err… Yes, I understand. Let me show you an example.」

Saying so, Mion picks up a kunai and throws it, hitting the center of the target.

「Are you with me, Kars-sama. For starters, I will have you throw them while sticking to the basics. Stand at the ready facing your opponent, and without moving the axis of your body, you use your elbow as the fulcrum, like this.」

One after another, Mion throws three stick-shaped shurikens and all of them hit near the center of the target.

「Hmm, wonderfully done, Mion. Above all, your posture is beautiful. I wish I could do it like you do.」


I wonder if she reacts to the word beautiful. For a moment, Mion looks bashful. She immediately turns expressionless. After that, I practiced until the evening with a break in between. I managed to properly learn the throwing skill.

「Mion, while we’re at it, why don’t you throw iron balls instead of edged tools? If your proficiency level in throwing is high, it’ll be easier to hit the opponent even if they are on the move, no? If you use body enhancement and hit them with all you might with an iron ball, which is reinforced by imbuing it with magical energy, it will cause fatal injury with a single hit, no? What do you think?」

Once again, Mion looks at me with still eyes.

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