The Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter Chapter 14 Part 2

「Alma, Mion. You two, too, feel free to pick whichever you find good. However, it’s not what is good from your perspective, but what is good from my perspective. The price is reasonable, so I don’t mind even if you buy a whole lot of them.」


As usual, the two reply to me without even turning eyes at me, underwear in their hands. It, it’s not like I am lonely or anything, alright?! I’m telling you the truth, alright?!

「Alright, Lily, this one-piece is nice, don’t you think? If you’re going to wear it at home, even something as simple as this should be fine.」

「If this is what you choose for me, Onii-sama, then I will make sure to buy it. I wonder if it is okay to try putting it on?」

「Hmm. If you’re going to try putting it on, let’s look for some panties as well while we’re at it. Hmm, this one with a bear embroidery on it, and these light blue and white striped panties are nice. Other than these, I can’t pass up the simple one in pure white with a red ribbon either. Wait, wait, wait, there are even the pink-colored ones. Ahh, polka dots! I can’t pass these up either. I want two or three of them in different colors. Mumumu, there’s also light pink and white striped ones. Let’s buy them. Purple and black, huh… That’s a hard pass. I don’t get it at all. Light yellow? Bought it. Huh? On display only? It can’t be helped, wrap it up for me. After that….」

「O, Onii-sama. I am happy that you are seriously choosing them for me, but you are a little scary.」

「Lily, listen well. There are some things in this world you can compromise on and some things you can’t. For me, you are important to me and so is underwear. So if they’re going to serve as your underwear, there’s no way I would be able to compromise on them, right? Now, let’s go to the fitting room.」

I move to the fitting room with a large quantity of children’s panties in hand. When Lily opens the curtains after changing in the fitting room… There is… an angle there.

「How do you like it? Onii-sama?」

Lily shows off the cute panties with the upper half of her body naked. She makes a spin around.

「You’re the best, Lily. Can you try the other ones, too?」

「There do not seem to be any other customers here right now, so I will just change into them as it is.」

Lily changes her panties one after another right in front of my eyes. Truly a cute little sister of the upper angel class.

「Alright, we’re buying all of them. If there’s anything else you want, be sure to let me know.」

I go to check how Alma and Mion are doing. Wonderful. They have several kinds of underwear that are to my liking, the ones with thin fabric and revealing, with them. Other than these, Mion has also picked out some cute-type underwear, while Alma some sexy-type black ones.

「Hmm, Alma, Mion. Well done. It seems you finally know what I like. Let’s match them with some negligee, too. The ones with thin fabric, okay? My attendant tonight will be Mion, huh. Match and put on this one and this one.」

Mion has recently started to actively seek orgasm during sex. This is a good trend.

「Oi, I’ll buy you guys anything you want. Choose whatever you like.」

「Kyaa, is that okay~? I’m going to choose a lot, okay~?」

「I don’t mind. I have plenty of money, after all.」

I can hear the voices of a vulgar man and women. Wondering if he is the heir of some moderately wealthy merchant, I shift my gaze toward their direction. Geh. That man is the guy called Guster or something like that, the leader of the Immortal Wolves, the gold-rank adventurer party we met before in front of the labyrinth. Moreover, he seems to be drunk. They are the kind of guys who kill people just because they bumped into them on the shoulder, so they are extremely dangerous. Without turning my gaze toward Guster even once, I quickly conclude our shopping and leave the store.

But still, to think that a gold-rank adventurer who receives the same level of treatment like that of a noble would be that much of a snobbish guy. Not only is he drunk in the daytime, he is even buying lingerie for women with a vulgar tone of voice. Well, if the person in question enjoys it, so be it. Or rather, I guess I am no different from him, huh. Thinking that that guy will be assassinated sooner or later kind of makes me sad.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Hnnnnaaaahn, aaaaaaaaah~, you must not, Kars-sama, you must not do that on that place. Aaaaaah~」

I have been licking the area around Mion’s secret place for about 30 minutes. The chasm is overflowing with nectar, but I have yet to put myself in there. Once Mion reaches orgasm, I then move my tongue to her nipples, armpits, neck, and earlobes.

「Haan, hahi, aahn, hii, ahn, hnn.」

After a while, I attack her secret place again.

「Aaaaaaaahn, not good, not good, cumming, I am cumming again aaahn, cumming, cumming, I am cumming, aaaaaaaaaaah~. Haa, haa, haa, haa~. Kars-sama, I am already, haa, haa.」

「Today, you see, Mion. I’m thinking about inserting the entirety of this baby of mine into your vagina, all the way to the base, but what do you think? The first time we did it, I could only get about 70% of it in, but now I can get 90% of it in, right? So I want to insert all of it today.」

「Uu, gulp. All of it. Haa, haa. I understand. Kars-sama. Please come on in.」

Saying so, Mion grabs my member with her hand and inserts the tip by herself. So erotic.

「Here I come.」

I slowly but surely penetrate Mion, aiming for her cervix. When about 90% of it is in, I reach her innermost part. However, this is just the beginning. Putting strength into my lower body, I push my meat rod up, pushing up the entirety of her womb.


Mion’s cry, which can be described as either climax or anguish, echoes through the room. I pull back the reproductive rod to the vicinity of the vaginal entrance and begin to push it in again. When it hits the deepest part of the vagina, I push her womb up even further. Just a bit more. Perhaps I would be able to make it in one more cycle.

「Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~, cumming, cumming~」

To my surprise, Mion reaches climax with that one thrust. In that case, there is no need to hold back. With a slightly faster pistoning, I continue to vigorously pound Mion’s cervix over and over again, and finally am able to insert it all the way to the base. All that remains is for me and Mion to cum at the same time to finish it up. I get into the last spurt. It is a high-speed piston.

Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack….

「Ahn, ahn, ahn, aaaaahn, I am going to cum, Kars-sama, I am already, aahn, cumming, uaaaaaaaaaahn, I cannot, aaaaaaaaaaaah~」

「I’m at my limit, too. Take it, Mion.」

Spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt….

From the entrance to the innermost part, Mion’s vaginal cave was occupied by my meat rod, not leaving behind even the slightest amount of opening. Every time I ejaculate, *splurt, splurt* my cloudy fluid squirts out of her vaginal cave with great force. Mion keeps looking up at the ceiling with half-open eyes. For a moment I was flustered, wondering if she had really ended up ascending, but her chasm is twitching, so it seems that she is enjoying the afterglow of the pleasure.

I can sense a flow of magical energy from Mion’s womb area, which is more than usual. It is the magical energy of the art of lovemaking. I felt it, too, during my daytime practice with Lily, did I not? I try doing a self-appraisal. I see that Magical Energy Perception 1 has emerged there. This is a skill that can be learned by those with achievements in magic, and is an extremely useful skill that allows you to perceive the magical energy of humans and monsters. If you raise your proficiency level in it, you will be able to perceive the magical energy of monsters at a distance, so it must be useful in labyrinth exploration.

I wipe off Mion and my bodily fluids with a towel. I hug Mion, who is still unable to move, kiss her on the cheek, and fall into a deep sleep.

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