The Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter Chapter 2


 Where am I? I can’t move my body properly. I hear cheers at the same time someone is holding me.

When I fearfully open my eyes, I can see the figures of an elderly man holding me and a number of women. They are all dressed in white. It seems that I have really reincarnated. I was probably born into a considerably rich family. The bed is large and the room is spacious.

They are talking about something, but I cannot understand a word they are saying. It seems that I don’t have any language translation skills.

The man holding me in his arms hands me over to a woman lying on the bed. She has dark hair and blue eyes. She’s incredibly beautiful. This person must be my mother. She looks like she is still in her teens. As she wipes the sweat from her forehead, she talks to me with the expression of a loving mother. I wonder if my mother from my former world also gave birth to me with this kind of expression.

I don’t understand what mother is saying, but I desperately try to speak out to live up to her expectations. Mother bursts into tears and holds me in her arms, refusing to let go. I am in a bit of pain, but the pleasant euphoric feeling is making me sleepy.

I have really reincarnated. Moreover, in an environment that could not have been any better.

Along with relief, I let go of my consciousness.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Here I come.」

A knight holding a wooden sword swings it down from the overhead. Pretending to receive it, I put strength into my lower body, into which I have been channeling magical energy in advance.

Instant Step.

Using this skill, I move instantly to the right side of my opponent. I swing down my wooden sword. The opposing knight shows a surprised look for a moment, but they put back up their stance with astonishing speed and easily receive my sword. It feels as if I was striking a block of iron. They do not move even a muscle. This is the difference between a Jobless man and a Knight.

Then we clash swords several times before finishing the exchange. Sweat beads are dripping on my forehead, but the opposing side is sporting a relaxed look on their face.

「I was surprised, Kars-sama. Is that the Instant Step skill?」

「Yeah. I learned it recently, but my proficiency level is still low, so I don’t think I can make use of it an actual battle yet.」

I, the reincarnated person called Kars, reply as such.

「I have never seen a person of your age who can use Body Enhancement as well as Instant Step. So brilliant.」

Honestly speaking, the people in this house are all so sycophantic that I don’t know how much I can trust them. However, looking at my own appraisal, the Fast Learning is certainly there, so it seems there is no mistaking that I can acquire skills faster than most people.


Kars Amberlius, Age 12, Level 7

Job: None

Skills: Fast Learning, Appraisal 2, Magical Energy Manipulation 2, Body Manipulation 2, Body Enhancement 1, Instant Step 1, Swordsmanship 3, Spearmanship 3, Fire Magic 1, Wind Magic 1, Earth Magic 1, Water Magic 1, Light Magic 1, Healing Magic 1

◇ ◇ ◇

 This place is Amberlius territory in the Kingdom of Estorias. I, Kars, am the heir of the Count of Amberlius. It could be said to be the best environment for acquiring skills and knowledge, but there is a problem. That is: jobs are hereditary.

My father, Marnus, is a Magic Knight, a superior job of Knight. My mother is the little sister of the current King of Estorias, and her job is Mage, a superior job of Magician. Incidentally, it’s possible for knights and magicians to change jobs to their superior version through accumulating years of experiences, but in the case of my father and mother, they were bestowed with their jobs in the temple at the age of 14 at the coming-of-age ceremony. This, too, is heredity.

The job I am set to be bestowed with, Porter, is a non-combatant job, a low-ranked job, and an object of contempt, it seems. In particular, while the unique skill Storage is extremely useful for business transactions, it can also be used for subversive activities and assassination, making this job holders forbidden from entering any important facilities. In Amberlius, it’s on the level where they are even forbidden from entering castles and noble districts without permission.

The main reason for my reincarnation is to live freely in this world. If I were to succeed to a count’s family, I figured I would be able to live a financially unencumbered life, but things don’t seem to be all sunshine and rainbows. There seems to be precedents of Porters being born into high-class noble families, but they all met an early end due to accidents or sudden illnesses. If it were to be known that their family lineage is one with a Porter in their midst, no one would want to tie matrimony with them for fear of getting it passed on to their descendants. This would be fatal for a noble. In that case, I guess the most natural course of actions would be to kill them secretly and pretend they never existed from the beginning.

Even though they are similarly low-ranked jobs, Warrior and Swordsman are called basic jobs. If they meet certain conditions, they can change to a superior job or a derivative job, so there is no problem as long as they do power leveling in the labyrinth. If anything, even though they are similarly level 1 Knights, it is common knowledge that the Knight who changes jobs from Warrior is stronger, so for a noble, being born as a Warrior is not a bad thing.

Exile aside, getting myself killed would render my reincarnation meaningless. Until the coming-of-age ceremony at 14, where I will be bestowed with my job, I have to ward off assassination and do preparations to survive in this world.

◇ ◇ ◇

「How is Kars doing?」

The spacious office was furnished with high-class furniture and furnishings, and the walls and desks were lined with magic items that could only be obtained in the depths of the labyrinth. The carpet was made from the fur of a large-sized monster, a first-class item that would normally be used for armor. The voice belonged to Count Marnus Amberlius, Kars’ father.

「Yes. When it comes to desk study, Kars-sama has already learned everything one could learn at knight school. For his ability with sword and spear, Kars-sama is about as good as a knight apprentice, it is believed that he is most likely capable of using skills. As for magic, Kars-sama managed to manifest the attributes of fire, wind, earth, water, light, and healing. As Kars-sama has no benefit from a job and the amount of his magical energy is also low due to his low level, all he can conjure is something on the level of livelihood magic, but I cannot help but say that he is phenomenal.」

The man who replied was Astor Markias, an elderly man with gray hair. He was the chamberlain of the Amberlius family and the illegitimate son of the previous family head. As Marnus spent half of the year in the royal capital, he not only managed the house, but also directed much of the administration of the territory as Marnus’s right-hand man.

「To think you would evaluate someone so highly. But what I want is neither a brilliant scholar nor a strong adventurer. I want an excellent successor. Make sure to train him without mistaking it.」


「Kars is 12 years old now, isn’t he? Make sure to not overlook his sex education as well. So that he doesn’t impregnate the daughter of some low-class nobles from God knows where. Kars’ legal wife will be a princess bestowed with a high-ranked job. At the very least, she should be a Mage or a Magic Knight, preferably a Sage or a Mage Knight, but I guess I cannot expect that much, huh. For his two concubines, they will be chosen from the duke or marquis families.」

The Amberlius family was a count family, but they were doing well in managing the labyrinth, and the military power of their knights, backed by their economic power, was the best even in the kingdom. This intention was something that even the royal family could not ignore. A demand was issued for them to decide on a fiancé at an early stage. Marnus intended to make the one who was bestowed with a high-ranked job among the several princesses to be Kars’ legal wife.

「For the sex education of Kars-sama, we plan to employ Alma.」

「Hmm. She can use the art of lovemaking, so I guess she is the right person for the job. I’ll leave it to you.」


「And then, the tax revenue for this fiscal year is….」

◇ ◇ ◇

 I am in a hurry. I have to become as strong as possible before the coming-of-age ceremony at the age of 14. I need to study harder, but it is not going as well as I would like. In spite of me receiving the best education possible in the best environment of being the heir of a count’s family.

I know the cause. The amount of magical energy, the source of all skills and magic, I have is absolutely insufficient. Even if I try to practice magic, I can’t make progress in my practice since I would soon run out of magical energy. If I continue to use my magical energy until it completely runs out, it will take two or three days to fully recover.

There is a solution for this. That is to go into the labyrinth, defeat the monsters there, and raise my level. I checked my status when I reincarnated, but even without a job, having a D in magical energy should mean that I have a fair amount of it. All I have to do next is to raise my level, but I guess it would be difficult for a count’s heir to readily enter a dangerous labyrinth. I know that I can gain a moderate amount of experience by training with sword and spear and absorbing knowledge, but there is no sign of going up from level 7 these days. What should I do, I wonder?


As I finish my usual sword and spear training, I hear my little sister Lilicia’s voice. She is the sole existence who soothes my daily impatience that stems from the fear that I might be assassinated in two years’ time.


「Listen, Onii-sama. I have received permission from Father to start training in swordsmanship, too, tomorrow.」

「I see. Lily is a tomboy, after all. Maybe swordsmanship is better suited to you than magic training.」

「Fufufu. I will not lose to you, Onii-sama.」

Lily is a smart and lively girl, three years younger than me. She has blond hair and blue eyes like me and our father. She is very attached to me and always smiles and cuddles up to me whenever she sees me. I wonder what kind of reaction she would make when she finds out two years from now that my job is Porter. I am sure that I will be disinherited at that time, and Lily may become the successor and set to adopt a son-in-law. There is also the possibility that the son of the concubine would become the successor, but in any case, there is no changing that it would hurt her heart. Thinking about it, I probably should refrain from being too close with her, but I just can’t resist this cuteness.

「? What’s the matter, Onii-sama?」

「It’s nothing. I was simply captivated by your cuteness, Lily.」

「Fufufu. Onii-sama~.」

When I pat Lily’s head, I feel like I would forget about the things of two years from now.

「So you are here. Lilicia-sama.」

「Heya, Alma.」

Alma is one of the maids who takes care of my daily necessities. Sporting black hair and green eyes, she is like a big sister figure to me. Since she is good at teaching magic, she is also serving as Lily’s magic tutor. Her job is Magician and her level is 24. She is the third daughter of a baron family under the Amberlius family and one of my father’s concubines. I have never met them, but I believe she has given birth to two.

Lily goes and hides behind me.

「What, did you run away from Alma’s magic class and come here, Lily? To put it bluntly, there is no magician in the house who can teach you as well as Alma, you know?」

「Uu~, I hate magic. I mean, I cannot use it at all. Rather than such a thing, I want to practice swordplay.」

「You should practice both sword and magic. It’s pretty hard to tell what aptitude you have for, after all. Even if you think you don’t like magic, you might be given the job Sage at the coming-of-age ceremony, you know?」

「If I am a sage, then Onii-sama has to be a hero. Let’s go subjugate the Demon Lord together. If we defeat the Demon Lord, we will be able to hold a grand wedding ceremony. Say, it is okay, right, Onii-sama?」

Haa~, she’s so cute that I can’t help but sigh. No matter what happens to me, I hope she’ll be happy.

While I’m engrossed in Lily’s cuteness, I feel Alma’s eyes on me. She seems to be clearly staring at me, not at Lily.

「Do you need something from me, Alma?」

「… No, there is something I would like to talk to you about, but I guess it is fine for now. I will come to your room after dinner, so we can leave it for then.」

Through my acquaintance with Alma since I can remember, our relationship is one where we can say whatever we want to say. I wonder if it is something she doesn’t want Lily to hear.

「Got it. I’ll be waiting for you.」

Even as I feel slight discomfort from Alma’s attitude, I depart from that place.


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