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The Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter Chapter 20 Part 2

Hmm, there are some things I get from that information just now. First of all, men line up for the daughters of high-class nobles, regardless of their appearance. And then, even if they are daughters of low-class nobles, as long as they are extremely beautiful, men will flock to them. In fact, the one with most men flocking to her is the beautiful baron daughter. It may be partly because for those from low-class noble families, who find it hard to call out to the daughters of high-class nobles, getting in touch with daughters of low-class nobles is easier.

The stratified society is not applied to women only. A dull old man in his 40s has been calling out to the ladies since a while ago, but none seem to have kept him company at all. Or rather, he is even calling out to daughters of about 12 years old.

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