The Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter Chapter 26 Part 2

The strong-armed baboon lets out a cry. It has a look of rage on its face.


As my body freezes with fear, I have the premonition of death.

The strong-arm baboon raises its right arm wide and then swings it down. As I have Lily and Lati behind me, I have no choice but to take it on. I let go of the sword, activate full-power body enhancement with my remaining magical energy, cross my arms, and take on the swing of the strong-armed baboon. My arms are shattered, my shoulders are broken, and my entire body, including my brain, is shaken as it is. My consciousness is cut off there.

◇ ◇ ◇

 When I come to, I find myself on the bed. Should I try saying that line?

「I don’t know this ceiling.」

No, I do know it, though. It’s my room in the villa in Sakuto village. Around the bed, there are Lily, Lati, Alma, Mion, and also the priest of the Holy Church.

「Onii-sama! So you have safely woken up. Onii-sama. Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.」

「Kars-sama! Thank you very much for protecting us. Ugh, egh, ueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen.」

It seems that I slept for two days after that incident. Both of my arms and shoulders were shattered, but it seems that they called in priests from the Holy Church in Amberlius to heal me with sacred magic. That was because it is hard to heal serious wounds with healing magic, after all.

「What happened to the monkey? Was it successfully subjugated?」

「Yes, it seems that your sword pierced through the monkey’s heart, Onii-sama. As one would expect from you. Onii-sama.」

I see. As it had its heart crushed, it attacked me with its last strength, huh. What a commendable guy.

After that, we were to return to Amberlius earlier than planned. According to what I learned afterwards, a powerful monster was discovered in the territory of Count Lincool, which is located north of Sakuto Village. It was confirmed that as they found it difficult to subjugate, they opted to drive it away to the territory of Amberlius, which boasts a powerful knight order. It seems that the reason why the monkey rampaged as if it had gone mad from the beginning was also because it was on edge. Count Lincool must have been driven into a difficult political position. After all, not only did numerous knights lose their lives in our territory because of it, the heir to the Amberlius family was on the verge of death after suffering a fatal injury, and there was even the possibility that it would cause the death of Her Highness the Princess.

As far as I am concerned, it is already in the past, so I don’t really care, but there is one problem. This time, even as I was on the verge of death after suffering a fatal injury, I protected Her Highness the Princess and subjugated the powerful monster that routed the knights by piercing its heart, as such, it has been decided that I would be awarded with a medal. Nah, I don’t need such a thing, alright? What to do now? I will end up standing out. As expected, I cannot afford to turn it down, so I am heading to the Royal Capital again.

◇ ◇ ◇

In November, His Majesty the King awards medals to those who have made distinguished achievements. It seems that I will be awarded the Silver Dragon Medal, a medal given to those with distinguished military exploits. Sigh, I don’t need it, and it is a pain. Not good, not good, I mustn’t show it in my attitude.

There are about a hundred people waiting in the waiting room. That is too many, no? I can see that everyone is nervous. As expected, it must be an honor to be awarded a medal.

After a while, an adventurer-styled woman in metal armor enters the room.

「Oh my, it’s full of old men, isn’t it? Sigh, I wonder if they could hurry up and finish it.」

She is an extraordinary beauty. She has slightly slanted eyes that make her look a little fierce, but she still has some childlike features, so it feels like cuteness and beauty are coexisting in her. On top of that, there are hints of sexiness in her behavior and mannerisms. All the old men and old fogey around her are captivated by her.

Noisy, noisy.

「Oi, that’s the hero, Sylphia the Celestial, you know?」

「That one is… I see. But she is so young.」

「It seems that she is still only fifteen years old, you know? I want her for my grandson’s wife.」

The one who catches the attention of all smelly old men in the room and becomes the center of the conversation, Hero Sylphia. The expression on her face says that she is fed up with it. Well, that is understandable. After all, there is no way the world would ever leave such a young, beautiful and powerful person alone. It is on the level where even I, who have gotten used to seeing beautiful women, end up being captivated by her. I would like to try appraising her, but I feel like it would be bad if I were to be found out, so let’s refrain from doing it.

「Oh my, you are so young. I am Sylphia. An adventurer.」

「Nice to meet you, I am Kars Amberlius. It is an honor to meet you, Hero-sama.」

「Stop with the Hero-sama. Just Sylphia is fine.」

Noisy, noisy.

「Ohh, that’s the wonder child of the Amberlius family, Kars Amberlius, huh. It seems that he is a prodigy in sword and magic, you know?」

「It is said that he vanquished the monster that half-destroyed the knights with a single blow.」

「Spare me the joke. Even if he is a genius, he is Jobless, no? You must be exaggerating the rumor a lot.」

「No, no, no. My nephew is a knight apprentice of the Amberlius knight order, and he said it was true, you know?」

「I believe he is the eldest son, right? I do not care if he is a genius or a fool. I wonder if he would by all means accept my granddaughter as his concubine.」

「If it would allow my family to become friendly with the Amberlius family, I hope he would take some of my grandchildren as his mistresses.」

It ends up turning into an even larger stir than that of Hero Sylphia. True enough, listening to the things that I have done, it doesn’t sound like the story of a mere genius. However, me defeating the strong-armed baboon was largely due to a combination of coincidence and luck. It was on the level where even now, I still shudder when I remember the moment it raised a roar in front of me.

「Heh~, amazing, aren’t we? You beat a high-ranking monster without a job? That’s a little hard to believe.」

「No, it was all due to a combination of coincidence. All I did was deliver the finishing blow. Under normal circumstance, I believe it is the knights and squires who risked their lives to fight it who should receive the medal, but I guess that’s not politically feasible.」

「Hmm. You are pretty humble for the son of a great noble. How intriguing. I can’t be at ease here. Let’s talk over there for a bit.」

We talk about various things at a secluded place. Sylphia is a Hero of a commoner’s background and currently, it seems that she is in the middle of training, in which she belongs to the gold-class adventurer party Cotton Clouds. It seems that the Heavenly Drive skill is more useful than I thought. The magical energy consumption is severe, but it seems to allow her to freely create temporary footholds in the air and move at the same speed as on the ground. Given that she is able to defeat flying monsters, which has been difficult to defeat in the past, one after another and acquire valuable materials, she is pretty stacked fund-wise. She has no interest in medals, but since the leader of the Cotton Clouds is a member of the royal family, it seems that she could not refuse it.


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