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The Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter Chapter 27 Part 1

Coming of Age Ceremony

 On January 7, in the year 1723 of the Descent of God calendar, I, who have turned 14 years old, am currently on my way to the Temple of Profession in a carriage. In this world, everyone turns one year older on the New Year, but unlike East Asian age reckoning, you are zero years old when you are born.

Under normal circumstances, there would have been a long line of people who come of age on New Year’s in order to receive their job, but today, it is reserved only for nobles and those of special status.

In addition to myself, my sister Lily, the chamberlain Astor, and even my father Marnus are also heading to the Temple of Profession. Numerous nobles are waiting there, so when I am granted with a high-rank job, they will announce to the world that I am the official

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