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The Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter Chapter 33 Part 3

After the meal, we go to my room. I use light magic to create a just slightly bright light ball. Yuina seemed to be shy to be seen when she took off her clothes, so I made the room dark.

「What a nice luminance-nya. A skillful lady-killer sure is something else-nya.」

「I know, right? Haa~, but still, your rubbing comfortability sure is as great as ever, Niinya. Can I touch you more?」

「Sei-nyan, you’re stroking me so gently-nya. It’s a little ticklish, but I’m happy-nya.」

I stroke her belly, and when I bring my hand to her chin, she makes a purring sound. She seems to be really happy, so I cannot hope for anything better.

「Niinya looks so comfortable.」

Yuina murmurs. I wonder if she wants to touch Niinya too.

「Niinya. Do you mind if I rub you with Yuina?」

「Purrrr unya~n. Do as you please-nya. If it’s Yui-nyan, I don’t mind-nya.」

Moving Niinya to the center of the bed, I rub her around with Yuina from both sides.

「Yuina, this area around her belly is especially comfortable to touch, go ahead and try rubbing it.」

「Ah, it’s true. I didn’t know that Niinya felt this good.」


Yuina seems to have settled down considerably. As I rub Niinya around with Yuina, I bring my tongue to her nipple and begin to tease her areola under the nipple, making a sucking sound.

「Unya, anya, hanyanya, that feels good-nya, Sei-nyan, that feels good-nya, anyanyanya~」

From her right side, I lick and suck Niinya’s nipples alternately, making my tongue crawl on them. When I gently stimulate her chasm with my right hand, it becomes moist and wet, and she seems to be ready to receive my reproductive rod.

「Alright, I guess I’ll attack you from behind, today. Niinya, will you get down on all fours for me?」

「Yes-nya. I like this position very much. I want you to feel good, too, Sei-nyan.」

I put my meat rod against Niinya’s secret place and move the tip up and down along the chasm. When I insert the tip, I piston little by little and penetrate her, aiming for her deepest part. When about 90% of it is in, I make it to her deepest part, but as I repeat the pistoning, Niinya’s vagina swallows the entirety of my reproductive rod.

「Hanya~n. All of it is in-nya. It doesn’t hurt at all-nya. It feels good-nya.」

To avoid stirring up Yuina, who seems to be suffering from emotional damage, I decided to show it through actual practice that having sex with me feels good. As opposed to going at it intensely, I repeat the pistoning gently. As if delighted by my meat rod, Niinya’s long, black tail lewdly wags from side to side. Niinya’s ass is well-fleshed, so it feels crazy good. I want to spit out the semen that has accumulated from wandering around the labyrinth right away. As I gently poke Niinya, I lean my body against her back and stimulate her nipples with the fingers of both my hands.

「Unyanyanya?! That place is my weak point-nya, if feels good-nya, aahn, Sei-nyan, so good-nya, aahn, ahn, Sei-nyan, something good is coming-nya, Sei-nyan, Sei-nyan, Sei-nyan, Sei-nyan, anyanyanya~」

「Alright, let’s feel good together. Take it, Niinya~」

In one go, I reach climax and ejaculate aiming at Niinya’s womb entrance. The thick cloudy fluid, which not only is backed up, but has also become a sticky mass due to the additional effect of automatic recovery, is rampaging around inside Niinya’s vaginal canal. Since I am using body manipulation, the ejaculation doesn’t come in a particularly large amount of anything, but the intense pleasure lasts for a long time. Even during the ejaculation, Niinya’s vaginal cavity is squirming as if it is trying to squeeze my baby seed out of me. What an extremely excellent vessel. I plop down on the bed with Niinya.

「Huff, huff, huff, that was great, Niinya.」

「Huff, huff, Sei-nyan, that felt so good.」

I gently wake Niinya up and put her down on the edge of the bed. Next is Yuina’s turn. From the beginning, Yuina has been staring at my deed with Niinya with a red face. I don’t know what kind of wounds she has in her heart, but at any rate, let’s be gentle with her. I take Yuina into my arms and kiss her lightly on the cheek. She seems to be an innocent and inexperienced girl, so she might not like it if I kissed her on the lips. I gently lay her down on the bed and kiss her forehead, cheeks, neck, breasts, nipples, and the surrounding area lightly. At the same time, I stimulate her secret place with my right hand, but it is not very wet. When I lightly stimulate the bud, she lets out a moan. As expected, this part seems to be sensitive.

「Yuina, you’re so cute.」

「Ahn, ahn, ahn, ahn, it feels so good, Sei-san, ahn, ahn, aaaahn, ahn!」

After confirming that she has reached a light climax, I begin the preparation for insertion. My member is quite large, so it’s difficult to make it painless, but let’s try to make it feel as good as possible. I repeatedly kiss Yuina’s earlobe and neck. While she is concentrating her nerves there, I insert myself into her. The entrance is quite narrow, but the tip managed to go in. The wetness is so-so, I guess. After that, I gently piston and push my member in little by little, aiming at her deepest part. When about 80% of it is in, I reach her deepest part. As expected, cumming inside would be too much, I guess. At any rate, I gently piston and repeatedly stimulate Yuina’s innermost part.

「Ahn, ahn, ahn, ahn, ahn, ahn….」

Yuina lets out a cry every time I poke her deepest part. I don’t think this is because she is feeling it. I don’t want to make her push herself too much, so I’m going to end this right about now.

「Inside your vagina, it feels so good, Yuina. Does it hurt? I’m about to shoot out my baby seed soon, but is that okay?」

「Ahn, ahn, ahn, yes, it doesn’t hurt, ahn, ahn, ahn, it feels strange, please cum. Ahn, ahn.」

Using body manipulation, I shoot out as much of the semen remaining in my testicles as possible into Yuina’s vaginal canal. The second ejaculation also comes in a massive amount and the pleasure lasts for a long time, and it feels like I am being released from the stress built up while I was in the labyrinth. All at once, I am assailed by exhaustion and drowsiness. I kiss the totally exhausted Yuina on the forehead.

「It felt very good, Yuina. Take a rest for today. Tomorrow morning, if you have the strength, I’ll ask you to do it one more time, but you don’t have to push yourself too hard, okay? Now then, chu.」

「Sei-san, good night.」

Having been freed from the tension, she must be tired and her stomach is probably full, so Yuina falls asleep right away. She is sleeping blissfully.

「Sei-nyan, thank you-nya. With this, Yui-nyan is healed considerably-nya. I owe you one-nya.」

「What are you talking about? You’ve introduced me to such a cute girl. It’s me who owes you one.」

「I’ll leave it at that-nya. I hope you can keep her company from here on, too-nya.」

「Let’s see… From now on, I’ll embrace either of you or both of you at the same time. I’m sure there will be days when you’re not feeling well, so discuss it on your own accordingly. I’ll be diving into the labyrinth, so there will also be days when I can’t go back, after all. However, if Soara is here, I’ll prioritize embracing her, so please take note of that.」

「Got it-nya. I’m going to be your exclusive companion-nya. Still, are you acquainted with Soara-san-nya? Are you actually an amazing person-nya?」

「Hmm? Do you know Soara well? What kind of woman is she?」

「Some say she is the real owner of this store, but nobody knows the truth-nya. But she is a very good person who would sometimes give advice to the girls-nya. Yuina is also helped by her a lot-nya.」

I see, I did think that woman is no ordinary person, but she is like a secret authority figure of this store, huh. I have been curious about the receptionist woman’s attitude toward Soara, but I guess that’s how it is. She seems to be giving counseling to the girls too, so she is probably protecting the socially vulnerable prostitutes from the shadows. Which means, picking on men is just a part of her hobby, huh.

「By the way, why was Yuina wounded emotionally?」

「It’s because of Zuma, the silver-class adventurer-nya! That man is a pervert who beats cute little girls as he rapes them-nya! When I went to pick Yui-nyan up in the morning, she had lost consciousness with her face swollen-nya. Soara took her to the church and had her healed, so she managed to narrowly escape death, but as it was not something that could be healed in one go, she had to go to the church many times after that-nya. After that, she ended up developing a phobia of men, but thanks to you, Sei-nyan, she seems to be able to overcome it-nya. I thank you-nya.」

Zuma the silver-class adventurer, huh? He is someone to watch out for. If what Gorth said was true, that guy must have killed a lot of rookie adventurers. A real scumbag, I guess. But what’s the use of this feeling overflowing with a sense of justice? That guy is strong, as such he is the righteous one. I am weak, as such I am unable to do anything, that is the truth.

「Does this Zuma guy come here regularly?」

「He’s already been banned-nya. Everyone is relieved-nya.」

I see. I wonder if Soara pulled some strings here. As I feel slightly relieved, I am assailed by drowsiness. What is it that I can do? First of all, I have to become an iron-class adventurer. As for what to do after that, let’s think about it later.


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