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The Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter Chapter 36 Part 2

「Wait, that’s a praying mantis, alright. Judging from the size of its body, I don’t think it’s a superior variant, but we’re going to retreat.」

The praying mantis, about 1.5 meters long, remains still, not moving its body at all. Sporting inorganic eyes and huge scythes, it looks strong. We back away. Then I sense a flow of magical energy from the side. There is a wind tanuki up in the tree.

「Keane, there’s a wind tanuki! It’s up in the tree over there!」

「What?! Damn it, ignore it! Run for your life!」

We start running downstream. We ignore the wind magic fired by the wind tanuki and keep running.

*Flap, flap, flap* From behind, I can hear the sound of something flapping its wings. Geh, the praying mantis, flying in low altitude with its wings outstretched, is closing the distance between us in one go.

「There’s no helping it, we’re confronting it! Ignore the

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Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter

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