The Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter Chapter 37 Part 1

A Group of Five Middle-Aged Gay Rapists

 Chirp, chirp, chirp.

「Ahn, ahn, ahn, ahn, haahn, aahn, aahn, Sei-san, something is strange, haahn, ahn, the depth of my body is itching, ahn, ahn?! Ahn, aaaaaaaaaaahn, it feels so good, aaaaaaaaaah~」

It seems that as I continue to gently poke the back of Yuina’s vagina in the missionary position, she reaches a climax. With a jerk, she arches her body back and is breathing heavily. I have not yet ejaculated, but with my penis remaining fixed in the depth of Yuina’s vagina, I wait for her climax to subside.

「Looks like you’ve finally understood how to feel good, Yuina. Once you calm down a little, we’ll go at it again. Let’s feel good together this time.」

「Haa, haa, yes, Sei-san. I also want to feel good… Together with you. 」

After a while, I resume my pistoning. I guess it is best to do it gently with Yuina, who is not used to sex yet.

Creak, creak, creak, creak….

「Ahn, ahn, ahn, ahn, aahn, haahn, ahn, ahn, aahn, it is coming, the good feeling is coming, aahn, aaaaaaaaaaah~」

「Alright, let’s feel good together. Take it, Yuina!」

I pour all of what is left of the baby seed that I have dumped into the depth of Niinya’s vagina earlier into Yuina’s vagina. Yuina is writhing with pleasure and flapping her mouth open and closed. After devouring the pleasure for a while, Yuina slumps down as strength leaves her body and looks up at the ceiling with half-open eyes.

The sex itself is only natural, but I also feel a sense of emotional satisfaction from being able to give Yuina an orgasm.

「Alright, I’ll get going now, but do take your time, you two. I’ll leave the money over here, and tonight, too, I’ll be in your care.」

「Got it-nya. Sei-nyan, have a nice trip-nya.」

「Have a nice trip, Sei-san.」

It is a great feeling to be sent off by women. Alright, let’s make some money today, too.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Hehehe, just obediently hand over your weapon and armor. Oh, and all the money you have. And if you don’t want to get killed, drop your pants and get down on all fours. I’ll have you keep all of us company.」

「Big bro! Didn’t you promise me that you’d let me do him first? After you, I won’t be able to enjoy it because he’ll end up becoming all baggy, after all.」

「In that case, I also….」

「No, I’ll go first.」

「I also….」

Good graciousness, are there nothing but robbers and gays among the adventurers? Moreover, all five of them, huh. I wonder if they fuck each other normally. After appraising them, I see that their group is composed of four warriors and one swordsman, ranging in level from 12 to 20. If it’s one-on-one, I have skills on my side, so I have the confidence that I will be able to beat them. If it’s two against one, it would be a fight to the death. Well, if I fight them heads on, that is.

Alright, let’s run away. A rich man should not pick quarrels.

「Ah, hold it right there, oi!」

「Big bro! What do you say about the first one who catches him gets to fuck him first?」

「Sounds interesting. You guys okay with that?」


So frigging scary. Five old men are trying to fuck me in the ass. Moreover, it seems that if I get fucked by the guy called Big bro, I will end up becoming all baggy. Alright, this calls for capital punishment for these guys.

In the middle of my escape, I run into two goblins in the passageway. On top of that, there is a spotted spider on the wall. I am completely caught in the middle. Behind me, the group of five middle-aged gay rapists are approaching with glee.

Making up my mind, I activate body enhancement and use instant step to get behind the goblins in an instant. I kick one goblin into the air, sending it flying in the direction of the rapists, from behind. Right after that, I do the same to the second goblin, too. I then draw my sword and blow away the spotted spider on the wall with a swing.

The rapists must have only been thinking about raping me. They have their swords sheathed, so they are startled by the goblins and a spotted spider that suddenly fly at them.

「It’s goblins! Two goblins just flew over!」

「Geh, there’s a spotted spider, too!」

「Draw your swords, let’s get rid of them first!」

Since they are crowding together in a narrow passageway, even if they draw their swords, I don’t think they will be able to wield them freely as it will only cause friendly fire. Oh boy, quite the bind they find themselves in there. I take my kunais out of the storage and throw them at their necks.

「Geh, the spotted spider is shooting off its threads. So disgusting… Hey, get rid of this one first!」

「Ow, I got struck by something on my neck, damn it!」

「Make some space, make some space, you’ll only hit each other by mistake otherwise.」

The spotted spider is shooting threads around like crazy. Paying it no mind, I continue to throw my kunais. By the time the monsters are defeated, I also have used up all my ten kunai. This is where the true battle begins. Closing my distance with them with instant step, I swing my sword at their necks one after another. I finish off the guys who have threads sticking on them and have gotten struck by the kunais on the necks. Since the kunais are originally for practice purposes, it seems that they don’t do much damage. As I thought, iron ball is the best when it comes to throwing.

After killing three of them, I confront the remaining two.

「Damn it! You bastard, how dare you kill my brothers!」

「Big bro, let’s keep on raping him until he dies.」

These guys have combat jobs and are higher-leveled than me. If I fought them head on, I would probably end up getting myself killed. No, I would probably end up getting myself raped and killed. Honestly speaking, I don’t like the idea of putting strain on my shoulder, but I guess the best option here is to rely on the iron ball. I put my sword back into its sheath, take the iron ball out of the storage in a way that keeps my opponents from seeing it, and channel my magical energy into it.

「Hehehe, Big bro, it looks like this guy has made up his mind.」

「Alright, put down the shield and pull down your pants. Worry not, I’ll spare your life for the time being.」

Are these guys planning to rape me next to the corpses of their three brothers? How should I put it, I don’t understand it all. Our sense of values is so different that I feel as if I am standing off against monsters.

I throw my shield towards the two and at the same time, I throw the iron ball towards the Big bro guy. The distance between us is about four meters, so taking into account the possibility of it being dodged, I throw the iron ball at the center of his abdomen.


「Huh, Big bro!」

The little bro rapist shifts his attention to the Big bro guy who is suddenly blown off. I immediately pull out my sword and launch a thrust while using instant step. The attack lands wonderfully, but as expected, he has high defensive power, so I could not pierce him through. I immediately cut his neck with a sideways swipe. As expected, I couldn’t cut it off, but I managed to inflict a fatal wound. The two are on the verge of death. After finishing off the two, I collect everything that seems usable. Five iron swords, three iron shields, three low grade red potions, three low grade green potions, and money, which is about one small gold coin in total. In addition, there is also a bottle of illusionary butterfly scale powder.

If I stay here, I might end up running into other adventurers. Alright, let’s make a map. I start walking again.


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