The Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter Chapter 7

Shopping at Zipangu Trading Company – Part 1

「Huh, what’s going on here?」

While waiting for the preparations of the carriage for our shopping to be done, I do my daily self-appraisal. My proficiency levels in magical energy manipulation and body manipulation are 3 and 2, respectively. They have improved from when I did self-appraisal after dinner yesterday.

If I have to guess, it should be my sex with Mion. Last night, I used my magical energy manipulation and body manipulation with all my might in order to satisfy Mion. In other words, sex is useful for mastering skills. The art of lovemaking is an applied skill of magical energy manipulation, body manipulation, and healing magic, so I think I’ll strive to learn it in earnest.

「Kars-sama, everything is ready.」

Alma, Mion, a coachman and six escort knights are waiting for me.

「Good work. I’ll be counting on you.」

Me, Alma and Mion get into the carriage. Yup, it’s a uselessly luxurious carriage that costs a lot of money. The six knights are walking.

「Kars-sama, the Zipangu trading company is a store that deals with high-class items and is located near the noble district. Hinomoto trading company is a moderately priced store and is popular among the slightly wealthy commoners. We will stop by Zipangu trading company first, if that is alright with you.」

「I’ll leave it to you.」

Upon receiving my reply, Alma instructs the coachman and we set off. I sit facing the direction of travel, while Alma and Mion sit on the opposite side. Both of them look a little happy, so I can’t complain.

「Alma, sit beside me. Mion will sit beside me on the way back.」

「Yes, Kars-sama.」

As Alma takes a seat on my right side, I put my hand on her chin and kiss her on the mouth.


Alma is surprised and puzzled by my sudden action. I wonder what kind of face Mion is making. Without minding it, I slip my tongue into Alma’s mouth and lick her mouth around.

「Hnn, nn, nn, hnn, nn.」

Alma resisted for a while, but perhaps giving in, she becomes silent and begins to entwine her tongue with mine herself. Aah~, it feels so good. I put my left hand into Alma’s skirt and slide my hand over her panties to trace her chasm.

「Hnn, nn, nn.」

She’s desperately trying to say something, but since her tongue is intertwined with mine, she can’t speak. I separate my mouth from Alma for once. In the state of being stuck out, our tongues are connected via a string weaved from our respective saliva.

「Uu, Kars-sama, please spare me from this now….」

Lending a deaf ear to Alma’s words, I start kissing her richly again. As I feel that nectar begins to flow from Alma’s secret place that I’ve been stimulating her from over her panties, I put my hand inside her panties and begin to massage her bud with the belly of my finger while inserting my middle finger into her chasm. Love juice entwines with Alma’s pubic hair. Her panties also begin to get wet.

Taking care not to hurt Alma’s delicate parts, I move the middle finger of my left hand up and down inside the chasm. It’s not to give her pleasure. It’s to make a sound.

Shwop, shwop, shwop, shwop, shwop, shwop….

Perhaps feeling shame at the sound of nectar overflowing from her secret place, Alma ends up closing her eyes, her face turning beet red.

Schlop, schlop, schlop, schlop, schlop, schlop….

Perhaps because she’s feeling shame, the amount of nectar that flows down from her secret place overflows at once.

「We will be arriving soon.」

As I hear the voice of the coachman, I take my mouth and hand off Alma. My left hand is soaking wet. I bring my left hand in front of Alma’s eyes, make a string with her sticky nectar using my thumb and middle finger, and show it to her.

「A lot came out, didn’t it, Alma? So it felt that good, huh. I didn’t know you were such a lewd woman, Alma. I’ll give you more later, alright.」

「N, no way. S, such a thing is….」

Of course, the production of love juice is just a physiological phenomenon, so it can’t be said that she’s a lewd woman. It’s just a verbal attack play.

「Mion, care to clean it up for me?」

I hold out my left hand, which is covered in love juices, to Mion, and pull out a handkerchief from my right pocket and hand it to her.

「Y, yes.」

The moment Mion, who has been frozen in place as the watch the whole thing with her eyes wide open, is about to take the handkerchief, Alma raises her voice

「I, I will take care of it.」

「I think you’d better off cleaning yourself up, Alma. We’ll soon arrive at the trading company, you know?」

I give Alma gentle advice as I direct my eyes toward her lower abdomen.

「Ahh, uu, y, yes.」

Alma takes out her own handkerchief and begins to clean the inside of her panties. I have Mion clean my left hand.

「Kars-sama. We have arrived.」

「Yes. Wait a sec. Alma, Mion. That’s unbecoming, you know? Even if it’s used, make sure to fold the handkerchief neatly.」

「「Y, yes, sir.」」

The two have carelessly shoved the used handkerchiefs into their pockets so that the escort knights waiting outside wouldn’t see them. It’s not like they know what you wiped using it anyway. And even if they do know, it won’t make a difference.

The moment the two finished folding the handkerchiefs neatly in their lap, I snatch them both away and quickly dismount from the carriage.

「K, Kars-sama?!」

「Get off the carriage quickly. I want to go around the store as soon as possible.」

Alma and Mion are making an expression that they don’t understand why I snatched the dirty handkerchiefs. You use it like this. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Sniff, sniff.

「Eeh, no way!」

Alma’s cry echoes. The knights around us have question marks on their faces. Rather, they’re alert to the surrounding areas and seem to be faithful to their duties. Yup. They’re well trained.

「Well then, we will be waiting outside the store. Please enjoy your shopping at your leisure.」

Except for the female knight, the other five wait outside the store. Well, it’s a store that deals with top quality products located near the noble district, so there should be no problem with the security.

「Alma, you have been to this Zipangu trading company before, haven’t you?」

「Y, yes, I have. Umm, just once, when I was shopping for clothes for night attendance.」

I see. The negligee and underwear from that night, huh. Which means those are the only ones she has, huh. In other words, that means before then, she had never been here, right? Given Alma’s salary, I guess it’s not a place she’d visit at a moment’s notice.

We enter the store with Alma in the lead. There’s a security guard at the entrance. There’s even an exclusive doorman. It feels like a high-class department store, I guess.

The store is quite spacious. Since I didn’t get to see the exterior of the building as I was preoccupied with messing with Alma right until we arrived here, I’m quite surprised. It seems to be a four-story building. According to the guide, the first floor is for cosmetics and sundries. The second floor is for men’s and women’s clothing. Eighty percent of it is women’s clothing. The third floor is the underwear section. It seems that the entire third floor is the lingerie section. How wonderful. They do know where to put their strength into. As one would expect from a trading company created by Japanese comrades. The fourth floor seems to sell high-class items such as jewelry, but we have no business there this time.

「All right, let’s look around from the first floor for reference. Alma, Mion, if there is anything you want, don’t hesitate to tell me, okay? I’ll make the final decision on whether or not to buy it, so if you find something good, do let me know.」

「「Yes, sir.」」

Their eyes begin to sparkle. As expected, I guess women love shopping. First, we head to the cosmetics section. The two start talking in higher voices than usual, saying that one is good or this one is good. They look like high school girls. Mion is usually cool and expressionless, but this may be her true self.

「I’m, going to talk to the clerk for a while, so feel free to choose the ones you like.」

「「Yes, sir.」」

The two of them reply as such, looking at the cosmetics in their hands without even sparing me a glance. Good graciousness, I feel like a guy who is not taken seriously. It, it’s not like I’m lonely or anything, alright?!

I head to the perfume corner and call out to the clerk.

「Ah, you over them. I’d like to buy a perfume as a gift.」

「Welcome. Who is it for, if I may ask?」

For my lovemaking partners and there are two of them; as if I can answer as such.

「Hmm. One is a virtuous beauty, someone that’s like a big sister to me (we had sex, though). The other is a cool girl I just met yesterday (we had sex, though).」

「Yes, in that case, I believe floral type is good for the beautiful elder sister type, and fruity type for the cool girl type. This one for instances is popular these days….」

I try on a few and quickly take my picks. That’s pretty much how men’s shopping goes. I head back to where the two are. They’re going kyakya in the exact same position.

「Did you find anything good?」

「Ah, no. Simply looking at them is fun. Cosmetics are a hassle and we have no need for them.」

「Hmm. Hey, you over there.」

「Welcome. Is there anything to your liking?」

「I want to buy face lotion and milky lotion for these two. Please find me the suitable and moderately priced ones.」

「Certainly, sir. In that case, this one is our most popular product and this one is our newest product….」

「Hmm. This is the first time for these two, after all. You can never go wrong with the most popular product. Let’s buy two bottles each. Wrap them up for me.」

「Certainly, sir. Thank you very much.」

「K, Kars-sama. You must not. It is not like we have any need for them anyway.」

Until just a moment ago, Alma acted like she totally wanted them, but she seems to be feeling sorry.

「She is right. Besides, we came here to buy underwear, did we not?」

As for Mion, until just a moment ago, she was looking at the cosmetics with a tension I had never seen before, no?

「What are you talking about? We’re buying these for me. When you meet me at night, be sure to put these on, okay?」

「Yes, sir.」」

Hmm. Talk about easy. The two are looking at me with a twinkle in their eyes.

「Alright, let’s look around the other sections of the store, too.」

Other than those, I also buy soap, shampoo, and conditioner. I didn’t know that the ones I always use are products from this store. By the way, Alma and Mion do bathe with soap when they serve as my night attendants, but they had never used shampoo and conditioner, so I decided to buy them some. They are looking at me with a twinkle in their eyes. I guess I’ll have them show me their gratitude in full later.

「Alright, let’s head to the second floor.」


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