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The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 1 Chapter 10



Translator: Neyy

Editor: ryunakama

New Home

Still at a loss, I unlocked the door to the mansion with the key I have been entrusted with and entered. The place is unbelievably clean, with no speck of dust in sight.

「I will be living here alone huh…… Ah, not alone……I guess……」

Ferris immediately showed herself from the white haze, in front of me.

「My name is Touya. I will be in your care starting from today. Nice to meet you, Ferris 」

I unconsciously lowered my head, probably because of the habit of having lived as a Japanese. I thought I saw Ferris smile just a little, when I lifted my head back up.

When we left the mansion earlier, on our way to the Merchant Guild, Natalie explained that Ferris, like all House Spirits, cannot speak.
She further explained how with no warning, House Spirits settle down in a house and then take care of it. Remarkably the house with a House Spirit will not deteriorate in any way.
「House Spirits are completely harmless」, she said,「 they however can be tricky to deal with since they choose who gets to live in the house they occupy and no one can move in as long as they are not acknowledged by the House Spirit 」.
It is rare though to find a house inhabited by a house spirit, in this city there are only three confirmed cases. This mansion stands apart from those houses by that in more than ten years, a lot of people have come forth hoping to live here but all were rejected. This is the first time that someone has been accepted since Natalie became the owner of the house.

House Spirits are able to understand when spoken to but of course their responses are always nonverbal. Somehow though, living in this large mansion by myself, I don’t think it would hurt to talk to her in a normal way.

「Where would my room be? 」

Ferris responded to my question by slowly going up the staircase as if saying「Follow me」 then opened the door of the innermost room on the second floor.
I entered, after Ferris, into a room which is about thirty tatami mats in size where a big king size canopy bed and even a sofa were placed.

「Just like the mansion this room enormous」

Ferris stood at the door quietly watching me as I looked around the room.
This room, too, like downstairs is kept in a clean state.
According to Natalie this is normal for a house with House Spirit, maybe again because of my Japanese background, emotions of gratitude emerge inside me.

「Ferris, thank you for keeping the mansion clean. I would like to look at other rooms as well, can you give me a tour of the house? 」
She seemed to have loosened up a bit after I said that but instantly left the room for the tour. It’s going to take time getting to know her.
She showed me the rooms such as the study and guest rooms on the second floor.
On the first floor, there was the dining room, living room, and the— bathroom, one of the important reasons I chose this mansion.

Opening the bathroom door from the changing room, steam hit me in the face hard. When it dissipated it was then I noticed the spaciousness of the bathtub which honestly would be able to fit ten adults easily. The water kept pouring into it out of a lion head sculpture.

「B-by any chance…… can I use this whenever I…… want?」

Ferris nodded emotionlessly when I turned to look at her.
I raised my arms triumphantly in the air yelling 「Yes―!」, with every inch of my body celebrating.
Ferris tilted her head supposedly wondering about the excitement over a bath. She just does not know how much this is a necessity to a Japanese person.
I held back the urge to strip down and take a bath immediately and followed Ferris out even if it felt as if some force was pulling me from behind.
After the general tour, I sat and relaxed on the sofa in the living room.

「Ferris, thank you for showing me around. I’ll be in your care from now on」

Ferris nodded and disappeared with no emotional response after I expressed my gratitude.
I thought about what else was there to do as I sat alone in the room.

「Food should not be a problem…… I can cook for myself…… For now I need a steady income and to continue raising my level. I should also test out the items of my Dimensional Storage……But first……」

I stood up from the sofa with one destination in mind – the bathroom.
I disrobed in the changing room and tossed them aside as fast as I could before entering the bathroom where the steam engulfed my whole body.

「This is really a blessing, to get to use such an amazing bathroom everyday……」

I washed my body and entered the bathtub feet first.

「Huuuuu. Feels so gooood……」

I relaxed peacefully in the spacious bathtub, in which I could even fully stretch my legs and roll on my stomach without any problem. I got out before the urge to stay longer entirely took over.
My clothes that I had left scattered about in the changing room were folded neatly in a basket and towels were prepared in it as well.
And ―― Ferris was standing beside it.

I reached for the towel and wrapped it around my naked waist. House Spirit or not, she looks like a girl to me.
Ferris did not seem fazed at my mortified yelp until I had to request her to wait outside. She obliged and disappeared right then and there.
Left alone, I dried my body with the towel and changed into clean clothes I took out from my Dimensional Storage. To my surprise the folded clothes in the basket, which were dirty when I left them, were already cleaned.

「These have been cleaned…… Ferris must have done it for me……. I should thank her later」

I put away the clothes in Dimensional Storage and returned to the living room.
I did not feel like cooking on my first day in my new home so I decided to take out some ready-made meals from my Dimensional Storage for my dinner before I went up to my bedroom upstairs and lay on the bed.

「Tomorrow I must take on some requests and level up too……」

Sleep claimed me quickly enough thanks to the comfort of the bed, which in this world was the first of its kind I have slept in.



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