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The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 1 Chapter 11



Translator: vysio_seth

Editor: ryunakama

Adventurer’s Duty

I woke up feeling the pleasant sunshine on my face and took a minute to look around the fancy room.
「It wasn’t a dream after all…. 」

After I was convinced I was not dreaming and that I have actually rented a mansion, I changed clothes and went downstairs to the dining room.

——The bread in Dimensional Storage is great but I would like to eat something I have prepared for myself. I have yet to even use the kitchen here.

I took a loaf of bread from Dimensional Storage and chewed on it as I thought this over. It frankly tastes better than anything I have had to eat in this world. The bread at the inn was not really bad but it is not as good as this. The remaining 「92」for the bread count is displayed in Dimensional Storage making it obvious that it will run out in a few days if I solely rely on it as my food.
「 I’ll have to make do with the food here somehow…… Otherwise in no time I will run out…… I’ll make this my emergency food……」

I grew curious as to the gaze I felt and turned my head in its direction, and found Ferris standing in the corner silently looking at me.
「Morning, Ferris 」

I smile at Ferris as I greet her.

She makes a small nod and vanishes.

When I was done with my breakfast, I put on my robe and prepared to go to the guild. This time I plan on taking a request to venture deep into the forest and push myself on levelling up.
「Ferris 」

I call out her name in the empty hallway and Ferris’ form takes shape from the white haze in front of me.

I give her a smile and inform her that I’ll be leaving on a request.
「I’m going on a request that’ll probably take me a few days. I will be counting on you to take care of the house while I’m gone」

She looked a little sad as I said this.
It was a very slight shift in her expression that if I had not been paying attention, I would have missed it.
「You don’t have to worry about me, I’ll be back I promise. I might not look it but I am strong!」

Grinning widely at her as I said this, she seemed to ease up.

I left the mansion, locking the door behind me and walked to the guild. I plan on taking Kokuyou out from Dimensional Storage once I am outside the city since he stands way too much in the crowd.

I did not waste any time when I arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild and went up to the bulletin board to check the requests that were put up. Their rank categorization is helpful as always and I browsed the E rank and D rank requests now that I have become an E rank.
Request: D rank
Description: Orc Subjugation
Collection: Orc Right Ear
Reward: 3 kills/100000 gils
Due date: None (always on request)
Location: West Woods
「Orcs…… This should help me to level up. I’ll take this one」
I confirmed the details of the request and took a look at the other requests for monsters that frequently appear in the area.

——Seems orcs aren’t the only monsters in that part of the forest – goblins, wolf-type monsters, and the occasional C rank or higher bear-type monsters are found there as well.

Dimensional Storage is handy for these sorts of requests as I can carry the monster materials in their original state and get a bigger reward. I left the guild having picked my request and headed towards the western gate.

I showed the gate guard my card and exited the city. I walked a bit to a secluded place to get Kokuyou out but when he came out he looked to be in a foul mood and started to thrash my head with his tail.
「Alright. Sorry, sorry. You can stay in the stables when we get back to the mansion. Can you help to get to the Western Woods for now? 」

I got on his back for a ride, and the hour long trip for a typical horse-drawn carriage for me was a blur and in ten minutes I had arrived at the forest.
「Thanks, Kokuyou 」

I got off Kokuyou’s back and gave him a pat on the neck and he, feeling proud, bit my head as usual.

I wiped his spittle from my head and told him I am going into the forest, to which he decided to tag along for today. When I asked him if he wanted to get back into Dimensional Storage, he shook his head and walked ahead. As soon as I entered the forest a few goblins appeared.
「Kokuyou, goblins. Be careful 」

Kokuyou leapt towards the goblins and trampled on their scrawny bodies with his big hooves. The four goblins were dead in a minute without any contribution from me.

「………. 」

My body, for some reason, felt hot, even though I had done nothing. I opened my status curiously.

[Name] Kisaragi Touya
[Race] Human
[Gender] Male
[Age] 16
[Job] Recovery Priest
[Title] The Summoned One
[Level] 36
[Special Skill] The Divine Eye, the ability to use magic for all attributes, and the ability to acquire all skills
[Skill] Swordsmanship
[Familiar] Obsidian Battlehorse
「What…. The level went up. But last time he fought it didn’t… Is it possible that…. 」

Thinking about the difference between then and now, the answer is immediately obvious.

It has to do with the familiar registration – last time I had not registered Kokuyou as my familiar.

「How much experience can I get if I let Kokuyou be the one to kill these guys..….? 」

I grin deviously imagining it.
「Okay, Kokuyou. Let’s level up! 」

Kokuyou gave a quick whine to my exuberant command.

I slung my two-handed Buster Sword over my shoulder and we eagerly proceeded deep into the forest.



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