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The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 1 Chapter 25



Translator: Neyy

Editor: ryunakama

Berserker? No, I’m a Mage

「……You guys again……」

The three men spread out to surround me when I asked with my head tilted.

「We will lose our touch if we let a mage disrespect us. We are in the slums now……No one would care, if one adventurer goes missing here.」


「You got some nice equipment huh? If you sold them it would bring in some good money right? But you won’t be needing those anyway after you become a corpse. We will help you to utilize it fully.」

I sighed heavily after hearing their words.

「So…….? What exactly do you want from me…….」

PvP……, I have never done it before in real life. But almost everyday in MMO…….

And I kept playing that game only because of the PvP.

I got excited gradually as memories of those times are coming back to me.

「Oh, you wanna fight?……Apparently you don’t even have a weapon, fighting us with bare hands huh…… You are quite full of yourself huh」

They drew their swords and pointed them towards me.

On the other hand, I pull out a two handed sword with a length around my height from the storage.


They were surprised when I swung around the two-handed sword easily with one hand and I put the sword on my shoulder while grinning at them.

「ーーーWhat did you say about fighting with bare hands……?」

「Tsk……a magician holding such a weapon……」

At that moment, I dashed instantly and place my sword against the man’s neck

「ーーーーmaking fun of a magician huh?」

From that position, I swung fully with the body of my sword against the man.

The man was thrown a few meters away and fainted after crashing into a wooden hut.

I dashed with the momentum towards the other two, who were stunned, one by one, hammering them into the wooden hut.

It was all over in an instant.

「I still prefer swords…… after all. Berserker really fits my style」

I put my two handed sword back into the storage while nodding, agreeing to myself, and thinking about what to do next.

……if I left them the same incident will happen again.

Ok……. I will just bring them with me.

I tied all the men who were still unconscious with ropes, and dragged them along through the slum with one hand.

Anyone who saw it was surprised with their eyes opened wide and turned away immediately.

After leaving the slum, I passed through streets with people, directly walking towards the  adventurer’s guild.

I opened the guild’s door, entering inside at the same pace.

Of course, I gathered a lot of attention while walking and dragging the three tied up bodies along.

Everyone who was in the hall held their breath watching.

The guild receptionists also rushed out from the counter impatiently after noticing the unsightly scene.

「What on earth happened!?」

I answered by explaining to the female guild receptionist’s question.

「You see, I got attacked in the slums……. They warned about attacking me in the guild during the day, it resulted in me bringing them like this. So, what should I do with these guys……」

Even ignoring the condition they were in, unconscious and bloody, their equipment was all worn out badly after all the dragging.

They probably look a lot worse than the time I beat them.

「Please get someone with healing magic immediately! Also prepare the detention cells!」

The female guild receptionist standing in front gave orders after orders. A male guild receptionist also came out and carried the still tied up men inwards.

「With that, can you please explain what happened again in a private room?」


I followed a female guild receptionist entering a private room. There is a table and six chairs inside, a place for serious discussions.

I was prompted to sit before the female receptionist sat down.

「Please. Well then, can you please start from the beginning?」

I explained thoroughly starting from when they picked a fight with me in morning at the guild, having food at the orphanage in the slum, and getting attacked on the way back to the lodge.

I reacted because of the talks about killing and looting, they also drew their swords too.

I brought them back to the guild because of the feeling of not leaving them in the slum.

She took notes on a memo and nodded while listening to my explanation.

「ーーOk. I understand what happened, the three of them had a bad reputation but nevertheless they are still D rank adventurers. From your appearance you are a magician right? Can you please show me your guild identification card?」

When I handed my card to her, she was surprised with her eyes widened after reading the details of the card.

I don’t blame her after noticing the level…….

「ーーーーI-Is this……real!? level 57……」

「Yea……Well……As you can see there……」

「I can’t believe you are still a rank C even with this level……」

「That is because I just joined recently」

The receptionist groaned with her arm crossed, when I explained with a forced smile.

After a bit of contemplating, she opened her mouth.

「Ok. Those guys will have their name removed from the guild under attempted robbery, attempted murderer and also will become criminal slaves as punishment. Unfortunately, they were on the loose until now because of a lack of evidence but this time we have a first hand witness.」

I felt a cold chill down my spine when she grinned.

What have those guys done before…….

Of course I have no intention to know more about it.

I left the guild and headed towards the lodge, after I was released from giving a statement.

Adventurers at the hall were staring directly at me because of the shocking incident just now.

It was already dark outside, when I walked in the dark alley powerlessly.

There were a lot of people eating food at the lodge canteen.

Lumina waved at me when they noticed me.

「Hey. Where did you go until such a time? We finished our meal already」

I ordered some food and sat beside Lumina who was holding a jockey.

Dai and the other three already had their meal, and went back to their room early because of preparation tomorrow, while Lumina drank alone at the counter.

「Something came up……. I had to go to the adventurer’s guild」

「Hmmm. Please don’t cause any problem? We are on an escort mission……. And alsoーーmake this cold」

The half full jockey was placed in front of me. I sighed while I used magic to cool it, then returned it to her, she took and shook the jockey and gave a satisfied look after looking at the cold ale.

I start to eat the food I ordered.

The menu was stewed meat with two pieces of bread. I cooled my ale and drank a mouth full from mine.

We are heading back to Fendi the next morning again.

I finished my food fast and returned to my room then collapsed on the bed.



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