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The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 1 Chapter 26



Translator: Neyy

Editor: ryunakama

ch 1 ep 26 Natalie’s Past

The young lady wearing a robe ーー no, the self proclaimed Twilight Sage, Natalie was walking down the street powerlessly.

Unable to get over the addiction from the delicious dishes by Touya, she went to the mansion looking for a hit but he was not in, then she found out by asking that he left for a secret escort mission with the adventurer’s guild.

Natalie returned to her shop, the place you could even say was her home, she had her elbow on the counter lost in her own thoughts.

「After everything, that meal, that personality loved by the spirits, nostalgic…….」


ーーTen years ago

「ーーYou want to retire from the court mage post……?」

「Any time now, the young ones are learning and catching up too. I want to step down and relax.」

At that time, Natalie was serving as the leading court mage in the Lunette Empire over a long period of time, she was talking to the emperorーーGannett Von Lunette about leaving her post.

Sitting on his throne, Gannett with a well kept goatee sighed heavily.

Natalie’s ability and competency was considered exceptional within the wizards from the empire, she sat in the position of the lead court mage over a period of a few decades.

She also trained a few disciples, and served her best for the development of the empire.

The royal blood line in Lunette empire are humans but, there were no discrimination between human, long ear tribes and the beast tribes, even the empire is protecting the long ear tribes who have a cute appearance and the beast tribes.

In the Lunette empire, the empire regards any capable person highly, it is a common sight for them to sit in important office positions.

Like Natalie who is skillful in magics, served as the lead court mage and sat in an important office position in the empire.

「Is that so……Natalie-dono, you have served well for this empire over a long period of time. Since……the time when I was just a child…….right……」

「That’s right. I have watched over you since you are a snot-nosed kid, you have grown up well I see. I was worried about you ruling as the emperor but, the empire is doing well currently. Meddling from Generate Kingdom also slowed down, If I wanted to retire, this would be a good time.」

Ganette nodded while having a forced smile after being called a snot-nosed kid.

「So, what is your future plan」

「Hmm. I think I will travel around, looking for a quiet place and open a shop. You see, I have not spent the wages I earned until now」

「Is that so……I hope you relax well in the future」

After Natalie left the room, she walked around the castle which she served in over the decades.

「Ah, Natalie obaa-chan!」

「Don’t call me obaa-chan!! I have told you to address me as onee-chan!!」

A young girl who just turned 5 wearing a pink color dress talked to Natalie with a smile.

Blue pupils, deep blue colored chest length hair, a cute young girl almost certain to grow up to be a beauty in the future.

「But, father told me you were already in this castle since he was a child」

「Doesn’t matter, I am still a onee-chan!! O Charl, you are a princess, who had an important role to play in this empire. Please grow up well. You are loved by the spirits. Without a doubt you will be able to use spirit magics」

「……? Ok……I understand……Natalie obaa-chan」

「I said onee-chan!!」

Natalie tried to catch CharlーーCharlotte Von Lunette but she dodged it smoothly.

After chasing Charlotte around, a young lady ran towards them from the hallway.

「Charlotte-sama~! You are here, in such a place~! I found you~!」

A young lady slightly older than Charlotte, with blonde well kept hair to her shoulder in knights clothing with the characteristic sheep with spiral horns growing from its head. Altoria Von Milda was out of breath while sprinting towards the two.

「Ah~! Al found me~!」

「Geez, Charlotte-sama. Ah, Natalie-sama, good day to you」

「Al……being Char’s playmate is quite the hard job huh……」

「Yes……she has turned 5 years old, she should really become less playful soon…….」

「She is just 5 years old. That said, humans do grow up fast……」

Natalie was lost in her own thoughts then Charlotte opened her mouth as if she remembered something.

「By the way…… Natalie oba- I mean onee-chan. People in the castle has been addressing one-chan as (The Loli Sage), I wonder what is the meaning of……?」

After hearing those words, a block of matter with fire floats above Natalie’s hand.

「ーーWho is saying those words. I, myself must educate those who said those words……」

Charlotte and Altoria think they had messed up big time after seeing Natalie let out an evil grin.

They remember the last time Natalie had that expression, she forced her disciples who were court mages to a training trip and in the end they were all completely worn-out and collapsed.

「Ah, I remembered something. I had to go now. Natalieー……obaa-chan, see you soon!!」

Leaving behind those words, Charlotte escaped and ran away.

「Natalie-sama, please excuse me too. Charlotte-sama~!」

After being left alone, the fire mass floating on her hand spread and dissipated, then she let out a big sigh.

「Like I said……address me as onee-chan」

Natalie murmured to no one at the castle hallway.

After a month, Natalie left the court mage position and went on her trip.

She went to towns within the empire, then opened a shop in Fendi, a town in the neighboring Salandir Kingdom.

Through connections, she bought the mansion with a low price but, a house spirit had settled down, she did not get the approval from the house spirit but, she did not get completely rejected by it, so she settled down in her shop.

Selling items such as spell books, healing potions and once in a while have a chat with some of her customers. The business is not turning a profit but she had a large sum of savings that she could not spend in her lifetime, so she didn’t really care. Running a business as a pastime activity, that was her experience that time.

ーーAnd 10 years passed.

「I wonder Charlotte is growing up to be a fine lady……」

Having her elbow on the counter, she was lost in nostalgic memories while sighing.



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  1. Johnson Ponraj

    maybe she will be fine Lady or tomboy princesses

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