The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 1 Chapter 29



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Chapter 1

Episode 29 The Return

The orc attack on our way back was the only hiccup in our travel and we arrived at the gates of Fendi without another.

Before entering the city we showed our guild cards to the guards and were let through. We then completed our escort mission by accompanying the merchant to the front of the Chamber of Commerce.

It was there that Lumina being the leader of our escort party, received the signature from the merchant on the request form which we took to the guild.

「This confirms that the request is complete. Thank you all for your hard work…… Um, Lumina, I need to talk to you 」

I went to the warehouse to make the orc delivery, Lumina had a meeting, and we were to meet Dai’s party at the guild’s attached tavern for a farewell party.

In the warehouse the guild official filled the submission note with a twitch in his eye as I kept throwing the orc bodies into a pile.

The guild staff have been made aware of my Dimensional Storage’s capacity as being more than average so this kind of submission from me was not something new to them, but they still received my submissions every time with a dry smile. Of course, the information about my ability is kept under wraps from the public and is only known by the guild personnel. 

I took the submission note from the guild official and went back to the guild hall to deliver it. Milia beckoned me over to her counter when she saw me.

「Touya-san, I’ll take the submission note. And, your guild card as well please 」

I was puzzled as to why she would need my card however I gave it to her willingly.

「Please wait a minute 」, Milia said before she disappeared behind the counter.

When she returned in a few minutes, she placed the silver-coloured guild card on top of the counter.

「Touya-san, you have been promoted to B-rank. You could have been promoted a long time ago, but you needed experience as an escort for that 」

When I looked down at the card, there was indeed a “B” marked on it.

She also placed three fat cloth bags that were tightly fastened next to it.

「This is for the orc delivery. The meat was undamaged, therefore highly rated. And since it’s a party of three, I divided the reward up equally 」

I nod at Milia who smiles and I thank her before leaving for the tavern.

Dai’s party had already reserved a table, and Dai called me over to join them. Lumina had also finished with her meeting and was already seated.

「Sorry to keep you waiting. I’ve received the orc reward 」

I said placing the three bags full of silver coins in the centre of the table.

Lumina also placed three bags of escort request reward and divided it among our parties.

「So everyone gets an equal amount…… 」

Dai was the one to refute my words.

「Usually we’d share it equally amongst ourselves. But…… Touya, you were the one who defeated almost all of the orcs. We didn’t do much. So it’s fine with us if you keep all of the reward 」

I simply nodded with a smile at him, noticing how his demeanour has mellowed unlike when we met.

「I appreciate it 」

I put away both Lumina’s and Dai’s party’s share into Dimensional Storage.

「And I’m sorry. When we met, I called you a ‘C-rank parasite’. I now understand what you’re capable of Touya 」

Dai bows his head to me and the rest of the party smiles and bows their heads slightly too.

「Don’t sweat it. I’m still only a Recovery Priest…… 」

「Yeah, one who wields a hell of a weapon…… 」

Dai muttered under his breath.

It was at that moment that ale arrived at our table. And Lumina stood up to give a toast.

「To the escort request being successfully completed, despite the surprise of the orc attack. Also—  」

She stopped speaking and looked down at me.

What she said next almost knocked me out of my chair.

「Chill the ale… please… 」

I chuckled and nodded and inconspicuously chilled our ales.

「Again! To everyone’s safety.  Kanpai! 」

We bumped our mugs together and chugged the ale.

「The cold ale is sure great 」

The farewell soirée full of laughter and drinking continued deep into the night.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

A little while back.

After Lumina was called by Milia at the Adventurer’s Guild, she was ushered into a private room, where she was told to sit and wait.

The door opened moments later and the person who entered was the sub-guild master, Efland.

Lumina abruptly got up from her chair, but was immediately urged to sit back down.

Efland sat down as well and faced Lumina.

「What the heck…… What do you want? Why is a sub-guild master here…….? 」

Efland only smiled at the anxious Lumina.

「No, no, no need to be so nervous. What I wanted to ask is— regarding Touya. How was it escorting with him? 」

Lumina’s face turned from worried to serious.

「— Touya huh…… Who is he……. I saw him fight…… He was freaky strong. His Obsidian Battle Horse is also unbelievably stronger than any monster I’ve seen 」

「So that’s how it went…… 」

「How is he a C-rank!? He’s way stronger than that. He should be A-rank…… Or even S-rank…… 」

Lumina retorted thinking back on the fight with the orcs.

Efland sighed.

「Okay, well…… Thanks. That’s all I wanted to know. You must be tired from being on escort duty. Go home and get some rest 」

Lumina quietly bowed and left the room, leaving Efland alone to his thoughts.

「One hell of a newcomer…… 」

Efland sighed once more and looked at nobody in particular but the heavens.



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