The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 1 Chapter 6



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The morning sunshine gently woke me up from my sleep.
「How long have I been out? 」

I pushed myself out of bed and opened the window and a cool breeze ran through my body.

After giving my back a little stretch to fully awaken, I locked my room and in my feathered robe I went down to the dining room.

I found the other guests already having breakfast together and Ramey noticed me enter and flashed me a smile.

「Oh, Touya-san good morning! I was worried last night when you didn’t come down to eat, are you okay? 」
I took a seat at the counter「Looks like I might have been more exhausted than I thought and dozed off 」I said to Ramey.

Breakfast which is bread and soup, was soon placed in front of me.
「You didn’t eat yesterday, so I made you a lot, alright? 」

The soup poured in a bowl that was larger than the other guests’, alongside three pieces of bread were placed on the table. My portion was nearly double the amount compared to what everyone had.
「………. Thank you for the food 」

I gave a slight chuckle, scooped up the bowl of soup and poured it in my mouth. It tasted very gentle and full of vegetable flavours.
Perhaps the hunger had been enough motivation for me to eat plenty, but the meal that was placed in front of me, was all gone within ten minutes.
After I finished eating, I put my hands together, uttered「Thank you for the food 」and Ramey nodded her head.
「That’s a strange praise. Is that a way of giving thanks where Touya comes from? 」
「…… Yes… That’s right…. 」
「You’re really strange Touya」

Ramey went back to serving the other guests with a smile. I casually waved at her on my way back to my room.

I lay on my bed and took out my guild card to examine it. It has the country where I registered written on it.
「The country I was summoned to is called the Generate Kingdom, right? It’s the same country that was in the game. This is the Kingdom Of Sarandir and this city is called Fendi… I’ve never heard of those names in the game before… Is this the same world as the game or a completely different one? But the fact that I can access my Dimensional Storage here…… Ahhh… I don’t understand! 」

I racked my brains, but no viable answers came. I put the card away in Dimensional Storage and thought more about my future plans.
「Do I look for a way to get back to my old world or….. Maybe live here permanently…? It might not be bad 」

A young body and a face makeover of a character that I put a lot of effort in creating, I can’t begin to compare it to my previous life.
「First what I need to do… is to build myself a house…… Come to think it, I haven’t thoroughly inspected the items of Dimensional Storage, which has become so useful to me 」

In the game I had randomly packed weapons, equipment, and other somewhat rare items that used till about level 300. I searched for the names of those items in my mind, as I recalled them.
「This… hmmm. This could work…. 」

Lined up one after the other, I spread the items from Dimensional Storage out on the bed.

I carefully selected the physical and magical enhancement rings, necklaces and bangles after checking their effects.
「This is…….. 」

The ring I was holding in my hand was silver and had a red stone inlaid into it, it is a beginner’s recovery ring. Its effect is that it can multiply the experience points of a character of level 100 and below by a hundred times.
In the game there was an increase in the number of high-level characters, and the power imbalance to new players prompted the game’s management to distribute these rings as an adjustment.

「Wonder if I can use its ability here too……. It might work….. 」

I cleared my throat and put the ring on my finger cautiously. I took the other equipment that I suspected will become of use to me, such as the bangles and necklaces, and left the room.

I asked Ramey to let Kokuyou out of the beast house… I guess he must have been bored in the stables because he immediately started to chew my head pleasantly when we met.
「Stop that…. Were you that bored? I’m going out now, want to come along? 」

Kokuyou’s eyes narrowed, showing satisfaction as I rubbed his neck… he then went back to biting my head.

I wiped my drool-covered head with the sleeve of my robe as we headed to the gate.

I gave the gate guard a casual greeting and went out of the city. Yesterday, I was told about the forest where monsters frequently appear. I happily gave Kokuyou the freedom of running in the direction of the forest, after I hopped onto his back.

Kokuyou raced down the road at an unimaginable speed, totally superior to any ordinary horse.

I was told that it will take me an hour on a horse to get to the forest but in less than half an hour, I arrived at the entrance of the forest.
「We’re here in a flash…. That’s Kokuyou for you….」

Snorting and wagging his tail, he gave me a look that read「How was that? 」, I patted his neck and gave him a「Good job 」remark.

「I’m going into the forest to hunt monsters. I want you to stay here, for the time being. Look, here’s some water 」

I took a tub out of Dimensional Storage and used life magic to pour some water into it in trickle fashion.

Life magic was described in the beginner’s magic book I read last night. I was able to chant the magic spells from the books without difficulty.

Kokuyou quickly lapped up the water and took off into the meadow with enthusiasm and I got myself prepared for battle.
「Life magic is convenient, but I still can’t use attack magic… A weapon it is then… 」

I held up the Buster Sword which I had pulled out of the Dimensional storage and I lightly swung it to get a good feel of it.
「Feels all right….. I’m still level 1, so I’ve got to pace myself. Even if I can use recovery magic… 」

The forest in front of me was lined with trees over ten meters high, and there was a thick gloom behind it.

I took a step in.

Carefully advancing into the forest, it was not long before I spotted a group of monsters.

They were goblins like the ones Kokuyou had killed. The three goblins were thrashing with their clubs through the bushes looking for prey.

I hid behind a tree to study them from a better angle. They walked past me, oblivious to my presence.

And then… Tightly gripping on my sword I hacked at the goblin from behind….

In a flash, the goblin’s shoulder was chopped off and the goblin was dead. The two remaining goblins let out an odd cry and readied their clubs at an enemy they did not expect, who had suddenly appeared.

I slashed and thrust at the both of them at once, ending their lives in a second.

I looked down at the three fallen goblins and let out a sigh of relief at being able to defeat them. I felt the corners of my mouth crack into a smile.
「This is… This is different from the game… This is real… Disgusting… 」

In that instance, I felt strength surge through my entire body.
「What’s this…? 」

I quickly checked my status on the spot.
[Name] Kisaragi Touya
[Race] Human
[Gender] Male
[Age] 16
[Occupation] Recovery Priest
[Title] Summoned One
[Level] 6
[Special Skill] The Divine Eye, the ability to use magic for all attributes, and the ability to acquire all skills
[Skill] Swordsmanship
The level has gone up.

「Three goblins have raised my level by five… Is this because of the ring’s effect…? 」

I looked at the experience enhancement ring on the middle finger of my left hand and grinned further.
「That’s right, haijin…. Don’t mess with a haijin… 」

With that said I cut off the subjugation proof – the goblin’s right ears, and put them in a bag, tossed it in the Dimensional Storage and proceeded deeper into the forest.

[TL Note: haijin is a person who plays online games 24/7]



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