The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 1 Chapter 9



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House Spirit

「Is this really it……here?」
I stood dumbfounded in front of a huge building that filled my whole view. Even when I was still in Japan I never saw such a large building before.
――How does a person even manage such a huge mansion?

「Yes, it’s all up to you if you want to stay here……」
Natalie smirked before opening the gate and entering the estate.
We walked through a beautifully maintained front yard to the door.
Natalie then took out the key and unlocked the door.
「Follow me」

She beckoned me to be by her side as we went into the mansion.
Inside the house, there was no sign of anyone living in it but the mansion was incredibly spotless and even giving off some sort of holy ambience.
「Are you…… Sure there is no one staying here……?」

Natalie reacted with a meaningful smile.
「Ferris are you here?」

I looked at her quizzically as she spoke to an empty hall.
……Perhaps there is someone living here after all.

Then, suddenly a white haze appeared, forming into a humanoid shape.
After the mist disappeared, a young girl stood in its place.
She is around twelve years old, wears a frilly dress, and her silver hair flows down to her waist.

Having emotionless and soulless eyes, she’s almost like a doll.
「I-It came out of nowhere…… Is it a ghost……?」

「What is a ghost? Ferris is a house spirit. She is one of the spirits who settle down in old buildings and no one can live in such buildings without approval from them, you know? It is basic common sense…… Which rural hole did you crawl out of?」

First time hearing about such a thing in this world……
Natalie did not press further on my ignorance and talked to Ferris.
「Oh Ferris. I am going to rent this house to this man. How do you feel about it?」

Ferris took a thorough look at me, from head to toe and locked eyes with me.
After some minutes of Ferris silently staring at me had gone by, she broke eye contact and nodded calmly to Natalie.

This reaction made Natalie laugh.
「Fufufufu…… is that so!? You are fine with this man? Alright then, Touya, I am renting the house to you」
「…… What on earth just happened? What was that all about?」
「Let’s go, Samy is waiting for us. Ferris, we’ll back later」

Ferris nodded and disappeared.
Confused, I followed Natalie out of the house. We found Samy waiting outside a bit worried.
「It’s decided」

Those were the only words that came from Natalie.
「No way….., Touya-san you are amazing! To think that you have been acknowledged by a house spirit! This mansion has been empty for more than 10 years….」

I still cannot fully grasp what just happened. The only thing I got from the being in this mansion is questions running through my head.

After parting ways with Natalie, Samy and I went back to the Merchant Guild where we sat at the table like earlier.

「Now you can sign the contract. Please sign here. The rental will be 150 thousand gil per month. Touya-san, do you have your Adventurer’s Guild card with you? Will you be withdrawing from it?」

「Hold on. I can deposit money into my guild card? I did not know that…… 」

「Seems like they did not explain it to you at the Adventurer’s Guild. Since there is a Merchant Guild in every city, we have a banking service too. You can deposit here, should I register you right now?」

I took out my Adventurer’s Guild card from my pocket and handed it to Samy. Then took two million worth of gold coins from the money I have on hand and placed it on top of the table.
「Please do. And also, deposit this too」

Samy looked surprised to see the large sum of money.
「Touya-san, don’t you think it is dangerous to casually walk around with such a large sum of money? Normally other adventurers use cards when making large purchases, please be careful」

Samy took the gold coins and card, went to the counter and started the registration process.

The registration did not waste time, she returned to the table in under five minutes.
「Here, registration is completed. The rental for this month will be deducted soon. Please be aware that the rental for every month will be charged at the starting of each month. Also because the mansion is always kept clean by the house spirit, you can move in today」

After I was given the keys, I left the Merchant Guild and went to the mansion I just rented with Kokuyou.

I stood outside the gate for a little while gazing at the elegant mansion.
「Hey, Kokuyou. Living alone in a mansion….. do you think it is normal?」

I sighed; just for the sake of the stable for Kokuyou I have to live in such a house.

Kokuyou swung his tail in satisfaction, whipping my head as if saying “Come on, let’s go”, and went through the gate ahead of me.

After I opened the stable railing, Kokuyou inspected the inside then started to relax in the stable— his own domain.
「Haaa….. With the money I have, the rent should not be a problem but having to live alone in this mansion…… Wait, I won’t be alone, there is a house spirit Ferris huh……. You know, there would be no hassle if you could stay in the Dimension Storage…….」

I ramble on as I pat Kokuyou on the neck; just as I finish talking Kokuyou vanishes on the spot.
「―― Eh?」

I check the Dimensional Storage in a panic.
The horse icon has reappeared.

I know that living things cannot be stored inside Dimensional Storage, but it looks like Kokuyou is treated as an item.
「Then, this huge mansion― there was no need to rent it in the first place……?」

From the empty stables, I stared up at the sky, thinking of how this was unnecessary indeed.



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