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The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 2 Chapter 13



Translator: Neyy

Editor: ryunakama

The Sage’s Concoction

I got used to living with four people in the mansion after a month.
The day after Char and Al started to stay in the mansion, both of them also registered as an adventurer. Because that would be convenient for them, especially for entering and leaving the town.

Both of them were good looking even though they were in their casual clothing. They attracted a lot of attention when we walked on the street, like the time when they went to the guild to register, they received a lot of invitation from other parties here and there.
Because of Milia getting fed up with the unending list of invitations from other parties, we followed what she suggested, and became a party of three people.
At that moment, the men in the guild all turned their bloodlust at me.
……I tremble every time I remember it.

And Natalie, despite being the eldest person among us, became the person who required the most caretaking.

A lively household might be good for me as well.
When I was in Japan, my routine would be back and forth between work and home, when I returned home, I would play online games.
I enjoyed the time sipping the black tea while chatting with the other three.

「Touya! I am the most attractive right!? More than these two immature kids!」

I spouted out the black tea from my mouth unintentionally.
I had a bitter smile instinctively without giving a clear cut answer, did not agree to it and also did not disagree with that at Natalie who had a triumph expression.

「Touya-san! I should be the one who is more attractive right? Compare to this flat and smooth loli!」
「Who are you referring to as flat and smooth!! Don’t make me burn the horns of yours with my spell!」
「Well, well calm down you two……Touya-sama also seems bother by it too……」
「「Shut up, you stick!!」」
「What did you say!」

In the time of one month, Char address me same as before as 『touya-sama』 but, Al changed hers to 『touya-san』.
I felt relieved to the gradual change of expression from a gloomy expression to a brighter one.

At that time, there was a call from the guild.


「Touya, thank you for coming all the way here. It is about the armor you brought……」

Efland opened his mouth who was sitting opposite of me.

「Yea, what happened to those……?」

After hearing my response, Efland had a bitter expression as if he swallowed an insect. Andーー

「It seems the emissary from the Generate Kingdom paid a visit to the lord. They requested that we hand over 2 of the members of the royal family to them if they were found fleeing to here. You……do you think the two you……」
「They are probably not…… the members of the royal family. Because I also asked Natalie about the identities of the noble ladies. What if, they are indeed the members of the royal family?」
「That would……mean a discussion between the lord and Gilmas. Having a alliance between Lunette empire would be nice but, there is, there is a possibility that the Generate Kingdom will invade us……the worst of all would be……」

He stopped talking at that point.

「ーーI have no plans of handing them over」

I responded with a firm answer.
That is what I have decided. At the very least, I admit that I am attracted to both of them in these past few weeks.
If I handed them over, my life would revert back to the peaceful life before but, I would no doubt regret it afterwards.

「Is that so……, I will try to work something out. But, you have to be careful as well. There is the possibility that even Gilmas or the lord would save themselves in the end」
「Ok. I will be careful on that」
「For me, I would do as much as I can to keep you in this town. You are probably the top earner in this guild. There is no reason for me to let you go other place」

Efland had a smile when he was talking and I replied with a smile as well.

After I left the guild, I walked on the streets while thinking about the conversation.

…..I should restock the food in my storage just in case. Because I cannot predict what is going to happen from now on.
I was on my way heading back to the mansion, then I switched direction and headed to market to stock up on food.
After finishing my shopping and returning back to the mansion, the sun was already setting.

「I am back」

Ferris came and welcomed me back when I returned to the mansion.

「Welcome home, Touya」

Ferris became able to talk normally on some easy phrases. Natalie said 「This is new to me」 but also enjoyed talking to Ferris in some casual conversation.
As I entered the dining room, it was the usual scene of the three sitting at the table.

「I am back, guys」
「Welcome home, Touya-sama」
「Touya-san welcome back!」
「I am getting hungry!」

I tried to ignore the last sentence and entered the kitchen after saying 「Alright, alright I start cooking now」.
I took out all the ingredients needed and started the cooking.
I cut the ogre meat into mince and mixed it with other ingredients such as spices and eggs. And lastly I cut the bread into smaller pieces.
I heated one side of the bread, flipped it back on top, added some alcohol and water to it then finally covered it with a cap.
In the meantime, I made some salad from a few of the vegetables I took out.

「Ok, It’s done」

Hamburgers, salads and the usual soup with bread were arranged on top of the dining table.

「Hamburger!! My favorite!!」

A tiny flag was erected on top of Natalie’s burger. I did that before to her as a joke but she seems to like it a lot and urging me to put it on every time afterwards.
It seems to me that she was the most childish person among us……?

After finishing our dinner, as we took some black tea as dessert, I decided to tell them what happened today at the guild.

「I have something to tell you guys, is that okay? It was about what I was told at the guild todayーー」
「Before that, how about we get some alcohol while you talk about that? I got my hands on something nice」

Natalie took a bottle out from her storage.
Al nodded to Natalie and went into the kitchen to get some wine glasses.

Al lined up 4 glasses and the alcohol was poured into each of the glasses.
……I didn’t drink a lot back then. It was a rare occasion for me…….
Having those thoughts in my head I accept one of the glasses that was passed to me.

「Well, we should cheer first I guess. Cheers」

All of us raised our glass and sipped the alcohol.
Alcohol here was something expensive, but the sweetness from the alcohol spreads in my mouth.
It has a completely different sensation compared to the ale I drank usually.
I drank a lot to the point I asked myself that, Hmm, did I drink too much?

「This, tastes good……」
「Of course. Because this is something special I brew by myself. Of course it would taste good」

Natalie said with a big smile.

……Wait, what did she just say?
……She brewed this herself?

「Natalie, what did youーー」

My mind went blank before I could finish my sentence.



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