The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 2 Chapter 14



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Morning Chirp

…… A bright light.
Huh? I fell asleep.
Yesterday, I had drinks with the girls and—.
That’s it! I drank the ale Natalie made.
My body feels heavy. Must be the hangover……
I try to get out of bed, gripping on the bed sheet to peel it off.
…… Grope.
…… Huh?
「Ah…… 」
Instead of the sheet of bedding, there is something firm in my hand.
I turn to face the source and find the face of the sleeping Char, who is sleeping soundly and smiling dreamily.
…… What is going on?
I turn to my other side, where Al is also nestled carefree on my shoulder.
……… Eh?
Under the covers as I unroll them, on my chest, the weight I felt, I discover is not from a hangover, but from Natalie who is using my chest as a pillow.
We are all naked.
「What is happeniiiiiing!!!? 」
My scream travelled all throughout the mansion, waking up the three naked girls as well.
◇ ◇ ◇
In the dining room, there was an angry me and three remorseful people with their eyes looking down at their feet.
「—What brought this on……? 」
I had immediately woken them up earlier, got dressed first and left the bedroom, saying only that I want to talk to them in the dining room. A little later, the three depressed-looking people came down into the dining room.
「You see…… Natalie-sama has been checking on the state in the city, so…… 」
「So what about it, Char? 」
「Char, I’ll take it from here. To start with, I’m sorry, Touya 」
Natalie bows her head toward me at the table.
「I’ve been collecting information, and I have heard that a messenger from the Generate Kingdom has already arrived in the city. Since I know I can’t protect Char and Al by myself, I thought…… You could help me…… So I mixed in an aphrodisiac with the liquor」
「……Aphrodisiac…… Why? 」
Natalie continued to speak apologetically.
「The aphrodisiac multiplies your favour in a person, and it is supposed to only work on men. I made a plan to have you under my charm…… But it worked on all of us, that is how the disaster happened…… 」
Gradually, Natalie’s voice gets quieter and quieter.
I sigh heavily.
To sum up her story, with the messenger from Generate Kingdom here in the city, Char and Al are likely to be exposed and so Natalie came up with the plan to use my military strength and high rank to help her protect them. She believed『Touya is under my charm』 plan will be the key to using me.
「…… Remember yesterday when I said I wanted to talk to you? 」
They all nod.
「I’ve heard that information too. For now we also have to hide you two from the sub-guild master. Although it’s only a matter of time before he finds out. I’ve already told him that I won’t hand you over at any cost …… 」
They all stared at me with widened eyes.
「Touya-san…… Really……? 」
I nod silently. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like them.
Natalie is…… A different case though.
I enjoy having them around.
「Touya-san, thank you…… We’ll be honest with you too 」
Char begins to come clean.
Char‘s real name is Charlotte von Lunette, and she is the Princess of the Lunette Empire.
And Al is Altria von Myrda, the daughter of the Knight Commander of the Kingsguard and a Kingsguard knight assigned to protect Char.
They had come here looking for Natalie as instructed by the Emperor.
It makes sense now. It explains why Generate Kingdom soldiers even crossed the border in their pursuit.
I sigh deeply once more.
Just as I have grown accustomed to living in this world, I am entangled in such a big mess.
…… But I have already decided.
…… I will protect the three of them.
「I have this one thing to say, Touya 」
I turn my gaze to Natalie.
「Charlotte is a princess, as you now know 」
I nodded silently.
「Meaning you have stolen a princess’ first time, you have become my husband as well as Altria’s. It means you have three wives as we speak, we can’t marry anyone else as we are now 」
…… Ah? Three wives?
Char and Al are the princess and nobleman, I’ll acknowledge that. But……
「You also took my first time! 」
I, Char, and Al look at her in disbelief.
I don’t know her exact age, but I heard that she served as Court Mage in the Lunette Empire for a very long time.
It would be impossible…… No, looking at her appearance…… I understand why
「What’s that look on all your faces! I had plenty of opportunities to do it…… But they all told me,『Let’s wait for you to grow up a bit』, and ran away! 」
Natalie with teary eyes, made her case, her voice ringing all throughout the hall.



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