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The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 2 Chapter 5



Translator: vysio_seth

Editor: ryunakama

Fate? Perhaps an Annoying Encounter

Their screams confused me.
I did just save them…… I did right?

–But the answer was apparently all over me.

They shuddered and pointed at me. I looked down at myself–
I was covered in orc blood.
My white robe was dyed bright red, my hands were also bloodied, and when I wiped my cheek with my hand, more blood stuck to it.
That’s right – my whole body was filthy red.

「Oh, sorry …… 」

I took a little distance from them, unrobed and washed my face and hands with Water Magic. Girls my age were watching all the while, but this is nothing to be embarrassed about.
I took off my robe, checked it, then took out another robe and put it on.
I checked my appearance again. Okay, there should be no problem now.

When I turned around, I found their cheeks blushing.
I spoke to them again.

「—So, is it fine now……? 」

Their faces turned serious from being taken aback.

「Oh, yes, thank you…… for helping us out 」
「Thank you so much…… it’s over 」

Looking closer at them, I see that one of the girls has light blue hair cascading down to her waist and had the same shade of blue eyes. She appears to be my age.
The other girl is scruffy, wearing armour, with blonde hair cropped at her shoulders and sheepish horns sticking out on either side of her head.
The monsters had been defeated, the beastly knight had thanked me, but she was still showing wariness.
She was clearly trying to protect the other girl.
I thought it was inevitable under the circumstances, so I spoke to them while keeping a little distance.

It’s a good thing…… To give them some moment. I have something else to do……

I have lived as an adventurer for a few months and have come across the deaths of people many times.
I did not want to get used to it, but as long as I am an adventurer, it is a must.
As I put the orcs away into Dimensional Storage, I mourned for the bodies.
After kneeling in front of the corpses and laying my hand on them and praying for their repose, I fished through tool bags and other items to check for guild cards.
I spread out a white sheet and placed the bodies on it and wrapped it up before putting it into Dimensional Storage.
There were some bodies without limbs, which I also wrapped up while holding back nausea.
It took me about thirty minutes to clear the area, working silently; before I knew it I had stored the last of the orc carcasses away as well.

「—Okay, that’s about it! 」

I’ll deliver the bodies of the adventurers to the guild, and if they have living relatives, they will be handed over to them. If they have none, they will be buried in a communal cemetery.
If they had been found by a non-Dimensional Storage holder, only their relics would be retrieved and their bodies buried here.

When I was done with my business, I looked over to the girls and saw them stunned stiff in one spot.

「—And you guys are……? I’m going back to town now, however I’m going to…… 」
「Yes, I’m sorry for being rude. I am a knight of the Kingsguard of the Lunette Empire— 」
「Al! 」
The knight-like girl was about to introduce herself when the blue-haired girl behind her tried to stop her.

「Ah…… I’m Al and the one behind me is Char. We were on our way to Salandir Kingdom for a personal reason, and we ran into this…… 」

You just mentioned「Knight of the Kingsguard 」……
I sense trouble. Not to mention the girl in the back looks like a noble.
No, the fact that she is with a Kingsguard knight can only mean…… She’s royalty.
…… I have a bad feeling about this.

「Well…… My name is Touya, I am an adventurer from the city of Fendi in Salandir Kingdom. I was on a forest survey mission as a request 」
「!? …… Salandir Kingdom…… Then…… Please take us with you to the city, by all means, Natalie-sama— 」

「Oh, you made it this far. Hey! I’ve found them! 」

A voice came from behind me, and when I turned around, several men who appeared to be soldiers emerged out of the darkness of the forest.
They were wearing identical armour and carrying one-handed swords, stained with blood splatters, their appearance spelled wartime.
Not paying attention to me, the soldiers’ eyes were on the two girls.

「We’ve had it chasing after you. Do you know of the trouble you put us through?—Who the hell are you? In any case you won’t be leaving here alive 」
「That’s right! We’ve already crossed into Salandir territory. If they report us to the state, we’ll be in trouble 」

The men drew their swords and pointed them at me.
There were ten soldiers that had appeared, including the ones that had come out from behind me. And they were about to lose their lives here……
I took out my Buster Sword from Dimensional Storage and braced myself.
To be honest, I only have experience in non-human combat.
But….. This is the “If I don’t kill them, they’ll kill me” kind of situation.
I tightened my grip on the sword.

「That person has nothing to do with this! You just want us! Run away! 」

From behind me, the girl who said her name was Al, readied her sword to protect Char.
But she looks too tired, barely holding onto the hilt.

「As I have already said…… There will be no witnesses! 」

The soldier swung his sword at me as soon as he shouted. I blocked and swatted it to the side with mine.
……That leaves me with no choice then……

In the game, I have fought against people before. But that’s a game. It’s not real.
My heart was pounding so hard like it was about to burst.
But I can’t let my face show fear.
I took a deep breath and pointed my two-handed sword at the soldier.

「Hmph, just a brat…… You guys, let’s deal with this one first! 」

That one soldier’s command prompted the rest to surround me.
—And so my first non-monster battle began.



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