The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 3 Chapter 12 Part 1



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Volume 3 Chapter 12 Part 1

The three of them seemed to have suffered abuse. The Emperor’s face was discolored as if blood had clotted there, and his legs looked like they had been broken to prevent him from escaping. I couldn’t help but frown at the sight.

「I’ll heal you right now……」

I used my healing spell, but nothing changed.

「Oh, right. I can’t use magic here.」

I took out three high quality potions from my Dimensional Storage. Alice and I split the workload and used the potions on him. Potions can work when applied on the body, so we had him drink some and applied the rest on his broken legs and other injured areas..

「……Ugh, wh-what’s going on……」

I helped the Emperor to his feet and leaned him against the wall.

「You’re awake……? I’ve come to rescue you.」

The Emperor barely opened his eyes and looked at me, but shook his head.

「– My people are being held hostage, so we will not……no, we cannot escape. However, I thank you for healing me.」

The Emperor looked at the empty potion bottle, then looked back at me before bowing his head.

Thinking that it was difficult to convince the Emperor, I glanced at Alice, who immediately ran up to him and knelt down, bowed her head, and removed her hood.

「……Apologies for my silence, Your Majesty. I’m Alice.」

The Emperor was a little surprised at first when he saw her, but smiled.

「Ah, I have missed you…… I am pleased to know that you are safe. However, I am sorry that you came all this way to save me. I must protect my people. And for that–」

「No, we’re taking you with us. That was Char’s request to us.」

The Emperor’s eyes widened upon hearing my words.

「The fact that you know Char must mean…… she is safe. And she must have arrived at Salandir Kingdom safely.」

「Yes. She was in a bit of danger, but I’ve protected her successfully. And I’ve also met Natalie.」

「I see…… I thank you again, but still –」

「Show it to him, Touya.」

It? What’s she referring to…… Ah, I see. The Emperor would never move from this spot if his citizens were being held hostage.

However, the dagger compels even royalty to obey me. The royal dagger of absolute authority, which is sometimes used to correct the misguided policies of an Emperor.

It’s in my Dimensional Storage.

I took out the dagger that Gaulus gave to me, and placed it in front of the Emperor.

「Th-that is……」

「Yes, Gaulus gave it to me.」

The Emperor closed his eyes and gave a long sigh.

「– I shall obey your instructions. What must I do?」

「First, we must escape this place.」

「However, this thing……」

The Emperor looked at the chains connected to his legs. He couldn’t escape if we didn’t break the chains from the wall.

「Who has the key……?」

If one of the soldiers we had defeated had it on him, there would be no problem.

「Well, the one who has the key is the prince who is in charge of this occupation.」

It’s not impossible to sneak into the prince’s bedchamber and steal the key, but there was no guarantee that the royalty would be unharmed in the meantime.

「For now, I’ll destroy the chains so that you can escape right now.」

I took out my Buster Sword from my Dimensional Storage, and swung it down on the chains. Even though they were tough, my overwhelming stats and strong weapon were able to break them in one swing.

I did the same for the Empress and the Crown Prince.

「Now you’ll be able to escape. It’ll be somewhat inconvenient for you, but I’ll remove the links when we reach the base.」

「You have my gratitude.」

Having healed them with high quality potions, we took the royalty with us back the way we came in. The cuffs and chains on their legs hadn’t been completely taken off. We didn’t have much time to spare there. We could only remove their bonds when we reached the base.

We arrived at the entrance to the underground passage in the food storage without being spotted by anyone.

「We’re safe now that we’re here.」

Saying that, Alice turned the wall to uncover the underground passage. Although they had probably known about the existence of such an underground passage, the royalty seemed surprised, as if it was the first time they had actually used it.

Alice led the way, and I took the rear guard. The Generate Kingdom soldiers didn’t know about the existence of this underground passage, so there was no way they could have come after us.

Since the passage seemed safe, the expression on the Empress and Crown Prince seemed to relax a little.

Alice led us through a few split paths, and we emerged in the room where we had met the others.

In the room were a few people who knelt and bowed their heads in tears when they saw the royalty.

「Well done, everyone. I am still here in one piece thanks to you. However, we are currently occupied by the Generate Kingdom. I apologize for being an incompetent Emperor.」

「No, Your Majesty. It is we who should be sorry for our incompetence!」

The men bowed their heads even lower. The Emperor broke out in a smile.

I reminded the Emperor that we needed to proceed.

「First, we have to remove those chains. Please wait a moment.」

I placed my hands on the cuffs at their ankles and cast Dispel. There was a clicking sound, and the cuffs were removed.

「Touya…… That spell is……」

「Huh? It’s just a normal Dispel magic.」

「You know…… Ah, nevermind.」

Alice looked dumbfounded. Even the Emperor seemed surprised.

Is this not a normal spell……?

Other than advanced spells, I only had Natalie’s research notes and the Hero’s written notes. Furthermore, only I who was summoned to this world could read what the Hero had written.

I healed their ankles and stood up.

The royalty invited me and Alice to sit with them, and we did. The men who were guarding this place didn’t seem keen on sitting, instead standing behind us on standby.

The Emperor looked straight at me, but looked a little friendlier than he did when he was captured.

「First, allow me to thank you. Could you tell me about Char, who ran to the Salandir Kingdom……?」

「……Alright. I’ll explain what has happened since I met Char…… Lady Charlotte.」

I told him about me meeting with Char and Al in the forest, and the battle against the Generate Kingdom soldiers. I told him about how I knew Natalie. I told him about my confrontation with the Adventurer’s Guild in the Salandir Kingdom due to the pressure from the Generate Kingdom, and how we escaped from the forest to Lian. And I told him about how I trained them both along the way.

Then I explained how I captured the Generate Kingdom’s commander and forced the soldiers to retreat, and how I came to the Imperial Capital on Gaulus’s request.

I just couldn’t explain how many levels the three of them gained. I doubt they would let me do as I wished if I explained the absurd circumstances of it.

After I finished my story, the Emperor gave a loud sigh. In contrast, the Crown Prince’s eyes lit with excitement.

「……You’re truly a hero……」

The Crown Prince whispered to himself.

「……I can only say that your actions are deserving of one indeed. I shall reward you for your achievements.」

The Emperor said while nodding. Honestly though, I just did what I did to lead a peaceful life.

But also, about half of what I did was for revenge against the Generate Kingdom.

「I was only fulfilling Gaulus’ request. The matter of my reward has already been settled.」

A carefree life with Ferris. There should be no problem if I earn some money by working as an adventurer. Even now, I have saved enough to not have to work for a few years.

The main objective now is to retake the Imperial Capital for the Lunette Empire. My request was simply to “save the royalty”, and so I have fulfilled it.

「According to what you have said so far, the request given to you was merely to rescue us, am I correct……?」

I nodded to the Emperor’s question. This should absolve me from any further involvement.

「……Then as Emperor, Touya… I have a nomination request for you.」



What the Emperor had said was so unexpected that everyone at the table froze for a moment.

I was also shocked. Coming from the Emperor, it was like making a request on behalf of an entire nation. It was unheard of.

「Master Touya, what is your Adventurer Rank?」

「Um…… I just became an A-Rank the other day.」

「Outstanding for someone as young as you. There are very few Adventurers who have achieved A-Rank at your age. Then there should be no problem.」

Efland had explained this to me during my time at the Adventurer’s Guild in the Salandir Kingdom. Nomination requests are available to B-rank adventurers and above. And requests from royalty are mandated. In exchange for accepting a mandated request, however, the rewards are equally great.

「……Coming from royalty, this means a mandated request, right……?」

I asked seriously. The Emperor’s face clouded over a little as well.

「……Master Touya, I already have much to be grateful to you for when you rescued us. I would appreciate it if you were to refrain from using the word “mandated”……」

I could be granted land and a building as a reward for such a request. In the worst case, if I only received land, I still have a mansion in my Dimensional Storage, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

However, even though I saved the Imperial Family…no, because I saved them, the Imperial Capital may be burned to the ground.

Would I be able to watch that happen from outside and enjoy my solitude?

I’m sure that Char, Al, and Natalie would fight the soldiers of the Generate Kingdom in the front lines.

And I’m sure that the Hero would be there too.

If something were to happen to the three of them, like what happened to Al’s father, would I be able to stand by and watch……?


As I was lost in thought, Alice pulled on my sleeves with a worried expression.

I came back to reality and nodded to Alice, then looked the Emperor right in the eyes.

「…I’ll listen to your request, then decide after I’ve heard it. If it’s too much, I’ll have to decline.」

The Emperor looked at me delightedly.

「Thank you, Master Touya……」



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