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The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 3 Chapter 15 Part 1



Translator: vysio_seth

Editor: ryunakama

Volume 3 Chapter 15 Part 1

「So …… what more do you know about these jobs……?」
「Well, there is this wisdom which has always been handed down for generations, emperor to emperor that when someone comes along who has one of those two jobs, no matter what, welcome them, for it is always a blessing to the country……」
「What if a person…… turns down that invitation? 」
「Oh, if we were to antagonize them, the country would surely—- perish. So there isn’t much we can do about it」
It sounds like being a Sage is a bigger deal than I imagined.
「I’m certain you’re both listening. Keep this firmly fixed in you minds」
The crown prince and Char nodded agreeably to the Emperor.
「Don’t worry, Sage Touya will not leave us, and we will never antagonize him in any way. I don’t think there will be a problem then, right? 」
I felt overwhelmed as Char answered with a smug look on her face.
Is she for real? I had tried stopping Natalie from saying much of her usual babble, but it doesn’t seem it mattered.
Natalie often says ridiculous things, that’s why it is easy to stop her from going too far. I did not expect this kind of claim from Char.
「—- As I had hoped. Then Touya-dono…… I would like to again ask you for some help 」
The Emperor bowed his head earnestly toward me.
Gaulus and the Crown Prince were taken aback by this as well.
「Your Majesty! You’re the Emperor, you shouldn’t be bowing down like this」
「It’s fine, Gaul. It’s not me who we need right now. It is Touya-dono. If it weren’t for him, it would have been impossible to escape the Capital unscathed 」
The Emperor raised his hand to calm the frantic Gaulus down.
「…… Even so…… 」
「Gaulus, that’s enough」
Natalie, who had been silent for some time now, interjected.
「If the three of us, Char, Al and me, become Touya’s brides, you won’t have to worry about losing him. I’m already prepared to be his wife」
No, Natalie…… You do not seem to understand. I’m supposed to be giving an answer to the Emperor’s request, not an engagement proposal.
「I see…… Then I can rest easy…… We are in your care, Touya-dono」
I feel like an animal being caged in. I want to run away. I want to escape to a country where I am not known and live with Ferris in peace.
I’ll get a wife when the time is right……
「Hey, that’s not fair! I want to be Touya’s wife as well! I’m sure he’ll prefer me to Natalie-obaachan……」
Alice threw her arms in protest, as she showed off her chest and her hips.
This has got to stop……
「Touya-dono has so many wives…… That’s perfect for a man like you…… 」
「Fumu, I can’t believe you can handle this many wives…… 」
The Emperor and the Queen nodded in misunderstanding. The Queen had her hands on her rosy cheeks swooning.
As if coming to my aid, Ferris appeared and stood next to me.
「Touya, the bath is ready…… 」
My source of comfort, thank you…… We desperately needed a change of topic.
「Your Majesty, the bath is ready, please take your time to relax. I’ll show you around 」
After their baths, the maids in the service of Gaulus led the royal family one after another to their bedrooms.
Since Gaulus had decided to stay in the mansion as well, I found the mansion to be a little crowded for my taste so I took out a guild house and placed it next to the mansion and decided to stay there.
……. And yet……
「What’s wrong with that!? It doesn’t make a difference whether there are three or four of us! 」
「I’m his rightful wife, and besides, the Elf slot has already been filled by Natalie-sama! 」
「Char, we need to discuss this once and for all with everyone 」
I thought Char and the rest would be staying in the mansion, but they invited themselves into the guild house.
Now in the living room, I am in the presence of the heated argument going on between Char, Al, Natalie, and Alice.
I was planning to take a breather and be alone with Ferris. But Alice has caused a spark, and now that spark is turning into a giant flame.
—– The thing is though, I never planned on marrying anyone……
This was only supposed to be a request……
The four of them are unlikely to finish anytime soon, so I snuck out of the living room and out of sight.
I went to the bedroom and called out Ferris, who promptly appeared.
「Did you need something, Touya? 」
「Ferris, can you keep this room locked? 」
「Yes, I can make sure the door does not open unless you tell me so」
「Do that. I’m going to get some sleep. Good night, Ferris 」
「Good night, Touya 」



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