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The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 3 Chapter 18 Part 2



Translator: vysio_seth

Volume 3 Chapter 18 Part 2

When I opened the door, there were not many adventurers, perhaps because it was lunchtime, but everyone looked entertained and the pub sounded lively behind the door that attached it to the guild.
There were five receptionists seated at the table who had recently returned to the Capital. The staff was both human and demi human.
I presented my guild card to a vacant receptionist and asked her to take me to Grucia.
Initially she looked at me suspiciously, but when she saw my guild card her expression instantly changed. She stood upright and bowed, and then she ran to the back and out of my view.
Grucia…… What did you tell them?
Within a few minutes, the receptionist returned, out of breath, and led me to the guild master’s office.
The receptionist walked nervously in front of me and knocked on the door to Grucia’s office.
「Guildmaster, Touya-sama is here to see you 」
「Come in, please 」
When the answer came from inside the room, the receptionist opened the door and led me into the room. The room was the same as the last time.
「I’m glad you’re here. Have a seat. You can go back now 」
「Excuse me 」
As soon as we were alone in the room, he got up from his desk and sat down across from me.
「It’s been a while since we last saw each other…… 」
「Yes, it has…… 」
The last time we saw each other was the day we carried out the plan that Grucia and I devised together. This is the first time we have met since we captured the prince.
「You saved my life back then. And thanks to you, we were able to retake the Capital. By the way, when I showed my guild card at the reception desk earlier, the receptionist’s attitude got weird…… 」
Grucia answered my question without hesitation.
「I suppose, it is possible. I have told the receptionists that if an adventurer by the name of Touya should ever come in, to send him to me straight away. I told them how you are the 「Hero of the Lunette Empire 」」
Glucia was holding in a chuckle as he explained.
「…….What? Hero…… Where did that come from? 」
Everything I did was on account of requests. I only rescued the royal family at the request of Guallus, and then helped retake the Imperial Capital at the request of the Emperor. Also it’s not like I did it all on my own, I had help from the soldiers and adventurers of the Lunette Empire.
「I mean if you were to ask who had the bigger hand in this operation of retaking the Capital, everyone would point to you, Touya. The people are looking for a hero. That’s why I helped spread the word to everyone in the Imperial Capital 」
「…… The Imperial Capital……? 」
「Yeah, I’m getting the word out. The hope instilled by the Hero is speeding up the recovery process. So, good luck to you, Hero. 」
Does this mean I won’t be able to walk in the Capital freely?
「You! What have you done!? 」
「Someone has to carry that weight. That someone is what Generate Kingdom calls a “Hero”」
A Hero….. Can I be compared to him?
I only saw him from a distance for a few moments during the summoning ceremony. As I recall he was a Hero and Holy Knight.
I’m just a “summoned one”.
As I was deep in thought, Grucia placed a bottle from that time in front of me.
「It’s pointless to worry about it. What do you think? Would you like to have a drink? 」I couldn’t help but laugh at Grucia’s words.
The guild master is not allowed to drink at this hour? Do you think the guild master can drink at this hour?
「Do you think a guild master should be drinking at this hour? Let me go ask the receptionist 」
「Oh, come on, give me a break. He’s so annoying…… More importantly, are you alright? 」
「Yeah, I’m fine, I brought a thank you note 」
I retrieved two bottles from Dimensional Storage that match the one on the table.
「Oh…… this is it! 」
「You’ve been taking care of me. This is the least I could do 」
Grucia’s face was trembling with more joy than I expected.
「You’re giving me this? Are you sure you want to do this!? I’m not giving it back! 」
I was inwardly relieved to see how pleased he was with this gift.
It didn’t even cost me a dime since it’s alcohol I supply to Alice.
If he’s happy, I’m happy for him.
Grucia carefully picked up the bottles from the table and placed them on a shelf on the back.
After some further chit-chat and saying our farewells, I left the office. On my way out I was greeted by a burning gaze from the receptionist.
I thanked her for her time, and she turned red just from that.
It was still too early for dinner so I took my time passing through the Imperial Capital back to the castle.
The entrance to the castle was already passable and there were guards standing on both sides of the gate. I raised my hand to greet them and walked right past them.
Once I entered the castle, one maid called out to me.
「Touya-sama, His Majesty is waiting for you. Please follow me 」
I nodded at the maid’s words and followed her.
Is this about the future? Or is it about the prize? I know this is not the right time for that, so I don’t hold my breath.
Is this about the reward? I know this is not the best time to bring that up, so I won’t get my hopes up.
I was shown to the reception room and told to wait. The Emperor entered the room within a few minutes as I was enjoying the tea the maid had prepared for me.
「I’m sorry to keep you waiting, Touya-dono. Please just sit there 」
I was about to stand up to greet him but he raised his hand to stop me.
He took a seat across from me, and picked up a tea cup and started sipping it.
After he was done, he placed the cup back down, looked at me with a smile.
「I apologize for keeping you waiting. Regarding your reward, we are planning to hold a celebration for the recapture of the Imperial Capital soon. I’m planning to award you at that time」
「That’s fine with me. Besides, I got to stay in the castle」
The castle food is fresh and tasty even if it is not on the level of the food from my Dimensional Storage.
The only complaint I have is of the constant presence of maids, which can be stifling.
I miss Ferris.
「Yes, I already have a mansion which I am preparing for you to live in right after the reward. I’ll also get you a few maids」
「To go so far…… No, I’m truly grateful to you」
I heard that there were many maids who lost their masters in this war. It’s not easy to find another job after losing your job, especially if you were a maid working in a nobleman’s mansion.
「I would appreciate it if you would accept. I can’t afford to hire all the maids who are out of work…..」
「I believe you’re right. Tax revenue can’t be collected in this state 」
People are already returning to from several outside cities in the Lunette Empire, most of them being demi-humans.
「It would be a great help if Touya-dono were to rule one of those cities. In this battle, it was your quick thinking that saved us 」
Gaulus must have told him about the battle in Lian. To be called the Hero though is kind of a stretch and embarrassing.
「I’m sure I’ve refused many times. I just want to be an adventurer and take it easy……」
No matter how much knowledge I have from Japan; I was never one to actually be involved in politics.
It’s just too much for an ordinary businessman to suddenly be asked to rule a city. It would be enough to have the educated people take care of that.
「Oh, by the way, the ceremony will take place in 20 days. For three days from that date, the Imperial Capital will have a festival. You’d better enjoy it」
「I understand. I’m looking forward to it 」
With these words, I left the reception room.
The ceremony was close at hand.



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