The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 3 Chapter 19



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Volume 3 Chapter 19

Today the Imperial Capital is the most crowded I’ve ever seen.

For the past 20 days things have been hectic. Everyday Grucia called me in for requests. Most of the requests were for the removal of rubble, which relied on my Dimensional Storage. I was not working alone of course, even the castle was providing quite a bit of assistance, and I was working with other adventurers to remove the debris.

In the few days since I joined, the destroyed gates and the mansions have disappeared, and although there are still some depressing areas, the Capital has recovered enough to hold the ceremony and festival. Merchants from various cities have come in large masses to the Imperial Capital, and the city has become livelier as it worked towards the rebuilding of the Lunette Empire.

At the moment though, I am a doll being dressed in an assortment of costumes by the maids. In addition, I have to endure the embarrassment of being watched by Char and Al……

「Touya-sama, let’s try this one next」

From a hanger with a number of clothes, which would normally be worn by noblemen, Char and Al pulled them one by one, and the maids dressed me in them.

…… Why is this happening to me……?

「Can’t I just wear my usual robe? I’m supposed to be an adventurer after all……」

「It’s not appropriate for the guest of honour to be dressed like that. You’re receiving the reward after all」

Char and Al have already decided on their outfits, and the fact that I was staying at the inn near the Adventurer’s Guild for the past few days due to a request delayed my fitting.

No…… it is more likely they refrained from telling me until the last minute to prevent me from escaping, no less…….

I did as I was told and became a dress-up doll, and at last I put on aristocratic clothes that Char and Al seemed to agree on.

「You look great, Touya-sama. You’ll have no problem going out in public with these」

「It suits you so well, Touya-san! In fact I’d like to walk beside me in armour」

Char is in a dress and Al being a knight of the Kingsguard, is wearing silver and white armor of the Knights of the Kingsguard that had a pure white cloak.

Honestly, this is not me. I’m embarrassed to be seen wearing this……

I looked in the mirror at the outfit I was wearing and couldn’t help but chuckle, but everyone in the room seemed to have decided on this one. Maybe it’s not so bad.

The maids around me seemed to agree as well.

「We’ll be going ahead then. I’ll see you at the ceremony」

「See you later, Touya-san」

Char and Al left the room.

Afterwards, I, along with the butler who was guiding me, headed to the place where the ceremony would be held. Near the venue, there was an anteroom for the nobles who had come to the Imperial Capital, and in the corridor there were a number of people who appeared to be the heads of the nobility. They were all of a certain age, and they were discussing things while looking at me. I probably stood out by being the youngest.

Feeling uncomfortable, I was ushered into one of the waiting rooms. When the butler knocked, a voice came from inside.

「Oh, Touya…… You look great, by the way. I’m really looking forward to the ceremony now」

I felt as if there was  something behind those words, but I chose to think nothing of it and took a seat across from him. The maid who had been waiting for me soon made me a cup of tea to quench my thirst.

「I’m not sure why I need to be dressed like this though……?」

Even though I met everyone as an adventurer and could simply wear my usual clothes, Char and Al were adamant in their refusal.

「You can’t blame them. You’re the star of the show, after all」

「This was just a request, which I am paid for. I’m not even sure if I should participate in this event」

In fact, I have no desire to participate in a gathering of nobles. I haven’t met any shitty nobles in Lunette Empire like those from Salandir Kingdom yet, but it’s only ‘not met’ and I don’t know what kind of nobles they are.

The only people I am acquainted with here are the Emperor and Gaulus. But as a mere adventurer I can’t spend the rest of the event talking to them.

While we were chatting and discussing the situations of the reconstruction, there was a knock on the door and a maid entered to summon us.

「Everyone is here」

「Oh, okay. Come on, Touya, let’s go」

We both left our seats and the maid led us to the ceremony room.

I didn’t know where to line up, so I simply followed Gaulus.

When we entered the room, the nobles in their formal attire were cheerfully chatting away.

There were many demi-humans such as Beastmen and Elves, but the human race was still the most numerous. They all mingled with one another without any bad rapport between their races.

When Gaulus entered the room, the chatter stopped all together, and all eyes were on Gaulus and me.

I walked behind Gaulus, feeling out of place. Gaulus chose to take a seat near to the throne.

「Touya, you can sit here」

I sat down on the chair that was provided.

It was uncomfortable sitting in a hall with basically a few chairs while everyone remained standing and chatting.

The nobles began to line up to greet Gaulus.

Gaulus also stood up and greeted them, and the more of the nobles began to gather around him.

Is he that popular…….?

「It’s been a while, Gaulus-san. Impressive feats in the battle as usual」

「I didn’t do much; it’s all thanks to my men」

「Well…… that’s very humble of you. And the young man next to you is ……?」

I bowed slightly to the nobleman who glanced at me while paying attention to Gaulus.

「This young man’s name is Touya, and he’s an adventurer. He’s here because he was part of the war and he was of great help」

「An adventurer…….?」

The nobleman wrinkled his brow and looked dubious. I can guess what he is thinking.

The Adventurer’s Guild might have made me somewhat famous in the Imperial Capital, thanks to the information it was spreading. But the nobles don’t seem to have heard of it.

And seeing me sitting at the seat of nobility makes them question my presence here as an adventurer. I am confused.

But Gaulus did not seem to mind, and introduced me to the nobles who came to greet him.

There were so many of them that there was no way I could remember their names. Some were friendly and some were hostile. The friendlier were the demi-human nobles and the more hostile were the human nobles.

When the greetings were over, I felt exhausted and sat back in my chair and let out a sigh.

Gaulus seemed to be in the same mood, and looked completely exhausted.

「I had left everything to my son……. It’s been a while since I’ve been this tired」

「……. I’m exhausted from just being next to you」

「Well, this is also the role of a nobleman. Still, Touya, about the reward you are to receive today, accept it graciously」

I tried to understand what he meant by that.

Accept everything? Why is that so important? It’s only a house……

Gaulus did not say anything more on that, so I did bother thinking more on the matter.

A tune began to play in the hall, and Gaulus left his seat and moved to another spot.

「Touya, stand next to me」

As Gaulus instructed, I stood next to him and waited, and then the royal family entered. Char, the Crown Prince, and then the Emperor, accompanied by the Queen, entered.

Seeing that everyone bowed at the same time, I followed suit and bowed as well.

After a few moments of bowing, the words 「raise your head」 came from the throne, and everyone raised their heads at the same time.

The Emperor wore a crown, and with his imposing appearance, he was truly an Emperor. He had a certain elegance about him.

In the same way, Char and the rest of the royal family were also smiling with a different kind of grace.

Then, the Emperor spoke up.

「I’m glad that we can all be gathered here in the Imperial Capital again. We were once defeated by the Generate Kingdom, and we lost many of our precious comrades. However, with the help of many, we have been able to regain the capital and rebuild it, for which I am grateful —-」

The Emperor continued at length to talk about gratitude and the rebirth of the country. Afterwards, the new organization was announced, and to my surprise, Al was to be the new Vice Commander of the Kingsguard.

The reason why he wasn’t made the Commander might be because she has to guard Char.

It was also announced that Natalie would be reappointed as the First Court Mage. Some of the nobles were surprised to see her reappointed after more than ten years out of office, but no one complained.

The reappointment of the 「Sage of Twilight」, whom everyone must have heard about as a child, is a symbol for them of the revival of a powerful nation.

When I heard this announcement, I instinctively thought to myself, 「Good luck everyone」.

After the announcements of the new organization, we moved on to the awarding.

「First of all, I would like to present an honour to Gaulus, who made a great contribution to the recapture and reconstruction of the Imperial Capital in place of the late Garret, the leader of the Kingsguard. Step forward 」

「Hai! 」

Gaulus went in front of the Emperor and knelt down on one knee and bowed.

「Gaulus, it was a great cause for you to come from Lian. It is to your great credit that we have reclaimed the Imperial City. Therefore– 」

After Gaulus’ achievements were described, he was awarded. He was to rule not only Lian, but another city as well.

Since the two cities were so far apart from each other, he would probably have to appoint a deputy, but it would still increase his authority in the country.

At the end of his awarding, Gaulus came back to stand next to me. He turned to me and grinned.

「You’re next,」 he said. 「Get ready」

I don’t understand what the big deal is; the reward for the request should just be stated and be done with.

「Now, let’s move on to the first awarding for the recapture of the Imperial Capital –Touya-dono, please come forward 」

When I was called, I followed Gaulus’ example and went in front of the Emperor, knelt down and bowed.

「There is no one else in this Empire who has achieved such distinction in battle as you have. Many of you in the audience may not know what he has done. I’ll have his achievements made known to you today 」

At the Emperor’s words, one of the men beside him began to read the paper on which my achievements were inscribed.



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