The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 3 Chapter 20



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Volume 3 Chapter 20

I rescued Charlotte and Altria as they fled to the Salandir Kingdom to find Natalie the Sage, and defeated the soldiers of the Generate Kingdom who were pursuing them.

I brought the Princess and Altria to meet Natalie the Sage and protected them during their stay in Salandir Kingdom.

I defeated the nobles and the Adventurer’s Guild, who, despite being adventurers, had succumbed to the pressure of the envoys from the Generate Kingdom.

I trained Char, Altria and Natalie to raise their levels and led them through the forest to Lian.

I captured the commander of the Generate Kingdom as they were about to attack Lian, forcing him to give up all his weapons and retreat.

I broke into the Capital together with my accomplices, snuck into the dungeon, defeated the Kingdom’s soldiers, and rescued three members of the royal family.

I and the Adventurer’s Guild captured the Third Prince, the commanding general, in a ruse to retake the Capital.

After the recapture, I worked with the Adventurers’ Guild to help rebuild the Capital.

I know my exploits, and more importantly I know I did not achieve them all on my own.

I can only say I’m mortified to hear them praise me for all these. I certainly could not have done it alone. On top of this, is the fact that I was only fulfilling requests.

Even so, the nobles in attendance sounded impressed by my achievements as they were being read out loud.

It is a feat that no one could have done alone.

I wonder though, if I were a nobleman, what would be my reward? I’m only asking because I already know what my reward is going to be as an adventurer.

After everything had been read out, the nobles applauded noisily.

「 Silence. I will now announce Touya-dono’s award. I hereby knight you Marquis, and betroth you my daughter, Char, and the Vice Commander of the Kingsguard, Altria. In addition, I offer you a residence in the Imperial Capital. You will, however, not be obligated on the duties of a nobleman, of course. At last the provisions for the preparations —–」

I was completely stunned.

I had refused to become a nobleman. And now I’m to be married to Char and Al? I’m not expected to carry out my duties as a nobleman though?

All of these, is over the top.

I looked up at the Emperor and Gaulus, and the both nodded affirmingly.

It’d be immature to display my displeasure by revealing my anger and escaping out of the room. I’ll just have to bide my time and wait for an opportunity later.

「—- This concludes the reward for Touya-dono 」

「—- Oh, thank you very much. I humbly accept this honour 」

He bowed once and returned to Gaulus’ side.

「Gaulus, you knew….. didn’t you ……? 」

I asked him without turning my head, but from the corner of my eye I could see him nod slowly.

「Let me explain it to you later. It was going to be a big problem if you didn’t accept …….」

「A big problem……? 」

「Yeah, I’ll explain it to you later. We should focus on the present activity……」

「All right. If all these is for some trivial reason, I’ll leave the Empire, understood?」

「…… It’d be a shame if you were to run away」

Then he went silent.

Looks like I’m not going to get an explanation here. Even though I’m in a bit of a mood, I get a sense that Char is looking at me intently sitting at the side of the Emperor.

I let out a sigh, wondering if I could coldly dodge the teary-eyed look she was giving me with rosy cheeks.

After the ceremony was over, the nobles went back to their homes and I was led to the reception room.

Inside, the four members of the royal family and a few other noblemen, including Gaulus, were waiting for my bothered self.

「Please have a seat first 」

I didn’t bow to the Emperor, and sullenly sat down.

「Touya-dono, you look unsatisfied. And I can understand why. But, you see, I was in a situation where I was forced to knight you 」

I don’t understand how he could have been forced. More importantly, I did not approve of my marriage to Char and Al.

「To tell the truth, the nobles had already heard of Touya-dono’s achievements to some extent. They knew you were unwed, charming, and above all, powerful. Do you understand what the nobles with daughters thought when they heard all this? 」

「I see…… 」

It’s easy to guess. They will go so far to use their privileges of nobility to have me under their command and have me marry their daughters.

It’s the same in every country.

「If you are just an adventurer, I don’t know what some nobles would try to pull. But Touya-dono, you would no doubt easily overwhelm them with your power. And as such the nobles would be in certain danger. That is why I knighted you 」

「To put it simply, you did all this to protect the nobles……. 」

「Yes, I guess you could put it like that. Still, there must be some merit to you, Touya-dono. You don’t have to manage a territory or fulfill the duties of a nobleman. In addition, even if a noble were to make a pass at you now, they would not be able to impose on you due to your position as a Marquis. There are only two dukes in this empire that are higher than the rank of Marquis. One of them is Gaulus, one of the families that will become your patron. And since Princess Char is your fiancée, if necessary, I will also be your patron 」

There are several Counts and Marquises, but only two Dukes in the Lunette Empire. One is Gaulus, and the other is the noble family that rules over the Elven district.

The nobles who rule over the cities are the Counts and Viscounts, and there’s no way they can come down hard on me as a Marquis, especially having the Emperor and a Duke as my patrons……

…… He seems to have thought this through. He can protect the country’s nobility, and at the same time bind me to the Empire through marriage and status.

Well, the point of no nobleman’s duty does alleviate some stress.

「Yes…… I understand…… If push comes to shove, I’ll only destroy the entire compound of a hostile nobleman…… 」

I have to be upfront about this.

Actually if anything does happen, I can just put the entire residence of the nobleman in Dimensional Storage.

However, the Emperor’s pale face as I mention this, reminds me of the time when we were breaking out of the Imperial Capital and I had to destroy the gate.

「On the other important issue, the mansion has been arranged for you and I’ve already sent maids, so you can live there whenever you want 」

Gaulus interjected to change the subject.

That is good news, I have been staying in the castle for way too long and haven’t been able to spend much time with Ferris.

When I’m in the castle, she doesn’t like to come out much. I think there is a reason for this, but I don’t know what it is, because Ferris never talks about it.

「If that’s the case, I can go today…… I’d like to see it 」

「I have the carriage ready for you not far from the castle, and I’ll have it ready in no time 」

「No, it won’t be necessary. I want to take stroll, so just tell me where it is and I’ll be fine 」

「Even so, since you’re a Marquis now…… I’d like you to take the carriage just for today 」

I nodded at Gaulus, who was reluctant that I go on foot.

「Okay, I’ll do that for that reason. Another thing, I’ll be taking it easy for a while, so I might be hole myself up in the mansion. Please contact me if you need anything 」

「I understand, I will do so 」

When the conversation was over, I left the room and the maid led me out of the castle.

Perhaps the servants had already been informed, but a carriage had been prepared for me. It was a carriage for the royal family, and it looked very different from the ordinary carriages.

「It is conspicuous to ride in such a carriage, isn’t it……? I’ll have to take out my own carriage when I arrive at my mansion…… 」

I climbed into the carriage, and when I, the master, gave the signal, the carriage began to move slowly.

In less than ten minutes I arrived at the house.

The mansion is ridiculously large, even from the outside. It  looked nice and serene, but it was too big for one person to live in.

Two guards were standing by to guard the gate, as the carriage went through the gate. It was a long way to the house, which was surrounded by gardens.

This is too big for one person to live in……

I couldn’t help but mutter to myself when I saw the building stand before me.

Few maids were standing in front of the mansion, as if they had already been contacted.

I had heard that Gaulus had dispatched a butler and several maids, as well as about ten people in charge of meals, stables, and gardening.

When I got out of the carriage, the butler gave a command and they all bowed our heads.

「「「「「 Marquis Touya, we are glad you have arrived」」」」」

I get an itchy sensation on my back at the thought of being called Marquis.

「…… Everyone, I’ll be in your care starting today. Nice to meet you 」

After a quick greeting, the butler showed me around the house.

Every room was gorgeously decorated, and the house seemed to be well cleaned, with not a speck of dust. Well, I don’t think this was going to be a problem with Ferris being here.

I was taken through the dining room, the living room, the bathroom, the bedrooms and the guest rooms, and finally to the hall where the dinner parties could be held.

This will be the place where I will entertain guests at my dinner party.

……Not that I intend to hold such a thing …….

But who knows.

「This concludes the tour of the mansion. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them 」

「Ah, yes. I don’t think I have any right now…… Oh, and I need to make some introductions, so could you gather everyone in the hall? 」

「I’ll return shortly 」

He immediately excused himself and everyone began to slowly make their way to the hall.

After confirming that everyone was present, I called out Ferris.

The Spirit Stone on my chest glowed at the same time I uttered my words, and Ferris showed herself.

They were not notified in advance about me having a House Spirit, it shows on their faces, although they looked a little surprised.

「Touya …… what is going on? 」

「This is the mansion we’re going to live in, and these are the people who are going to take care of it」

「…… Okay, okay 」

With a curt attitude, Ferris took a glance at the servants.

「I got it. I understand 」

Their shock was more apparent now at the fact the House Spirit was having a conversation, than when Ferris showed up.

They all froze with their mouths half open, looking at Ferris.

「Oh, Ferris can talk. It’s nice to meet you everyone 」

This is how my life as a Marquis began.



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