The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 3 Chapter 9 Part 2



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Volume 3 Chapter 9 Part 2

「That’s it. For generations, even among the royalty, we’ve been told to follow the instructions of the one who bears the proof, as the “Guiding Hand”.」

Did that old man Gaulus really entrust such an important task to me……?

「Also, even if we sent a large force to save the royalty, we would be discovered right away, and we wouldn’t be able to do anything if something were to happen to them. That’s why Guiding Hands are chosen for the task.」

「And I’m showing you the way. I know the castle interior. A lot has happened, after all.」

Alice cut into the conversation.

She knows the castle’s interior? She may be a spy, but she’s a merchant.

「Why do you know the castle interior……?」

「Well, now’s not the time. I’ll tell you about it later.」

Alice’s vague answer made it even more suspicious, but I decided to move on.

「So, when am I going to infiltrate the castle……?」

「I’d have liked you to go and save them as soon as today, but I have things to prepare, so maybe ten days later. Right now, there’s the retreat from Lian, and the enemy is rattling about, making it hard to get a read on them.」

It’s true that we should act quickly, whether it’s saving people or confirming their safety.

The request given to me was to sneak into the castle with Alice, and save the royalty.

Wondering about the difficulty level of the task, I sighed involuntarily.

However, I had no intention of refusing it after coming this far, and I doubt anyone else would be able to rescue them. I’m sure I won’t lose as long as I’m in this castle, where the Hero is absent. That’s why I need to do it.

「Alright. We’ll carry it out ten days later as planned. I’ll come here again, around the same time as today.」

「Yeah, that’s okay. This request can only be carried out by you, the one who bears the proof.」

After checking the underground passage, we left the base. There were soldiers patrolling the streets, but we hid ourselves and went through the alleyway, returning to the inn from the rear entrance.

We returned to our room. After changing clothes, I turned to Alice.

「It’s going to happen in ten days. I’m counting on you to show me around.」

「Leave it to me! We’ll walk around town tomorrow during the day again, so let’s get some sleep.」

We lay in our own beds, which were a distance apart from each other. I turned away from Alice, and closed my eyes.

I fell asleep right away from the fatigue caused by my nervousness.

I woke up from the sunlight coming through the window.

I looked at the bed next to mine. Alice had already woken up and left the room.

I roused myself and stretched my body, then got off the bed. Since I was alone, I took the chance and changed clothes.

「Where did Alice go……?」

I locked the door to the room, then went downstairs to the dining hall. Alice was resting her elbows on the counter, drinking a beverage.

When she noticed me, she waved her hand lightly.

「Good morning, Touya. I haven’t eaten yet, so let’s eat together.」

Alice took her own drink and moved to the table.

Even though it was morning, there were no other customers in the dining hall.

Or maybe there were no other customers at all. I silently used the Search spell, and saw that there were a lot of lifesigns upstairs, as usual.

It seemed that other than us, everyone else here were demi-humans.

The innkeeper came out not long after, so we ordered breakfast and talked about today’s schedule.

「What’s the plan for today? I was planning on going to the Merchant Guild during the day, but is there anywhere you’d like to go, Touya?」

Honestly speaking, I want to go to the Merchant Guild too. Although it’s operating under commission by the country, it’s basically run independently, albeit with a few diverging opinions. I want to see what’s going on there.

「Maybe I’ll go to the Adventurer’s Guild. I want some information on what’s going on. I don’t plan on taking any requests though.」

Upon hearing my mention of the Merchant Guild, Alice’s expression clouded over slightly.

「If we’re going to the Adventurer’s Guild, then we’ll go as a couple. We came from another country without bringing a request form, after all.」

She was right. Normally, there is no racial discrimination in the Adventurer’s Guild, but there are many more demi-humans here in the Lunette Empire. I received that information when I was in Lian.

Currently, this place was under the occupation of the Generate Kingdom, so there weren’t any demi-human Adventurers. Having only humans trying to sustain their livelihood was an overwhelming lack of manpower, I thought.

If any free adventurers were to walk right in there from another country, they would surely be captured.

If we went as a couple or as a direct request for an escort, it would probably be safer.

「– Alright. Let’s keep it as if we’re in the middle of an escort request. Of course, I plan on saying that we’re a couple only as a last resort.」

「Then let’s move separately. It looks security has loosened now.」

The food was served to us at the perfect timing. We ate while exchanging small talk.

After finishing our food, we went back to our room, and proceeded separately from there.

I had asked about the location beforehand, so I left the inn and went straight to the Adventurer’s Guild.

As expected, I saw many traces of the army’s advance on the wide paths along the way. The Adventurer’s guild was about twenty minutes away from the inn, and I spotted it in no time.

I opened the door and entered the building. Although it was early in the morning, it was sparse inside. All of the demi-human Adventurers had either escaped or were captured, or perhaps even annihilated.

The building’s construction is basically the same everywhere, but the Empire’s is really impressive. There are more receptionist counters in this one, and each of them is larger than normal.

However, many of them are empty.

I felt many gazes land on me at once, but they seemed to have dismissed me as a kid, and quickly went away.

Well, anyone would think that I’m a new adventurer just by looking at me……

I went straight to the request board to take a look, but there were few request forms on it.

I approached the counter and called out to a receptionist who looked like she was available.

「I came from the Salandir Kingdom as an escort. How’s things going on here?」

I took out my guild card and left it on the counter.

「Ah, you came from overseas. As you can see, it’s empty here. The high-ranked adventurers have gone to war and have yet to return, and in the current conflict, even the demi-human adventurers……」

The receptionist had a grim air about her.

However, as she read my guild card, her eyes suddenly opened wide, and she jumped out from behind the counter.



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