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The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 4 Chapter 15 Part 1



Translator: vysio_seth

Volume 4 Chapter 15 Part 1

Act III: The Generate Kingdom Dungeon Conquering Force

The royal capital of the Generate Kingdom received word that the dungeon which is located in the northern part of the buffer zone between it and the country it has recently been at war with, the Lunette Empire, was showing signs of flooding.

A countermeasure meeting was immediately convened, as any damage caused by the flooding to the villages adjacent to the Lunette Empire would be detrimental if a new war was to begin.

「— This is the state of current affairs. It is therefore most crucial that the dungeon cores be procured to replenish the kingdom’s resources」

The civilian official finished his report to the king in his drawing room. The king put his hand on his chin and mulled it over for a minute.

「Is it correct to assume that the Empire is in a similar predicament?」

「Yes, Your Majesty. It is expected that the Empire will also deploy adventurers and soldiers to conquer the dungeon「

「How difficult will it be to suppress?」

「The dungeon has a high degree of difficulty, but adventurers of A-rank should manage to conquer it without issues「

The king thought for a moment and gestured with his hand when he had arrived at an idea.

「How about letting the Hero go? There should be nothing keeping him busy here」

Now that the war was over, Larx had no work to do as a Hero, and spent his days training and attending to the princess.

The king thought he could make good use of him, since he was nothing more than a drudge in the end.

「That is possible. We have concluded cease-fire mediation with the Empire and……」

The king sighed, interrupting the official who looked uncertain of the idea.

「Stop mentioning it. It was stupid of him to get captured. He is still my precious son, though.」

The king had seized the Lunette Empire, but due to the blunder of his son, the third prince, Russet, he had to cede all its territories and pay a large sum of compensation.

Furthermore, for the sake of his son’s freedom, who takes a close likeness to him and whom he adores the most, he agreed to all the conditions set forth by the Lunette Empire.

Upon returning he was confined to his room in the royal castle under the guise of resting.

The civil officials felt his blunder was punishable by death, but they knew better to make such a suggestion to the royal family or they would be the ones to lose their heads.

「I’ll inform the Hero right away. I will also put in the request at the Adventurer’s Guild for cooperation to have them send out a few people」

The official bowed and was about to leave the room when the king stopped him.

「Hold on. Select some knights who have experience in dungeons. If there is only the Hero, the adventurers may be in control. Have the knights accompany them to the dungeon「

「…… Yes, sir. Of course」

The official bowed again and left the room.

「If we let only the adventurers go on this expedition, we will have to award them handsomely when the treasury is already strapped. Knights’ award can simply be a promotion「

The king with a whisper of a voice muttered to himself in the empty drawing room.


「Is this a dungeon expedition…….?」

「Yes., exactly. Have you any experience……?」

In one of the rooms, which were given to Larx, Larx and the civil official were sitting on the sofas facing each other.

As ordered by the king, the official visited Larx to inform him of the dungeon raid.

「There were no dungeons in my previous world. There were usually monsters on the surface, though. I had experienced them several times before being summoned」

Understanding that it varies from world to world, the civil official continued on his point.

「The flooding of the dungeon has caused damage to more than a few villages facing the Lunette Empire. The kingdom needs to minimize the damage at all costs. Therefore, His Majesty has decided this would be worthy experience for you, Larx-sama」

Larx had also actually stayed in one of those villages during the invasion of the Lunette Empire.

Recalling the memories of that village, Larx nodded.

「I understand, Even though I lack experience at the moment, I will give it my all」

The civil official continued to talk to Larx, who was determined to complete this expedition.

「His Majesty has also ordered that you be accompanied by the best of the country’s adventurers and knights so that they can help Larx-sama this time, so leave the preparations to the adventurers. And train with a peace of mind and work hard to conquer the dungeon」

「I appreciate it. I will not disappoint the faith of the people of Generate Kingdom」

Larx believed every word from the royal family. He truly believed that demihumans are evil beings. Everyone, the civilians and the officials all said the same thing. He did have a moment of doubt during the invasion while he fought, but when he heard that the prince was captured through the dirty tricks of the demihumans he realized he was right about them.

He had no way of knowing that the prince was deceived by Touya and the subguild-master.

After the official left the room, Larx was feeling anxious about his first dungeon raid.

He tried not showing this expression in front of Princess Sharon. But it showed somehow, because Sharon whispered softly in Larx’s ear.

「Larx-sama, I’m certain you will be fine. You’re a Hero, remember? You gain good experience from this」

「Your Highness……」

「Please don’t call me Your Highness. I have told you many times to call me Sharon」

「I know. I’m sorry, Sharon……」

Sharon’s cheeks were painted red when Larx called her by her name, and she turned to Larx, pressing her breasts against his arm.

Larx’s face turned red as well from feeling embarrassed by this display.

「I understand. I’ll do my best for this country」

「That’s the spirit. I’ll be here praying for your safe return, Larx-sama」



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