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The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 4 Chapter 16 Part 1



Translator: vysio_seth

Volume 4 Chapter 16 Part 1

「Didn’t think it possible for them to beat us to it……」

One of the adventurers by Larx’s side, muttered.

Having been exhausted from the battle with the guardian, we were resting in the arena. Liese and Myra were especially out of breath.

Taking advantage of our composure, the knights of the Generate Kingdom entered the arena.

「So what kind of a weak monster was this guardian? Doesn’t seem like it gave you guys any trouble 」

The girls raised their eyebrows at the snickering knight.

The battle against the Dragon Hydra required everyone’s full cooperation. It is not something to sneer at.

「…… You guys finally arrived. Looks like you’ve wasted your time though. As you can see we’ve already dealt with the last guardian and obtained the Dungeon Core. Guess you have nothing to do but return to Generate Kingdom as you are 」

The knight’s face turned beet red with rage when I taunted them.

「Don’t get churlish. Any monster you can defeat is no doubt weak. Enough of that……. Give us the Dungeon Core and Magic Stone—- 」

What did he just say? Give them the Dungeon Core and Magic Stone?

I found myself harboring incredible contempt for what he said.

I turned to the adventurers that were with him.

「Do you agree with this? If so, I’ll have to report this incident to the guild when I return」

The adventurers chuckled nervously. They knew they could get censured in some way if we returned and reported this case.

Adventurers are notorious for their altercations amongst themselves, and considering that we are in a dungeon, it is likely they will hide evidence of their involvement to avoid repercussions.

This was not as simple as that though…… The knights were involved and we have the Princess here too. If things go any further, this might turn into a diplomatic issue.

「The Dungeon Core and Magic Stone in our possession are ours. Don’t tell me that you’re not aware of such common sense; is the Generate Kingdom that barbaric of a country? 」

Char could not keep silent any longer.

The knight, knowing he was now being confronted by the Princess, bit his tongue, his face red with anger. However, they were not satisfied to leave empty-handed and they proposed a bargain.

「…… How about a deal then? For the Dungeon Core and Magic Stone, we will reward you with an equal amount of compensation…… 」

The second knight was the one who made the proposal. Although, it was pointless of him to even try.

「Of course, we decline. The Dungeon Core is a valuable asset for a country to have. Not to mention that it was not as simple to obtain 」

The Hero could have prevailed against the guardian and obtained it, but that matters not anymore.

Larx himself seemed confused, as if he had not expected the knight to make such a suggestion.

「If we are done talking, we would like to take a short rest before we go back; you guys can go on ahead 」

I pointed toward the entrance as I confronted the knights, but there was no sign of movement from them.

…… Do they want the Dungeon Core and Magic Stone that badly?

「I have another idea…… Let’s have a match between your representative and ours, if we win, you hand over the Dungeon Core. If your representative wins, since you already have the Dungeon Core, we will prepare a reasonable payment for you 」

I was taken aback by the knight’s persistence.

Why should we accept the match? We have completed our raid, why should we subject ourselves to this game? Yes, we might have used some shortcuts to get here, but still.

Moreover, their confidence stems from the fact that they will have the Hero, Larx, as their combatant.

「…… I don’t see any merit for us to accept your proposal…… 」

It seems that Char has no intention to indulge their foolish ploy. I was a little relieved.

「Then how about a prize of 100 million gils just to have the match. If the Kingdom loses, that prize will be doubled, to 200 million gils. Does that seem like a worthy merit? And of course we will also compensate you for the Dungeon Core」

100 million…… That’s a tantalizing offer. The reconstruction of the Lunette Empire is still in need of huge amounts of money.

「……. 100 million……. If we had that much, we could rebuild the cities…….. 」

Liese’s heart seemed to be in turmoil as she muttered.  Although her city has made some progress in reconstruction, there are still many places that remain largely devastated.

I caught Char’s gaze, and she slowly nodded her head.

I believed she would stand firm and decline. I really don’t want to fight the Hero if I can help it.

「……. We will accept the 200 million gils to hold the match. If our representative wins, double the payment to 400 million gils 」

……………. Eh?

What the hell? Why would Char accept the match? If the Hero is the one to step forward……. Oh no…….. She does not know that Larx is the Hero…….

I held my head in my hands.

The knight smiled after hearing a verbal commitment from Char.

「I understand. That is acceptable. One representative per party, please 」

……. Got them. The knight must certainly already feel like a victor. I suppose it’s no surprise, since Larx is with them.

The match was scheduled to commence in 30 minutes, and the two parties each gathered to discuss amongst themselves.

「……. Why did you accept? 」

That was my initial reaction.

There would have been no problem whatsoever if we had refused. I get that if we win, the Lunette Empire is to receive 400 billion gils, which can fund the reconstruction, other than that there was no other reason to have accepted.

「Because I can’t imagine Touya-sama losing. Whoever they send out, you can easily defeat them,  won’t you? 」

Char and Al both seem to be thinking the same thing. Liese was mumbling to herself, 「Where shall I start with making repairs? 」

Natalie, on the other hand, seemed uninterested and was preoccupied with the snacks she had brought with her.

「You know, it’ll be bad if Larx is the one I have to fight………. 」

I turned my attention to the Generate Kingdom‘s side. Larx was repeatedly nodding at whatever the knight was saying. Pretty sure they are pumping him full of outrageous ideas.

「Even if he’s strong, he’s just an adventurer, right? Touya-sama can’t be defeated by such a person……. 」

Char remained adamant. Should I tell her that Larx is actually the Hero?

If they knew though, a real battle might erupt. Al’s father was struck down by him after all.

……. I don’t have a choice. I’ll have to go along with this decision.

「May we begin? 」

One of the knights called out to us.

「Alright. I’ll be right there」

「Just in case, may I ask you to take out the Dungeon Core and Magic Stone? 」

I nodded, took out the Dungeon Core and Magic Stone from Dimensional Storage and placed them on the ground.

I heard those of the Generate Kingdom’s party voice their amazement, 「Oh……. 」.

I do not intend to lose any of the two, of course. Even if the other party does have the Hero.

「Good luck, Touya-sama! 」

「Good luck, Touya-san! 」

「Don’t lose, Touya! 」

「Get it over with so we can celebrate with something sweet as soon as possible 」

As usual Natalie made me chuckle…….

Larx came forward.

And we met in the center of the arena.

「Hmm, are you certain you want to send out a Mage? Our representative over there is—- quite strong, you know? 」

The knight snickered.

Having Larx, surely has given them an ego.

Larx himself probably does not think he will lose either. After all, he is said to be the most powerful of all human beings as a Hero. And even more so because he believes he will be fighting a Recovery Priest.



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