The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 5 Chapter 3 Part 2



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Volume 5 Chapter 3 Part 2

「Next stop…….」

With the map in hand, I set off for the next orphanage.

The next one was similar to the previous, with the children playing and enjoying their time in the yard. After a brief conversation with the priest, I left a donation of a small bowl of stew, a loaf of bread, and a small bag with a gold coin in it.

The priest, who initially thought the coin was silver, was taken aback by the contents of the bag and thanked me repeatedly.

It appeared that all the orphanages were struggling to make ends meet.

The smiling children and the grateful priest bid me farewell as I headed to my next destination.

「The next one is……. This one is more centrally located」

Unlike the other orphanages, which were located on the outskirts, this one was closer to the city center.

As I approached, I couldn’t help but look up at the grand building.

…… Why does this one look so good?

It stood out from the other orphanages, having been renovated and larger in size. Moreover, there was one major difference.

—I couldn’t hear the children’s voices.

Without second thought I used Search and soon discovered that the children were all gathered in one spot in the building.

「I wonder what they’re up to …….」

As I entered, a young nun came to greet me.

「May I help you?」

She was dressed in white robes, exuding sex appeal. My cheeks felt a little warm.

「I know someone who wants to run an orphanage, and I wanted to tour the facilities here in the capital to see how I can help them get started」

「Oh, I see. The priest is here too. I’ll take you to him, please follow me」

As I followed the nun who was voluptuous and sensually walking in front of me, she stopped at the door, which was as grand as a nobleman’s estate, and knocked.

「Father, there’s a visitor here to see you」

After receiving permission, she opened the door and led me inside. The room was luxurious making me question if I was in an orphanage.

…… Is this really an orphanage? The others were not like this. Why is there such a drastic difference ……?

I pondered this but refrained from speaking my thoughts, and sat on the sofa in front of the priest as guided.

The priest was a large man who looked like he lived a life of luxury, and he wore a ring decorated with a large gem on his finger.

「It’s a pleasure to meet you. Welcome to our orphanage. I’m Kamala and I run this place」

「My name is Touya, and I’m an adventurer here in the capital」

I told him I was taking a tour of the existing orphanages in hopes of helping a friend who plans to run a new orphanage.

「Is that so? Our children here receive vocational training from a young age so they can start working as soon as they reach adulthood, rather than playing. They’re currently working hard in the workshop」

That explained the lack of noise. The children were already receiving training……. It’s not a bad thing, so I couldn’t interfere.

「I see. I wondered why it was so quiet; but I imagine it’s hard for them to start vocational training so young」

「Yes, it is. But the orphanage is made possible by generous donations from the nobility and the Chamber of Commerce. The items created by the children are also managed by the Chamber of Commerce」

The priest replied with a slight smirk on his face.

「Is that so? That’s why the building is so well maintained?」

I had a bad feeling about this priest.

「Yes, we have to entertain our donors sometimes. So, we have to keep up appearances」

The ring he wore carried little credibility. If it pained him, he wouldn’t have donned it.

「If it’s alright with you, may I see the children?」

「Yes, of course. I just might not be able to keep you company since I’m occupied with work」 The priest rose from his seat and I followed suit.

We strolled down the hallway and entered one of the spacious rooms where a group of children were sitting and busy with something.

「They’re being trained for various trades here. Once they come of age, they’ll have job opportunities through the Chamber of Commerce and other organizations」

Gazing at the children, they were working quietly at a table, but their faces held a sullen expression, unlike the bright and cheerful expressions seen in other children’s homes. A closer look revealed that dirt covered not just their clothes, but their bodies as well.

—Could it be…….

As I frowned, the priest stood in front of me with a grin, obstructing my view of the children.

「They’re in a middle of work now, so perhaps you could come back and take a look later」

「Yes, I understand」

Back in the reception room, the priest’s demeanor shifted back to good-natured as I handed over a gold coin for a donation.

「Thank you, Touya-sama, now the children will have a proper meal」

「I might return for another visit」

I couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t right with this orphanage.

「Maybe I should look into this……」

With that in mind, I decided to return to the mansion.


「This is strange…」

I shared my concerns about the orphanage with Dalish upon returning to the mansion.

He looked grim.

「It’s unlike any of the other facilities. There could be something fishy going on there. I could ask His Majesty about it, but I don’t want to single out one place for investigation」

「I know there are donations, but it’s the Viscount’s responsibility to provide equally for the orphanage’s needs」

「It looks like there is bias and it’s clear to me that the children there aren’t well taken care of like in other orphanages. They seem to be mistreated」

I considered the idea of building a new and better-equipped orphanage and having Saya manage it. With her hard work, I thought it would be wise to hire more staff to help her out. And if needed, I was willing to raise funds myself.

It may seem like I’m playing favorites, but I have to do what’s best for the children.

As I took a sip of tea, I decided that I would consult with His Majesty after all, to get a better understanding of the situation.



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