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Chapter 230 Part 2

《Those who dwell in the light enjoy happiness. They are unaware of the terrors of darkness.》
《Praise be to those who dwell in the darkness, for they are able to withstand the blessings of the wretched light.》
《But light and Darkness are the two sides of the same coin.》
《And yet they can never join one another.》
《Now bear witness to their eternal conflict!》

That was the info for the event that was about to unfold.
I wonder what kind of enemies will appear.

Cambion Lv.2
Monster Target Subjugation Active
Battle Position: Ground, Air Dark Attribute Fire Attribute Wind Attribute Dust Attribute Lava Attribute Wood Attribute

Brown Bear Lv.5
Monster Target Subjugation Active
Battle Position: Ground

Black Bear Lv.7
Monster Target Subjugation Active
Battle Position: Ground Resist Ice

Hunter Bear Lv.5
Monster Target Subjugation Active
Battle Position: Ground Dark Attribute

Polar Bear Lv.2
Monster Target Subjugation Active
Battle Position: Ground Ice Attribute

It’s like a bear festival in here!
Looks like there is one bear of each type.
Some of them I’m seeing for the very first time.
This Polar Bear is looking especially cute with his white fur and all.
It’s a shame that he doesn’t passively emit a frozen aura around itself.
If he was able to do something like that, he would have been an ideal Summoned Monster for combating the heat of the summer season.

When it comes to the Hunter Bears, I’ve never seen them in action before.
Size-wise, they are somewhere in between a Black Bear and a Brown Bear.
All of the bears lined up in front of Cambion.

And then there’s Cambion itself.
To be honest, I don’t know if it’s a man or a woman, but one thing I know for sure:
It’s beauty is undeniable, to the point where it can easily be called bewitching.
The only downside is that its facial expression is very stiff, making it look like an emotionless doll.
I cannot allow myself to underestimate it.
I have to keep my vigilance at all times, because I can feel the immense magical power emanating from its body even without using Sense Magic.
I think it’s have a great synergy with Teromea if I could summon it as one of my monsters.

[True Practiced Spirit! Breath! Meditate!]

I used a few of my spells and then proceeded to shorten the distance between us at once.
The roars of the bears filled the bottom of the basin, echoing violently around it.

Even so, Volff howled valiantly at the moon in the sky.
It sounded even more intimidating then the combined noises made by the group of bears.
When they heard it, the Black and Brown Bears who were leading the charge towards us were suddenly frozen in place.
Were they that taken aback by Volff’s sophisticated howl?

However, Polar and Hunter Bears did not stop and continued to approach us.
Very well! I will respond with my own full speed!
I won’t let you take the initiative!
The Polar Bear will be my first prey!

Senki will face off against the Hunter Bear.
Volff uses his speed to approach Cambion while the rest of the enemies is focused on us exclusively.
Tigris and Shishiko are right behind him, followed by Teromea
That’s it guys, go ahead and leave the small fries to us!
Okay Senki, let’s make short work of the enemy avant-garde so we can go help the others as fast as possible!

I imbued my Glass Light Sword with Wind Attribute.
The slash from the wind-strengthened weapon renders the Bear’s flesh from their bones.
That response was more than sufficient for me.

Even with that, the enemies didn’t lose as much HP as I would have liked them to lose.
It would seem that I still have a long way to go when it comes to swordsmanship.
Then how about this?!

[Defense Fall!]

And I slashed at them again?
Well? Did the damage increased?
It did, but it’s still not good enough!


But then, a monkey-like shriek tore through the surroundings.
When I launched another diagonal slash performed from the dragonfly posture at first I thought that the attack was just like the previous ones: not very effective.
But then I noticed that there was something strange about the Polar Bear’s upper and lower body.
As if they were somewhat… misaligned.
But wait… oh, now I see!

A huge slash mark appeared on the Polar Bear’s body, ranging from its shoulder all the way to its waist.
After a few seconds, the upper half of the Bear’s body slowly slid off the lower half with an unpleasant, meaty noise, shattering the Bear’s HP bar in an instant.
Wow. Just wow.
So this sword can do stuff like that when properly used?

Now then, what is the situation of others?
As expected, Senki is totally overwhelming the Hunter Bear, so he should have no problems.
The Black Bears are already lying dead on the ground, and everything seems to be pointing to the scenario where the Brown Bears will soon join them, courtesy of Shishiko.
Okay, and how’s Cambion doing?
Looks like it’s still alive.
But its HP bar has been reduced by about 70%.

Also, I believe that it’s worth pointing out that Teromea swinging the Tin Staff in the air looks kinda comical.
I thought that it’s going to deal with Cambion swiftly, but I think I understand why it’s not dead yet.
It’s because Cambion has many Attributes.
So maybe that’s why Teromea’s special ability does not work on it.
And must’ve been used, because Teromea’s MP bar has been depleted significantly.
[Thunder Arrow!]

Now I’ve also attacked it with my spell.
When it hit Cambion, Teromea timed its staff attack in order to strike at Cambion’s wings when it had no means of avoiding it.
When it hit the ground with a loud crash, Volff and Tigris immediately rushed towards it.
Now that it was at my boy’s mercy, it’s going to be a smooth sailing from here.
But contrary to my expectations, Cambion’s magical power seemed to have skyrocketed even further!

What is going on?!

In the next moment…
W-Why did the ground suddenly turned red?!
It’s not that the ground has simply been colored red.
The ground around Cambion is turning into a pool of lava!
On of the Attributes in Cambion’s possession is the Lava one.
Could it be that this is actually how it fights?!

Volff managed to jump away before the lava reached him, but Tigris wasn’t so lucky.
The lava entangled itself around his legs, preventing him from jumping out and dealing continuous damage.
Of all the times to use a troublesome ability like that!

To save Tigris, Teromea descended from the sky and rang its Tin Cane right above his head.
Tigris is still suffering from continuous ticks of fire damage, but at least the speed at which he is sustaining it has dropped dramatically.
Nice thinking, Teromea!

[Fire Heal!]

Now that we managed to pull Tigris out of the hot spot and heal him, it was time to face the Cambion again.
We have the means to fight him in a ranged battle, but that doesn’t make me feel any batter about our current situation.
If at all possible, I’d like to settle everything with the next few spells.

I switched the enchantment on the Glass Light Blade from Wind to Ice.
And now for something that will allow us to get up close and personal.

[Resist Lava!]

And I dive straight into the lava.
Hot! It’s so hot!
I am sustaining continuous damage, but thanks to my resist spell it is nothing to worry about, at least for now.
This is already too much trouble than it is actually worth.
I close the distance between us while choosing and executing the next spell, while Teromea positioned itself directly above Cambion’s head.
Ha, you have nowhere left to run!
Even if you wanted to, you’re stuck in here with us!

What is the look on Cambion’s face?
It remained the same, just like the Deva Emperor’s mask.
No, wait.
Did it just… smile a little?

It then summoned a huge-ass sphere of flame above its head.
And when I say huge-ass, I really mean it!
This shit in way bigger than what your typical monster enemies can usually produce!
Big! This is way too big! (TL Note: That’s what she said!)

Before he could launch this piece of flaming calamity at us, I shot my own ice spell straight at its face, and them prepared to swing my sword at it.
Slashed neatly in half, both the fiery sphere and Cambion disappeared and turned into nothingness.

《Cast the peaceful light aside.》
《Embrace the darkness.》
《For light is what causes darkness.》
《And without darkness, there can be no light.》
《Beware of the void.》

Yeah yeah.
You know what?
You can go suck a dick for all I care!

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