Chapter 247 Part 1

We recalled all our Summon Monsters and formed a party of six players.
Irina used Return Home, and in the moment, we were all suddenly at the Wind Spirit Village.
From there, we used a fly spell on ourselves and started flying south.
We didn’t have any Summon Monsters with us, but we were still able to defeat the Float Eyes that came to bother us. We let their bodies fall to the ground.
Somehow I felt like what we were doing was bad manners.
But the time that we had left to travel together was more precious to me at that time.

The time was just about 5 pm.
We finally managed to reach our destination. I wanted to show them the southern caves.
Of course, when we got there, we dissolved the party of 6 players, and we all summoned our Summon Monster teams.
But thinking about it some more, there really was no point in forming a Union to fight against the monsters in the cave.
The passages were quite narrow too.
Even the main rooms of the cave would probably only be able to fit three parties at most.
I would have to learn to be patient.
There would be Lion-dogs, along with the Deva Kings waiting for us.
The best part was that there was never a time when I couldn’t fight them.
Well, that depended a bit on our fighting strength too though.
It would be easy for us to win even the tough battles, as long as we remembered to use our strengthening spells in advance.

「Is this really okay? Are they not going to be too difficult?」

「Hmm? I suppose I could try fighting them once by myself. After you figure out their attack patterns, they become quite easy to deal with.」

「I guess that’s true…」

「Can we at least form a Union of two parties?」

「I think that’s actually going to work against you, since the game will know you’re in a Union and the enemies will get stronger accordingly. Hasn’t something like that happened before?」

Irina was the one to answer the question.
Oops. Almost forgot.
I was very used to clearing the place in just a single party, after all.
I would have to be more careful going forward.

「It’s been a while, but why don’t I try to take on one of them by myself first?」

「As an example, right?」

「Not an example we can imitate, though!」

「Oh yeah, Hyodor, I think it’s best you take this “example” with a grain of salt, okay?」

Adele and Irina were being quite mean.
In any case, wouldn’t having any example be better than having none at all?

I arrived in front of the first pair of Deva Kings.
There was one party in front of me in the line to fight it, but they finished quickly, and it was my turn in no time.
What did my team look like?
My Summon Monster team consisted of Volff, Jericho, Florin, Naraka, and Telomere.
I had Florin and Naraka in my team because I was anticipating their Class Changes to come very soon.

Well then.
I finished using all of my strengthening spells, and stepped forward to challenge the Deva Kings.
The first pair of Deva Kings was an A-gyo with the Fire Attribute, and an Un-gyo with the Earth Attribute.
But there was a problem.
How strong would they be? I hadn’t challenged them in a long while.
When it came to the Deva Kings, that was a question that I always had trouble answering.

There were a lot of players sitting around watching me for some reason, but I paid them no heed and stepped forward anyway.
What did I have as my weapons?
In my right hand I had my Lion Sage’s Fleuret.
In my left hand I had my Snow Beast Mace.
I wanted to finish off this first pair as soon as possible.

Deva Emperor – A-gyo Lv.6
Heavenly General Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Ground Fire Attribute Water Resistance

Deva Emperor – Un-gyo Lv.6
Heavenly General Enemy Target Active
Battle position: Earth Earth Attribute Wind Resistance

The pair of them were at a moderate level, not too far above what I was expecting.
I was really hoping for them to drop another Vajra Sword.

From the hilt of the A-gyo’s Vajra Sword came a blade of flames.
Ooh, it was a sight I hadn’t seen in a long time.
I could enjoy myself for a bit.

《【Thrusting Sword】Level Up!》
《You have acquired the【Thrusting Sword】Weapon Arte “Rompe”.》
《【Mental Reinforcement】Level Up!》

Well, I was grateful I got to fight some strong Deva Emperors after a long time.
I was also grateful for the level-ups.
But I didn’t get any item drops.
Oh well, that was a shame.

My Snow Beast Mace worked very well in the fight, allowing me to break the Deva Emperors’ knees in just two shots.
After beating down on the A-gyo with my Snow Beast Mace for a bit, I could finish it off with my Lion Sage’s Fleuret after its movements were completely disabled by the paralysis abnormal status condition.
The paralysis status didn’t last for long though.
But it was enough to render one of those Deva Emperors completely defenceless for about 10 seconds.
It was definitely enough time to crush the other leg and kick it onto the ground.
After making the A-gyo fall to the ground, I crushed its right hand with my Snow Beast Mace just to make sure it wouldn’t be able to resist, before stabbing it multiple times in its face with my Lion Sage’s Fleuret.
In almost no time, the A-gyo went down.

But… It felt a little too simple.
It was clearly too easy of a win!
There was no excitement in that fight!

But I learnt something new about my Lion Sage’s Fleuret then.
It worked well with my Snow Beast Mace, but it was a little uncomfortable to use in my usual Dual Wield style of fighting.
It just didn’t feel right.
Well, I had high hopes that the uncomfortable feeling would go away as I continued to level the skill.
It was an issue I could address further into the future.

How was the Un-gyo?
It also fell to my Summon Monsters in no time.
The Summon Monster most effective against the Un-gyo was probably Jericho, who overwhelmed the Un-gyo and kept it in place by wrestling it to the ground.
It wasn’t just Jericho either. While Jericho was beating down on it, my other four Summon Monsters were giving the Un-gyo their all too.
Telomere delivered a strong hit from her hammer from high in the air to the back of the Un-gyo’s head.
That blow was the last strike.

If only I took down the A-gyo faster, there was a chance I could have participated in the fight that my Summon Monsters were having against the Un-gyo.

「I knew it!」

「Now you get what we were saying with how this isn’t a helpful example at all, right?」

How mean of them…
It’s been a while since I’ve last gotten to let loose like this, you know!?
It’s going to be the same for you guys, just with different weapons!

「Alright then, I’ll try going next!」

「All the best~」

Konohana wanted to try her hand next.
What was her Summon Monster lineup like?
Her team consisted of a Grey Wolf, a Mystic Eye, a Beast Ape, a Lorelei, and a Chimera.
The Beast Ape was acting as the tank for the rest of the team, but since it was just the Beast Ape, things could get tough…
Because of that, I decided to cast Gravity Mail on every Summon Monster of hers except for her Lorelei and Konohana herself.
Adele also started casting other support spells one after another.
The boost in Konohana’s stats would definitely play a big part in the battle.

Deva King – A-gyo Lv.2
Heavenly General Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Ground Fire Attribute

Deva King – Un-gyo Lv.2
Heavenly General Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Ground Earth Attribute

The GMs were being unusually nice to her.
I had a feeling that there was something off about the levels of those Deva Kings.

But the battle still went on for longer than I expected it would.
Konohana’s fighting style revolved mostly around supporting her Beast Ape, while trying to keep the A-gyo at bay.
The other four Summon Monsters were able to take down the Un-gyo.
The Lorelei’s singing voice sounded rather ominous.
It was almost as if the Lorelei was threatening her opponents simply by singing.
Incidentally, her singing voice was steadily damaging the two Deva Kings.

After Konohana’s Chimera took down the Un-gyo, the rest of the battle ended quite smoothly.
The Lorelei’s song switched to one with a gentle singing voice, and the song started restoring the whole team’s HP bars.
Some time afterwards, the A-gyo got overwhelmed and finished off.
It was the spell Gravity Bullet, fired by Konohana, that finally took it down.
She managed to get the best part of the battle for herself, I suppose.
I didn’t know if that actually made a difference in terms of experience points gained.


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