Chapter 272 Part 2

I figured it out.
Basically, matches between players also serve as qualifying.
Moreover, it seems that when you fight a player with a higher level, you tend to get more points regardless of whether you win or lose.

In short.
Am I being targeted?
However, no player moves to interrupt the conversation between me and Margrid.

「Settlement, if you would」


I ask Rick to settle.
There are a few magic stones and coins, including two magic crystals.

「Well, you can fly in the sky and you have Return Home. You can run away, right?」

「I’d like to avoid flying」

「You want to avoid it?」

「Recently, there was a little incident, so」

I wonder if I should call it that.

I submit union applications to Margrid, Rick, Helga, and Len-Len.
It’s faster to have them see it.

「The guy I encountered while traveling in the sky.」

「What? This?」

「I couldn’t see anything other than its name.」

Everyone seems to be silently looking at the shared virtual window.
It was Rick who broke that atmosphere.

「Mr. Keith, did you hunt this?」

「No way!」

I sigh for some reason.
Oh, did they think I hunted it?
No matter how you look at it, it’s superior.
I mean, I was afraid to even approach him.

Suddenly rapid fire talking.
No, even if you all ask at once, right?
It’s just an opponent I escaped from.

「Isn’t it better to post this on the bulletin board?」

「It’s necessary as a warning. It seems dangerous to raise altitude too much with the Fly spell.」

「If you form a union can you win?」

「Is it possible to win with a large group? Or maybe you’d just become the dragon’s prey?」

「It’s like a flying tank, isn’t it?」

I can’t even figure out who is saying what.
I’ll leave it to them.

「I’ll leave it to you to post it on the bulletin board.」

「Is that okay?」

「I think it makes sense to let people know the danger in advance.」

The location of the video is displayed in the virtual window.
Let’s leave that to them.

Guess that’s enough here.
The gazes of the players around us are also moving.
They seem to be holding each other back.
Are you at a loss?
But let’s get a head start.
Will I accept matches?
I don’t get anything but a bad feeling.

I intentionally change the lineup of summoned monsters.
I took Senki, Tigris, Shishiku, Kyokuya, and Raibun.
That’s right.
It’s to scare people.
Tigris is in the front, followed by me.
On my sides are Shishiku and Raibun.
Behind are Senki and Kyokuya.

The intimidating aura being spread around us should be nothing to laugh at.
It should be.

No one will challenge us, right?

After safely exiting the area, I head towards the outskirts of the village.
I knew that there were still gazes on me.
However, there are summoned monsters around me.
To come close even seeing that would take some guts, wouldn’t it?
That’s what I’m hoping for.
Well, they’re something like guard dogs.
I think the effect was great.
In fact, no player challenged me.
Would it have been bad if there had been a player like Yosaku around?
I’m gonna quickly get out of this village and keep moving.

A little ways away from the Wind Spirit Village, I changed the lineup completely.
Volff, Zangetsu, Helix, Couturier, Keimei.
I put it back to normal.
Let’s continue to test the Kukri and work towards Keimei’s level up as we move.
We’re heading east.
The monsters that show up don’t change.
Raptors, Float Eyes, and Anger Cranes.
The drops don’t change either.

The rather monotonous travel continues.
I’m hunting, and I’m trying out various things with the Kukri, but.
In the end, if nothing happens and there’s not enough sense of crisis, it gets dull.

This is no good.
Should I have accepted the matches?
No, I have a feeling it would’ve just been a waste of time.
For opponents I have no problem.
Senki and Goki can be my opponents after all.
Even Oma and Abyss could do.

That’s right.
If I gave him a wooden sword Abyss could also fight me.
Let’s try it next time.

《Summon Monster『Keimei』Level Up! 》
《Please add 1 point to a desired stat.》

We’ll reach the eastern end of the W2 Map soon.
The Skeleton Cave is visible in the distance.
This soon, huh.
There’s also a free skill slot, so let’s fill it up.

Keimei’s AGI has already risen.
I put the other in STR.

Keimei Imp Lv4 → Lv5 (↑ 1)
AGI (↑ 1)
INT 21
STR 4 (↑ 1)
SPI 24

Flight Levitation Echolocation Magic Resistance [Medium] MP Recovery [Small]
Light Attribute Dark Attribute Earth Attribute (New!)

I set the open skill to the Earth Attribute.
They are all weaker monsters, but we’re hunting them at a fairly high pace, so.
I hope you level up quickly.

Well, I think that pace will fall.
However, I can make it to my meeting with some room to spare.
What’ll I do with that free time?
It could be matches.
It could be excavating Ancient Stone Pillars.
I could replenish my diminishing Potions and Mana Potions.
Although I’m low on materials.

That’s right.
Should we go visit Master’s house?
There should still be a lot of materials there.
I’m not that low on health potions.
But I do kinda want Mana Potions, you know?
I don’t have many materials on hand.
Should I go collect some?

As we enter the cave I change the lineup.
I recalled Helix and Couturier.
Summoned Obsidian and Oma.
We’re just gonna quickly skip through here and the Forest Maze.

How is the Kukri against skeletons?
The effect is weak.
Not enough to justify use.
That’s because Zangetsu literally kicks apart the group.
And the other summon monsters finish them off one by one.
I have no turn.
I really don’t.

How about in the Forest Maze?
Branch Golems are tough.
The HP bar goes well below half just by normally charging without using martial arts techniques.
The fact that they can still move normally after that is incredible, but.
I can easily finish them off.

The same goes for mushrooms.
Well, I’m grateful that they leave ingredients behind.
Today we’ll do that, right?
Let’s do a lot of sparring.

Right after leaving the Forest Maze I started up an Instant Portal.
Today’s lunch is mainly made from freshly picked mushrooms.
I recall Keimei for now and summon Bunraku.
It’s been a long time since I’ve had mushroom.
They’re freshly picked today, you know?

While waiting for the cooking, should I excavate or something?
Let’s pit Volff against Oma.
It’ll be a competition between high mobility-types set in the forest.
It looks a little interesting.

If you can see it, it’s interesting.
But when it’s in the shadows of the trees, naturally I can’t see what’s going on.

However, it seems to be a good match.
There are no restrictions on the use of special abilities.
The conditions seemed to be against Volff, but the fighting wasn’t.
Rather, he’s pushing.
This is because Oma inevitably loses momentum the moment he activates a special ability.
It may also be influenced by Psychic.
I think that the match between Volff and Oma is good as a high mobility battle.
Although it’ll end as a time-out.
Well, having an even matchup is perfect.

2 rounds before lunch was finished.
It was Volff’s two wins.
I was excavating rough Tsavorite from Ancient Stones.
It’s going nicely.
The pasta made by Bunraku is also delicious.
No problems here.

And a strange shadow goes back and forth in my view.
There’s no doubt that Players are fighting each other.
What are you doing while I’m trying to eat!
Not that they can hear me.

Is it normal players and PKs?
Or PKs and PKKs?
Either way is fine.
It seems to be a pretty even fight.
While following their respective teammates, they’re looking for a chance to strike their opponents.

Another party has appeared.
One party begins to skillfully withdraw.
Is that a good decision?
The two remaining parties don’t seem to give chase.
It seems like they have pretty heavy armor.
Are these normal parties?
If so, the possibility of PK is very high.

I see.
I’ll be careful too.
Although I don’t mind if they attack me.

Am I starting to get bored?
No doubt.

The boredom is starting to ache.

Protagonist Keith

Race Human Male Racial Lv28
Job Grand Summoner Lv. 14
Bonus Points Remaining: 30

Skill Sets:
Sword Lv12 Two-handed Spear Lv11 Lance Lv9 Club Lv 11 Dagger Lv 11
Rapier Lv9 Rope Artes Lv10 Cane Lv21 Punch Lv18 Kick Lv18
Joint Lock Lv18 Throw Lv18 Evade Lv18 Block Lv18
Summon Magic Lv28 Spacetime Magic Lv17 (↑ 1) Seal Magic Lv11
Light Magic Lv17 Wind Magic Lv17 Earth Magic Lv17 Water Magic Lv17
Fire Magic Lv17 Dark Magic Lv17 Ice Magic Lv16 Lightning Magic Lv16
Tree Magic Lv16 Dust Magic Lv16 Lava Magic Lv17 Steam Magic Lv15
Alchemy Lv11 Pharmacy Lv8 Glassmaking Lv6 Woodworking Lv11
Synergy Lv20 Appraisal Lv20 Identify Lv20 Discern Lv5 Cold Resistance Lv9
Grab Lv16 Horsemanship Lv17 (↑ 1) Precise Manipulation Lv19 Ropework Lv10
Jump Lv9 Acrobatics Lv9 Heat Resistance Lv12 Climb Lv9 Balance Lv10
Dual Wield Lv17 Disassembly Lv16 (↑ 1) Swim Lv6 Dive Lv6 Throw Object Lv3 (↑ 2)
Dash Lv9 Endurance Run Lv9
Hide Lv3 Conceal Lv3
Physical Enhancement Lv17 Mental Enhancement Lv18 (↑ 1) Speedcasting Lv18
Magic Effect Amplification Lv17 Magic Range Expansion Lv17
Petrification Resistance Lv6 Sleep Resistance Lv5 Paralysis Resistance Lv6
Confusion Resistance Lv4 Darkness Resistance Lv4 Unconscious Resistance Lv5
Charm Resistance Lv1 (New!)

Summoned Monsters
Bunraku Metal Skin Lv5 → Lv6 (↑ 1)
DEX 31 (↑ 1)
AGI 13 (↑ 1)
INT 22
VIT 14
SPI 14
Two-handed Spear Bow Cooking Magic Resistance [Slight] Self-Repair [Small]

Keimei Imp Lv4 → Lv5 (↑ 1)
 DEX 6
 AGI (↑ 1)
 INT 21
 STR 4 (↑ 1)
 VIT 4
 SPI 24
 Flight Levitation Echolocation Magic Resistance [Medium] MP Recovery [Small]
 Light Attribute Dark Attribute Earth Attribute (New!)


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