Chapter 48 Part 3 – A memory from the previous「108 times」. For the sake of the people we love. And for our friends.

His crimson eyes glowed with anger.
Without worrying about the damage, Bradd caught Alisa’s kick, grabbed her ankle, and tried to slam her to the ground at a high speed.

「You see, you can do it if you put your mind to it!! Fufu, Mr. Demon, come this way. Ahaha, I’ll act as the〈Maiden of Salvation〉that you like so much.」

With her opposite foot, Alisa kicked Bradd’s hand and slipped out just before the collision.
Then she stabilized her stance.

Landing brilliantly, she held her skirt with an embarrassed expression and shyly twisted her body.

「…… Oh no, Bradd, you’re so naughty. …… Did you see it? Could it be that you’re interested in what’s inside Alisa’s skirt? Ehehe!! Can’t be helped, huh. Then keep it a secret, okay. I’ll make an exception and show you even what’s inside my panties……!!」

Switching to a flower-like young lady tone, Alisa smiled invitingly with upturned eyes.
Arnold and Seraphy’s faces scrunched up at her crazy little play.

This time, Alisa’s kick came up from below.
Her target was Bradd’s chin.
Produced from an unbelievable leg split of more than 180 degrees, the kick traced a half-moon path.
If he looked away, let alone peek up her skirt, he would be fatally wounded in an instant.
The tip of Bradd’s forelock was scorched after the kick barely swept it and after the right leg passed by, the left leg attacked without a moment’s pause. It was a two-stage kick, like a giant circular saw that rotates vertically.

Alisa arched backward while lifting her right leg and put her hands on the ground.
She then followed up with a left kick while spinning backward in an inverted position.

Unable to dodge, Bradd was sent flying.
He let out a groan of pain.
Despite her slender body, the power of Alisa’s kick, which utilized centrifugal force, was tremendous. It could crush flesh and easily break bones.
However, it was not the kick that made Bradd’s face contorted.

「…… 「Frenzy」 ……!!」

Sweat broke out on Bradd’s forehead.
Alisa landed with a thud on both feet.

Alisa’s inverted rotation was done with one hand. The other hand brushed Bradd’s stomach as if stroking him. That attack was the reason Bradd’s expression changed. Alisa’s 「Frenzy」 disrupts the blood flow and damages the nervous system.

「…… You see, Alisa is pretty awesome!! As long as I can spin, I can launch 「Frenzy」 at will. Have you had your fill of Alisa’s secrets? But Bradd, you can do that scary 「Transmission」 too, as long as you can step. But Alisa will not lose. Because a girl in love is invincible.」

Alisa lightly struck a gut-pose with both hands as if she were waving maracas. With her hands in the same shape, she moved in close contact with Bradd, as if she were moving with teleportation. Because he was made to press his crotch against her thigh, Bradd was hindered by the fabric of her skirt and was unable to take even a half step. He tried to escape by flight, but Alisa held his kneecaps down with both hands.

「…… Tck!!」

「…… Mnn …… Don’t move so fiercely. Not there!! I told you that I don’t want it ……!!」

She let out a sad exhale, but there was a cruelty in her crimson eyes that she could not hide.

Alisa’s next kick came from the right side like a hook.
The kick was centered on the hip joint, and Alisa launched the kick without twitching her upper body or moving her pivot leg at all. It was as if the blades of an electric fan were spinning. As long as there was an opening, Alisa could hit her opponent with a kick from anywhere. It was a flexibility that was beyond human reach. Unlike the previous vertical kicks, this time the kick was followed by a series of horizontally launched roundhouse kicks.

Alisa closed the distance with her cheeks puffed out in frustration as Bradd backed away. It was as if they were partners in a passionate dance.

「…… You’re terrible. I’m doing my best to make you feel the 「softness」 of a girl. And yet you’re running away …… I hate that kind of nasty Bradd!! …… Alisa is mad at you!」

It was too vicious a joke.

Using the momentum of the kick that missed its target, Alisa rotated her body like a whirlwind and swung her hand to hit him. It seemed to be just a light hit, but it rang out so loudly that the floor shook. Bradd’s shoulders shook. Blood spurted from his nostrils.

Alisa attacked Bradd with 「Frenzy」.
The damage from it was greater than the kicks.

「…… Yeay!! I hit it right on target!! Alisa might be a genius!?」

Alisa was jumping up and down with a deliberate glee. Even her facial expression has become childish. She acted as the foolish Alisa that was made fun of by almost all the other young ladies of the same age, except for Scarlet.

And yet, the martial arts she now wields are astounding. And her eyes are crimson.

Arnold and Seraphy felt a chill at the imbalance. Now that they knew Alisa’s true nature, the disguise sent chills down their spines.

When she was acting as a flower-like girl, Alisa had no other friends besides Scarlet. A person whom anyone could bad-mouth and deliberately make her overheard the scornful remarks, that was Alisa. The monster who could have crushed the entire aristocratic society, including the young ladies, remained unprovoked even when she was tormented. Did she think they were just small insects and so ignored them, or did she have some other agenda? In any case, the depths of her belly were completely unreadable and the eerie feeling was unparalleled. The incomprehensibility of the situation made them nauseous.

Bradd seemed to feel the same way, coughing violently and groaning.

「It’s …… sickening …… that faux mannerism …… your subordinates, the seven phantoms, will cry when they see you like this.」

Alisa stopped jumping on both feet and straightened up quickly. She took off her flower-like young lady mask and returned to the expression of an arrogant, ruthless absolutist.

「…… You fool. Don’t you dare underestimate my seven phantoms. It doesn’t matter if I am a baby or a hundred year old woman. You know very well that none of them are a disloyal person that would be swayed by such a change in appearance. …… After all, your brother is also one of the seven phantoms. Your dear older brother with whom you had a family quarrel with in the 「True History」. Have you forgotten about him?」

After coldly saying that, Arisa giggled. Bradd gritted his teeth as he looked at her.

「…… Shut up ……!!」

「Fufufu, don’t make such a grudgeful expression. It’s your fault that your older brother came running to my side. He had spent his entire limited life trying to become the strongest of the〈Lawless Crew〉, that was his dream, his one and only wish …… yet you trampled it down with your innate talents. He clung to me and cried. …… You didn’t even know how your brother felt and always said to him that he was amazing, that he was the strongest …… Ahahaha, you have no idea how hurt he was by your words. What a cruel brother!!」

「…… I told you to shut up!!」

Brad’s lightning-fast step was, from Alisa’s point of view, crude and full of gaps. It was no different than a super-slow phone punch. When the 「conduction」 gushed from Brad’s fist, Alisa was already circling and diving into Brad’s pocket.

When he was in a rage, Bradd’s steps were at the speed of lightning, but from Alisa’s point of view, it was a crude one full of openings. It’s no different from a super slow telephone punch. By the time 「Transmission」 struck from Bradd’s fist, Alisa was already rotating and jumping toward Bradd.

「…… How immature. Your heart is already disturbed with just that much. Is that your limit ……?」

Brad staggered backwards after taking in a few 「Frenzy」 shots.
Even so, he was quick to enter into an ironclad guard.
In that case, even Alisa cannot easily break it down.

Alisa clicked her tongue at the fact that she was not able to inflict as much damage as she had expected and launched into a full-force pursuit. She smirked once she found that Bradd’s footwork had stopped, though his guard remained strong. The 「Frenzy」 had numbed Bradd’s legs and taken away his freedom. The only thing left for him is the future of becoming a punching bag.

Arisa was a true martial arts prodigy with lots of experience.
That’s why Arnold could not understand her.

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