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Chapter 48 Part 5 – A memory from the previous「108 times」. For the sake of the people we love. And for our friends.

Her left arm hung limply. Flesh all over the place, exposing a pomegranate-like wound. Yet not a drop of blood flowed. She controlled the blood flow and stopped the bleeding immediately.

「…… Just before the rotation was stopped, Alisa amassed all the power of her 「Frenzy」 into her left arm and used it as a …… bomb. She used brute force to clash against my fist that had all my power condensed into it and forced it into a simultaneous attack on each other …… I took a serious hit. While she only lost her left arm ……」

Bradd coughed violently. Blood gushed out.

「…… H-Hey ……!!」

Arnold’s expression changed at the unusual amount of blood he was coughing up.
Bradd smiled, but his complexion was pale.

「…… I’m on the verge of death. My bones and internal organs are messed up. That was an extremely unfair simultaneous strike ……」

Bradd looked at Alisa, who was walking slowly and gracefully toward him, and spat out a mouthful of blood in frustration.

「…… Unfair? Rather, you should be proud of it. You made me sacrifice my left arm. Fufu, I think I might understand Scarlet’s feelings a little bit ……. To the point that I want to be held by you right now. I would do anything for you. I want to keep on dreaming lewd dreams, entwined with each other like snakes, all through the morning and all through the night …… even right until I fall asleep …… Ahhh, but ……」

Alisa had an obscene smile on her face, but her red eyes were glistening with a dangerous light. It was the glow of the flames of hell that no matter how many people it burns, it will still continue to starve.

「…… but you are my love rival. …… So we won’t love each other, we will kill each other. We are not allowed to give each other melting pleasure or whisper sweet love. Instead, we slurp the life out of each other, dragging out the pain and horror. It’s the best party that lovers could never have. …… Now, come here. Into the wonderful blood-soaked nightmare that we deserve!」

The smile on Alisa’s happy face was the very essence of a condensed nightmare.

「…… I don’t want to go to a place like that. That’s a crazy request you’re making. …… You’re making the same dangerous look as that time when you were obsessed with Scarlet …… This is bad. I’ve totally made that monstrous woman become serious …… I’m already on the verge of death ……」

Brad grunted and staggered to his feet to intercept her.

「…… Yet you still stand. I regret that you won’t get a taste of my monstrousness in bed …… but you won’t make that choice even if you die. ……So instead of sexual pleasure, I will squeeze every drop of your life out of you ……」

Alisa sighed with love at Bradd’s fighting spirit that was still intact despite the wounds he had sustained.

「…… Not bad for a man’s willpower to not give up even in a difficult situation. Fufu, you’re so cute. But if you don’t hurry, the crescent moon will be over. Then all chances of you winning will be lost. You can’t just take my attacks. You must step in more aggressively …… and burn your life for me. Don’t let me down ……」

Alisa’s cheeks flushed and she whispered sweetly.

「…… Crescent moon? It’s true that it’s currently the crescent moon …… But what is she talking about ……」

Arnold was taken aback.
Seraphy next to Arnold answered his question.

「…… Except during a crescent moon, Alisa can see the path to kill a human being in the shortest amount of time. Just by following that path, she can easily kill any opponent and avoid her own death. She is a genius at killing. Once that happens, she is invincible. That’s why I tried to attack Alisa during the new moon, but ……」

Seraphy laughed bitterly with a pale, stiff expression.

「 I was too conceited. Her strength was far beyond my expectations …… Alisa rarely shows her strength. She’s been getting rid of anyone who gets in her way with only schemes and precognition. I didn’t expect her to be so strong.」

The puzzled Arnold turned pale, shuddered, and groaned as he understood what Seraphy was saying.

「…… She has that kind of strength and also precognition!? You’re saying that she hasn’t shown what she’s fully capable of!! You’ve got to be kidding me …… She’s too much of a monster ……!! ……Hey!! Bradd!! You’re staggering!! You’re going to go up against that monster in your current state? You can’t win. You’ll get killed for sure ……」

Arnold swallowed his words as he was about to say the rest of the sentence.
Bradd was the one fighting to the death and he would understand that better than anyone else. Even so, as long as he had his life, he would rise up again and again to challenge Alisa.

Even if it means getting himself wounded, losing his life, and finally dying a horrible death.

「…… I have no intention to get killed so easily. I’ve already given my all to fight against her, but it seems that it’s still not enough to deal with that woman. So please …… take Scarlet, take the Queen and run. I’ll hold Alisa back even if I have to eat her. …… I’ll persevere, persist, and hold her back ……」

「You’re saying that you’ll hold her back, but your body is already ……」

Seeing Arnold speechless, Bradd smiled and said to him, 「Don’t worry」.

「…… My arms and legs certainly can’t even move properly anymore. My body is burning up with pain. But my heart doesn’t hurt. Compared to the pain I felt when I killed …… Scarlet with my own hands that time. …… That’s why I can fight, as long as possible …… when I think about her loneliness and sadness ……!! My atonement is not over yet ……」

Bradd’s lonely muttering profile made Arnold choked up.
Arnold was strongly moved by his sad determination to carry out his convictions.
The image of Matzo, who died while smiling in order to protect the Queen, overlapped with Bradd.
Men who are willing to die for their convictions, not even the grim reaper can discourage them from carrying out their resolve.

‘All of you bastards are always looking for death!! You guys are too cool ……!!’

Arnold gnashed his teeth. The words that followed gushed from Arnold’s trembling soul.

「…… You utterly foolish assholes ……!! In that case, let me fight with you ……!! Don’t carry the burden all by yourself! Alisa is my destined opponent as well!! You were the one that came out from the sides without permission and acted cool!!」

Moved by a feeling that blew away his fear of Alisa, Arnold quickly picked up the iron bow lying on the floor and aimed it at Alisa. Alisa took a glance at him with a gaze seeming like he was a stupid little insect.

「…… You’re in the way. I’m currently in a good mood and I don’t want you to ruin it. You should learn to know your standing.」

「Stop it!! Arnold!!」

Turning a deaf ear to Seraphy’s objection, Arnold shouted.

「…… Don’t try to stop me, Seraphy!! …… I’m not as smart as Seraphy. So I have no idea why Bradd became like a completely different person and what kind of relationship he has with the Queen. I’m also aware that with my strength, I won’t be able to reach Alisa ……!! But you know what, a man is willing to lay down his life to fight for the woman he is in love with. If I overlook this, there’s no point in living ……!!」

Bradd looked surprised for a moment, then gave a boyish grin.

「This reminds me of「True History」. …… At that time, Arnold always had a scary look on his face and didn’t talk much, but he was a good guy who cared about his friends. He was taciturn, but he’d casually say something that would resonate in my heart …… I often got helped by him …… With an expression that looked as if he had bitten a bitter bug, he once told me the same thing.」

Arnold couldn’t believe his eyes and ears.
It wasn’t because of some「True History」of which he had no idea about. He had never heard such a nostalgic look and tone of voice from Bradd, who was taciturn and always kept a certain distance from everyone.

「…… It’s a mystery. Even though we’ve lived different lives, our souls, or our roots, are still the same. I’m sure that’s why I can entrust Scarlet to you with peace of mind. Please, please protect my greatest treasure.」

A calm but strong trust dwelled in his gaze. Arnold could tell that he was not trying to keep him away because he would become a hindrance in the battle, but because he truly believed that.

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