Chapter 54 Part 3 – The second princess of Hydrangea, Margaret, invades.

…… Haaa, I guess that’s not something to brag about.
I know better than anyone else that I have a terrible personality.
But, I didn’t have any other choice. As soon as I smiled, shook hands with them, and turned my back, all of them were the type of opponents that would immediately try to stab me in the back. I wouldn’t have survived if I didn’t quickly detect their malicious intent and eliminate it without mercy. It’s not that I was tormenting my opponents because I liked it.

But my splatter life of killing and being killed is over!!
Now is the time for me to fully utilize my knowledge and seize not power but peaceful ordinary days!!
Knowledge cheat in full effect!! Go for it, me!! The goal is to become an invincible NEET ……!!

「…… Well, I’m okay with you aiming to become an invincible NEET and all, but there’s a guest for you, her name is Margaret. A blond-haired girl around 10 years old. She claims to be the daughter of Baron Mendarks. She’s waiting at the Duke’s mansion. That’s why I came to call you.」

My thoughts as I clenched my fists and renewed my resolve were interrupted by Bradd’s voice. My attention was drawn back to the early summer day, when the sun was shining.

「…… You know, Bradd. I told you not to read people’s thoughts without their permission. You must never do that to any other girl, other than me. I won’t care if you ended up being hated by them for the rest of your life.」

Bradd reads people’s thoughts through their blood flow. But a woman’s heart is like a sanctuary that she doesn’t want anyone else to see. I sighed at the cheat-like creature who didn’t act carefully.

「Ahh, sorry. I just did that out of habit. But even if I try to read it, I can’t read the thoughts of anyone but you in that much detail. In your case, I wonder if it’s because I’ve been reading your thoughts ever since you were a baby. I don’t know why I can read your thoughts so well. You are the only one who is special. It’s strange.」

Bradd tilted his head to the side.
Hmm, I see …… I’m the only one who’s special. Well, I guess I can’t help it then. A maiden’s heart is a sacred place, but since he said that I’m special, I’ll allow him to have a glimpse. Besides, thanks to my telepathy with Bradd, my life has been saved many times before. I see, he can’t really read the thoughts of girls other than me ……

Meteor whined sadly and I came back to my senses.
Then I realized that the ends of my mouth was raised in a smile. I was startled and fiercely rubbed my face.
No way!? What kind of expression did I just make!? Could it be that I had been doing too much horseback riding training that not only my legs, back, and thighs were twitching, but also my face muscles!?

I turned the topic back to Bradd’s report so that he would not realize my dismay.

「…… B-But I’ve never heard of the family of Baron Mendarks. You guys shouldn’t be so careless to allow unknown people inside the house. No matter how confident you guys are in your skills. Mendarks …… What an unusual name. Mendarks is …… a liar …… a liar baron …… Margaret …… Ah.」

I suddenly had a guess for the identity of Margaret, a person who would gladly take on the pseudonym of the Liar Baron. The blood drained from my face. Bradd’s next words confirmed my guess

「Hmm, that child was strangely elegant and she was escorted by the imperial guards. I let her through because I thought there was no mistaking that she was a young lady from a noble family. She’s currently hitting it off with Mrs. Cornelia.
Maybe it’s because she has a similar vibe to you …… Eh? What’s wrong?」

「…… This idiot maid ……」

I held my temples and groaned.
Bradd’s carefree expression made me dizzy.

She is not just a young lady from a noble family. The imperial guards protect only royalty. The reason why the imperial guards came to our rescue during that time with the demon dog Gallam was because it was an imperial order from His Majesty the King. This is an emergency.

I suddenly began to break out in cold sweat, but Bradd just tilted his head to the side in confusion. Hey, you cross-dressing maid, this is not the time to be making such sly poses!!

「Bradd, put me on your shoulders and run back to the mansion!! Please run as fast as you can!!」

「What!? Why are you doing this suddenly!? Uwoh, that’s dangerous.」

I shouted then jumped off from Meteor’s back toward Bradd’s chest.
And then I ordered Bradd after he hurriedly caught me with both hands.

「Hurry up!! If you don’t hurry, then mother, who is currently accompanying Margaret-sama, will be in danger.」

I maneuvered myself around Bradd’s body and went to his back. Then I grabbed Bradd by the hair on the back of his head, lifted myself up in one go, and clamped his neck between my inner thighs. It was a rock-climbing feat that was made possible by my excellent grip strength.

「All right, I’m on your shoulders!! Bradd, go!!」

I gripped the hair near the top of Bradd’s head as the control stick and with the back heel of my dangling foot, I kicked Bradd in the chest as the pedal.

Bradd was impressed and said, 「Your grip strength is as amazing as ever. I think you can still climb a tree even with triple your weight.」

I think I probably could do that and proudly puffed out my chest.
I have always been confident in my grip strength since I was a baby. It was my grip strength that protected me from my mother at that time, who was taken hold with the desire to kill me. It’s not just for show that I always grasped the glory of becoming a queen in my previous 「108 times」. Although that was more like a half curse than glory ……

「Rather than a queen, you’re more like a boss monkey. Although your body is small, you’ve got an awfully strong nose.」

Bradd bursted out laughing.

What did you just say!! Mukiiii!! You dare say that toward this Jewel of Hydrangea. Fine then, if that’s what you want, then I won’t hold back.

「How dare you read my mind without my permission again. You have humiliated a lady and I shall teach you how scary women can be …… Regret in hell that you have made me angry. Now, read my mind to your heart’s content. Kukuku ……」

「??? !? !! …… Stop it!! You want to pee your pants while straddling my neck!? I can’t believe this!! Which part of you is like a lady!! I’m sorry, I was wrong!!」

Bradd screamed when he realized my dark intentions.

「I can’t control where and when I suddenly have the urge to pee. I actually have a rather limited bladder …… that …… you should hurry ……」

「Okay, okay, I got it!! I’ll go real quick so hold on tight. Be sure to tell me if you can’t hold it in anymore.」

Bradd started running with me on his shoulder.

I can’t manage Meteor and she was slow to begin with. While the wild child Bradd does not put a saddle on his horse. With my current short legs, it’ll be difficult to ride the horse while I’m sitting in front of Bradd. Not to mention that there’s no saddle, so there’s no other option. Even though I don’t like the idea of riding on Bradd’s shoulders because it’ll make me look like a little kid, this is the best solution in order to hurry back …… Ah, by the way, good children should not request to ride on someone’s shoulder while they run at full speed. It’s dangerous, and even if your father or grandfather is playing the role of a horse while smiling, I’m sure his legs and back are actually shaky. Go easy on him and play normally, okay. It’s a promise with Scarlet!!

「I can’t believe you’re so worried. …… That girl named Margaret, is she that dangerous? Who exactly is she?」

I sighed heavily as I clung to Bradd’s head while he sprinted away.

「…… Margaret-sama is the second princess of the Hydrangea royal family. She’s a swindler and she’s got a monster-like intelligence. If you leave her alone, she will find out all the secrets that the attendants have, not to mention their origins.」

Even though Margaret-sama is still young, it can be said that she is the brains of the royal family.
Do not be fooled by her lovely, angelic appearance.
She is a monster who can compete with the sly old foxes of the Parliament.
In terms of genius, she is comparable to Seraphy of the Orange Privateers.
I’m sorry, but she is not someone that mother, who is not good at socializing, can handle.

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