Chapter 60 Part 4 – The Descent of the God of Combat

「He」 gently wiped the tears that flowed from the corners of my eyes with his fingertips.

「…… Hey, it’s been a long time. You did a great job. You were as persistent as usual that it made me feel anxious. …… I’ll treat you right away. …… Heartbeat Synchronization ……!!」

「He「 closed his eyes and said so, then my entire body throbbed.

This feeling is …… that’s right …… It’s the same as when Bradd first invoked 「Blood Atonement」.
That heartrending, slightly embarrassing warmth, as if Bradd and I had melted into one ……
It’s like the heart that had stopped is starting to beat again ……

My …… my heart is beating really fast ……?
My heart is pounding ……?
It’s as if I’m being held in the arms of someone I love ……

「…… Gugobaahhhh ……!!!」

I let out a hoarse cry that even Addis was surprised to hear, then I jumped up like a shrimp and was revived.

It was not my heart that was racing, but my chest.
My heart had really started to beat.
My lungs swelled like crazy to devour the air, then I coughed violently from the excessive consumption.

「…… Don’t be in such a rush. Yes, inhale and exhale. Hu hu, haa. Hu hu, haa.」

「He」 rubbed my back and encouraged steady breathing.

Hey, I’m not a pregnant woman.
Oops, first of all, I have to thank him for what he did before. After all, I’m a lady.

「T-Thank you for saving my life. You’ve saved me twice, once at the battle against Gallam and again this time.」

I just got resuscitated and my tongue can’t move properly!! So uncool!!

「He」 smiled and ruffled my hair lightly.

That bright smile was just like Bradd’s, the owner of the body.

「Yeah, you’re welcome. I’m glad you remember me. I wanted to help you sooner, but this …… boy, who should have fainted since long ago, persisted for quite long. He must have really wanted to help you. Sorry it took me so long to come out.」

「…… Um …… Briadd is ……」

I was startled by 「his」 words and asked in a rush.
This was not the time to worry about my lisp.
Bradd protected me and was hit with several of Addis’s ‘heart-stopping technique’.

Could it be ……!!

「He」 patted me on the back to reassure me when I could no longer stop the chills as if I had been hit with ice cubes all over my body. The warmth spreads softly.

「…… Don’t worry. This boy is the son of the leader of the〈Lawless Crew〉. He controlled his own blood flow to minimize the damage. Thanks to that, it was easy to heal him, even though he was dead.」

…… Wait, isn’t there a lot of strange points with what 「he」 just said!?

In the first place, the ‘heart-stopping technique’ was supposed to be a special technique that once it was done, it was impossible to resuscitate the target.
Because it literally forces the heart to stop.
That’s why even Bradd rarely used it.
And yet, why is 「he」 able to heal it so casually and easily?

Witnessing the absurdity of the scene, Phantasma’s eyeballs nearly popped out of their sockets.
His huge, rock-like body shivered and he groaned.

「…… This is absurd. You resurrected the dead …… and your strength …… is not within the realm of human ……!! You must be the great warrior that the ancestral spirits told me about. …… Are you a god or a devil?」

「…… God? Devil? I’m not that big of a deal.」

「He」 smiled bitterly.

「I’m the worst kind of scum who couldn’t even protect the one woman I fell in love with. She was doing her best all by herself and I didn’t even notice it. I can’t regret it enough ……!! No matter how much I apologize, I can never make up for it ……」

「He」 had a look of anguish on his face that was a far cry from the brightness he had shown up to this point.
「He」must be thinking about that woman. There was something glinting in the corner of 「his」 eyes.
I reached out and wiped it with my fingertips. For some reason, I felt like I had to do that.

「…… There were some unavoidable circumstances, weren’t there? Because you don’t seem like a bad person. I’m sure she doesn’t resent you.」

「He」 opened his eyes wide in surprise, and then made a face like he was crying and smiling at the same time.

「…… That way of speaking, it’s just like her. Thank you.」

I-Is that so? I guess the behavior of a good woman is universal.
Ah, hey!! Don’t pat me on the head!! Don’t treat me like a child!!

「…… Nuahahahaha!! I won’t accept this!! There must be some kind of mistake!! He must have deceived me with some kind of illusion!! It must be that!!」

Addis shouted after staggering to his feet.
This guy is really persistent!!
I was about to curse at him, but then I saw Addis’s current condition and gasped.

As if his previous invulnerability was a lie, his white dress suit was in tatters and it looked like a torn butterfly wings, his whole body was covered in blood, and his knees were shaking. I shuddered as I realized how threatening the blow 「he」 had just casually dealt had been. It was definitely not the strength of a human being.

Addis’s voice had lost its usual mockery and was instead nervous with fear.

「Nuahaha!! How dare you weakling do that!! You will regret it!! I’m going to unmask your true nature now!!」

It was obvious that he was bluffing and he looked pathetic.
But what was even more pathetic was that Addis himself was oblivious to it.

「Stop it!! Addis!! Cool your head!! You have to back down!! Don’t you get it!? We are no match for him!!」

Phantasma tried to stop him, but Addis, who has always been bent on his own beliefs about his opponents, did not listen to him at all.

「Shut up!! You’re irksome!! How can you say that when you’re a member of the Seven Phantoms!! What an absurd statement!! Are you saying that I will be beaten by the maid boy who was dying just a few moments ago?! There’s no way that’s possible!! This guy is just a persistent insect. Why do I have to be afraid of him ……」

「…… Yeah, that’s right. I’m just a lousy insect who has hurt the woman I love the most with my own hands.」

Addis’s cries of frustration were cut short by a single sentence from 「him」.
Despite his calm tone, he had a commanding presence that dominated the area.
He was completely different from Addis.

「However. You, who can only deal with opponents weaker than you, are even worse than that insect. Don’t just rant and rave, get on with it. If you can’t understand it with your head, I’ll make you understand it with your body.」

It was uncharacteristic of 「him」 to provoke Addis like that, but I understood his intention when he put his hand on my head and started to walk away. He wants to take on all of Addis’s hatred in order to keep me out of it.

「…… Or are you too scared of me that your feet can’t move? Then I’ll only swing my fist once. How about it? Even under these conditions, you still can’t summon the courage to come at me? …… Heh, you’re finally up to it.」

Uwah …… Addis has been successfully provoked.

As intended, Addis unleashed a terrifying killing intent toward 「him」.
He is no longer paying any attention to me. And yet 「he」 calmly handled the killing intent.

「…… But, what kind of outfit is he wearing? Well, but it looks like he’s been training his body ……」

「He」 pinched the ends of the skirt of his maid uniform, waved it around, and sighed.

「There’s even a ribbon on his head …… If it was me in my original form, I might just kill myself.」

「…… Nuahahaha!! Then die now!!」

Addis ripped off the two barely remaining stuffed animals from his clothes in one swoop.
The bizarre faces of the dog and cat stuffed animals were twisted and splattered with cotton.
Addis has taken out the weapons that are hidden inside the stuffed animals!!

「I’ll kill you!! I don’t care about the red-haired princess anymore!! I will never forgive this insult!!」

He will most likely use the ‘Dark Illusion’ to turn it into an invisible attack!!

「…… Be careful!! There’s a weapon inside those stuffed animals ……!! ……!?」

I froze as I tried to warn him.
Suddenly, my entire field of vision was filled with countless oncoming throwing knives and the sound of the wind being cut.
I felt like I could see Addis sneer eerily under his mask.

…… Damn it!! I’ve been set up!!
I’m the one who was attacked with the ‘Dark Illusion’.
Addis pretended to be enraged and was waiting for 「him」 to move away from me!!
It’s too close!! It’s …… no longer possible to avoid it!!

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