Chapter 63 Part 4 – An unexpected reunion. A nightmare that comes back to life. I am greatly perplexed by the stupid girl that is out of control.

I pushed Alisa off of me as if shoving her away.
I tried to run away, but my legs couldn’t muster any strength, which caused me to be unable to do anything but crawl with both of my hands.
But then, Alisa attacked me like a raging mole.
She rolled up my skirt and plunged her face inside it.


「Scarlet-sama, your name sounds like a girl’s name. *Sniff sniff* Your smell is also like a ……」

To make things worse, Alisa pressed the tip of her nose against my delicate part as she talked. The tickling from her breath and the dampness conveyed through the thin cloth made me writhe.

「…… Alisa ……!! Stop ……!! It tickles ……!! Ahahahaha ……!!」

To hell with shame.
Tickling is a form of torture.

「…… What in the world am I being shown ……!!」

Seraphy, who had just woken up, stood there stunned by this scene that was beyond comprehension.

「Scarlet …… What is going on ……!?」

Mother also showed the same reaction.

It was no wonder that they reacted like that.
Right in front of them was a huge dog that looked just like the demon dog Gallam.
I was on all fours, desperately trying to crawl away, but another girl’s upper body was completely under my skirt. It would be weird for them not to be bewildered by this scene.

It was not only the two of them.
Even Phantasma of the Seven Phantoms is frozen with a pale complexion, as if he had seen something unbelievable.
Alisa’s perverted acts were terrible.

「…… Hiiiyayaaaaaa!!」

I trembled and screamed.
Alisa put her hands on my panties and started to pull them off all at once.
Alisa’s shameless act was committed inside my skirt.
And so all the other people could not see it.
All of them remained frozen, unable to grasp what was happening.
Even my last ray of hope, Bradd, had his hands full dealing with the demon dog with silver fur.
And for some reason, Arnold’s arrows had suddenly stopped.
I was left alone and helpless.
However, a helping hand was extended to me from an unexpected source.

「…… R-Retreat. Phantasma. Y-You’ve done your part.」

Along with a stuttering voice, several flashes of light ran diagonally.
Another person wearing a cloak with a hood had appeared.
A skinny guy. Or rather, too skinny.
His sunken eye sockets resembled those of a mummy, but his gleaming eyes were filled with a dreadful energy.
The fact that he was barefoot was eye-catching.

Who is he ……!?

「I-I am one of the Seven Phantoms, Skeletos the Blade Demon. My limbs are s-sharper than any sword. If you don’t want to be cut down like the trees behind me …… g-get out of the way ……!!」

Ah, he gave a self-introduction without even being asked.

The road was made of cobblestone. It was a remnant of the glorious Romalian era.
The trees that tower like a wall at the sides of the road shifted all at once.
Skeletos had already cut them in two, but it was so sharp that the place where the tree was cut had been sticking to each other for a while.
As the trees tangled and snapped each other’s branches, they fell to the ground one after another.
With the thunderous sounds reminiscent of the footsteps of giants resounding behind him, Skeletos the Blade Demon spoke to Bradd.

「Y-You too, step back. As long as you don’t get in my way, I-I won’t do anything to you. Managallam, you should stop as well.」

At those words, the silver demon dog nimbly jumped backwards.
Its name suggests that it is related to Gallam.
The vibrations from the falling impact of the heavy trees were transmitted all the way to the ground where we were standing. Even Alisa pulled her head out from inside my skirt.

「Oh no!! Scarlet-sama!! T-There’s an earthquake. We have to get out of here.」

While pulling my hand, she tried to run in the opposite direction of the giant trees that were falling down.
Well, it’s true that this scene would look like it was caused by an earthquake.
There was no way she could believe that it was caused by a single individual.
Unlike Ageros, Skeletos does not seem to be running out of stamina.
If he participates in the battle here, we will be annihilated.

「…… Let’s go. Bradd, come back.」

I said as I looked at everyone.
Both mother and Seraphy nodded.
After understanding the current situation, they reached the same conclusion as I did.
Bradd, who had been wondering whether he should continue the battle, retreated to my side.

「…… It doesn’t seem like we can win against him. Even just against the demon dog, I can hardly do any damage to it.」

Bradd wiped his sweaty forehead and smiled bitterly.

「That demon dog easily parried all of my attacks. It’s a combat expert …… or rather, it’s a dog expert. I don’t see a way to win. It’s got Gallam’s blood flowing in its veins. It’s damn strong.」

Bradd looked pale.
I gasped.

I still vividly remember Gallam’s toughness that made it seem like an undead, but it was true that Gallam also made full use of a number of extraordinary combat techniques. It’s not a laughing matter for a demon dog that can kill a human being with a single step from its foreleg turns out to be also skilled in combat techniques. It becomes increasingly obvious that we cannot afford to engage them in battle.

「…… Scarlet-sama belongs to Alisa.」

Seeing Bradd patting my head as he usually does, Alisa snarled and tried to intimidate him.
Bradd raised his hands and smiled bitterly at the bombastic girl who couldn’t read the tense atmosphere.
I grabbed Alisa from behind and bound her arms behind her back.

「Look, Scarlet-sama also chose Alisa!!」

Alisa exclaimed triumphantly.
She squirmed and wriggled like an eel.

What kind of misunderstanding are you having, this stupid girl.
You should just become a lump of gelatin.
I’m just afraid that if I let you run wild, you’ll also snarl at the demon dog Managallam and Skeletos the Blade Demon and cause them to wreak havoc on the place.

「We will accept your offer!! We will not get in your way!!」

The offer is a godsend. There is no way I’m going to let this opportunity pass by.

I frantically shouted.
Despite their overwhelming advantage, Skeletos bowed his head.

「…… I – I appreciate it. Let’s go. Phantasma. Managallam.」

The demon dog Managallam turned his back to us.
While flicking its bushy tail, it disappeared into the darkness.
The giant Phantasma followed after it, while carrying the unconscious Addis on his shoulder.
Before he left, he glanced at me.

「…… Little hero. I hope that a situation where we have to kill each other will not happen.」

Said Phantasma.
I responded by pinching the ends of my skirt in a ladylike bow.
Then Phantasma smiled and left.

All the hostile characters had left. Leaving only the moon in the night sky.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I was finally released from the tension I had felt for so long.
We somehow managed to survive. My knees turn weak when I recall what just happened.
It is a miracle that no one died.

All I did was head to the ball in a horse-drawn carriage, and yet, this is how I got treated.
It seems that the god of fate is very fond of the hard mode.
However, only the conclusion of this battle was in easy mode.
It doesn’t make any sense to me.

The opponent side, Phantasma, Skeletos, and the demon dog Managallam were still unharmed.
Now that the invincible 「him」 was gone, they could have easily killed us all if they wanted to.
That would be much more certain and safer than retreating with their backs turned toward us.
And yet, their attitude toward us can even be described as friendly.
Only Addis and the mistletoe old woman were serious about killing us.

How strange.
Even an amateur like me can tell how terrible these people, who call themselves the Seven Phantoms, are.
They are only inferior to the overwhelming powerful 「him」 and are strong enough to fight against the armies of powerful kingdoms even on their own.
There is no way that a group of people as strong as that would back down empty-handedly.
Do they have a hidden agenda?
What was their reason for attacking us in the first place?
The inconceivable easy mode is making me suspicious instead.

I was so anxious and deep in thought that I didn’t notice something hot and soft was leaning on me.

「…… Scarlet-sama, Alisa will give you a hug. Let all your worries fade away.」


The fear from being hugged by Alisa nearly blew away not only my worries, but my consciousness as well.

Oh shoot!! I forgot about Alisa.
My biggest problem is still here.

「Alisa!! Don’t hug people without their permission!! You almost made my heart stop!!」

「Ehehe, did your heart throb so much because of Alisa? Alisa feels the same, here, touch me.」

「Stop itttt!! That’s not what I mean!! You stupid girl!!」

I was on the defensive against Alisa, who clung to me like a leech and was as stubborn as a planarian.
And whenever I’m dealing with this girl, my dignity would decline rapidly ……

I wish this girl could have been scrapped along with Addis!!

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