Tsunpri: Aishite Ohimesama Chapter 5 Part 1




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Chapter 5: My Beloved Princess


「Haah… Reaina-sama…」

Having served the Princess for a long time, the woman got used to fulfilling even the most selfish and unreasonable requests of hers with a smile and a gentle expression on her face.

「Oh, Diana. Is there something wrong?」

The Princess cocks her head slightly, seemingly not all that interested in what her maid had to say.

「Rou-sama… Could you explain to me what is the meaning of this…?」

「U, umm… You see…」

The bright-looking Head Maid continues to shift her gaze from Rou to her Lord, demanding some sort of explanation. However, even Rou was unable to come clean and explain what was going on to her.

「Haah… Goodness gracious…」

In response, the maid on places her hand on her cheek and lets out a deep sigh, looking as though she suddenly got a huge headache.

Since that day when he protected the Princess with his life and as a result they became one afterwards, Rou’s life at the castle changed completely.

「Here, Rou. ‘Aaahm’.」

「Oh, yes, ‘Aaahm’.」

Reaina smiles, and then puts a neatly cut piece of steak into his mouth.

(Uh, not that I’m not happy, but… Ugh, Diana-san surely glares daggers at me right now……)

Right now he was having a meal together with Reaina, which became a sort of daily occurrence at this point. As Rou chewed on the piece of meat, he was feeling embarrassed but strangely happy at the same time.

「Fufu… From the way you’re eating it must be really delicious. Say, Rou? After that, let’s go for a walk, and then we can take a bath together.」

What’s more, the Princess was always demanding Rou to take their baths together. Recently, not only she would wash his back with a towel, but she was getting more and more proficient at using her own breasts as sponges to clean him. She would even sometimes demand him to have sex with her inside the bath, as a result of which his libido would always surge to the sky.

Exiting the dining room, the Princess would always stick close to Rou, interlocking their arms together, holding hands and resting her head upon his shoulder.

「Reaina-sama… I do realize that you love Rou-sama dearly, but don’t you think that this is just overdoing it…?」

Says Diana while letting out another sigh, watching over the hopeless pair that was all over one another while completely disregarding their surroundings.

「Wh, it’s not that I love him dearly or anything like that…! It’s just, you know… It would be really troublesome and too noisy if Rou was to be attacked by the bad guys yet again. That’s right! That’s it!」

「…I don’t really mind…」

Thanks to the Princess’ continued efforts and care, Rou’s injuries were all but gone in no time, and his overall condition got a whole lot better. But still, Reaina was rather reluctant to leave Rou’s side for a prolonged period of time.

As a result, the distance between them was growing shorter and shorter by the day. Currently, there would be lie in placing a label of ‘Lovey-dovey couple’ above their heads, looking at them chatting idly like that.

「Goodness… That Reaina-sama…」

There was little to no worry about her being attacked inside of the castle, since after the attempt at kidnapping her, the whole castle staff was thoroughly checked and all of the spies were weeded out as a result.

In the end, it was as clear as a day that the Princess was simply looking for an excuse to be with her beloved knight.

「Hm, what’s that? You hate walking with me while holding hands this badly?」

Reaina’s expression turns into that of a frown, and her eyes look as sharp as daggers. When she says it in that way, there was no way for the boy to argue with her.

「N, no, that’s not it. Quite the opposite, actually…」

「Then there is no problem.」

Reaina clings to Rou again, her smile yet again on her lips. Since she was this clingy to Rou, other women didn’t have the slightest opportunity to even try and approach him.

「Oh dear… This is slightly troublesome, indeed…」

Karen and Mirianne seemed to be particularly bothered by the current state of events. Diana was bothered by this as well, but since their rival right now was the Princess, there was nothing they could do about it.

「Now then, let us go, Rou.」

Being addicted to Rou at this point, the Princess resumed her walk with a good mood.

「Ahyii… I’m cumming, my pussy is cumming…!!! Kyafu, uuuuuuhhhhhh!!!」

The loud roar resonates from the courtyard of the royal palace. There, in the corner of the yard, Rou and Princess stood under the tree, the Princess turned back to Rou, and he penetrating her violently.

「Uuuh, wait… R, Reaina-sama… Your voice is too loud…」

Says the boy, trying to reason with the Princess, but his waist just wouldn’t stop moving. His meat stick just kept on grinding against the Princess’ pussy, which was still a virgin pussy not so long ago, while the Princess kept on sticking her alluring butt towards him, forcing his dick to penetrate her even deeper.

「Nhaaah… Iiiinnnhhh, cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming so much!!」

「Uh, aah! Me too… It’s no use, I’m cumming as well!」

Just before he reached his limit, Rou took a firmer hold of the Princess, hugging her closer to himself and grabbing her breasts which fell from the cups of her dress. They were swaying like wild beasts with each and every of his thrusts.

「Aaahhh! Aaahhh! I’m cuuummmiiinng!!」

「Hyah, inside, it’s coming inside of me… So much of hot stuff is coming inside of meeeeee… Hiiiyyyaaaaaahhh!!」

Rou shakes his hips a few more times, and then all of his accumulated desire is released inside of the Princess’ pussy.

(Aaah… It feels so good…)

Both the boy knight and the Princess lose themselves in the warmth of their respected climaxes, without the slightest bit of care if they are going to be seen by anyone else in the garden.

「Geez, Rou… If you keep on pleasuring me like that, I’m going to fall for you even harder… What a troublesome little knight you are…」

Says the Princess with delighted expression on her face.

「T, this is… Because of your breasts, Reaina-sama, and…」

「I told you: it’s R-E-A-I-N-A for you! And what’s that, you say it’s my fault?」

「Ugh… I’m sorry, it’s all my fault…」

They were just walking around, but because the Princess kept on rubbing her chest against him so much, he just couldn’t stand it anymore. Also, he couldn’t care less if anyone saw them right now.

「… Goodness gracious, Rou… At the very least give me a kiss when we climax…」

When the boy tried to withdraw from her insides, Reaina turned her head and asked him for a kiss. She was so cute right now that he just couldn’t help it but to bring his face closer and do as he was asked.

「Aaaahhh~~~! It’s Onee-sama and Rou-san~~!!」

「… And here I thought I heard some strange voices…」

The two of them, all drenched in sweat, suddenly heard two voices coming from behind them. When they turned around, both Karen and Mirianne were there, covering their mouths with their hands and looking shocked.


「Geh…! Ann-sama… And Karen…」

The boy knight quickly pulled up his pants. The Princess tried to get her dress back in order, but the mixture of her own love juices and Rou’s semen began to overflow from her cavity and dripping down her thighs and legs.

「Is everything alright, Reaina-sama…?」

「Aah, nhh… Y, yes, I’m alright! M-More importantly, some hobby you guys have! Peeking at others! That’s a really bad habit to have, you know?」

Being seen having sex by her younger sister and her maid, Reaina tries to regain her composure and dignity, as she sticks her chest out.

「Peeking, she says… Onee-sama, it is you guys fault for having sex in such an exposed place like this.」

Listening to that, Reaina finally manages to fix her dress at the chest area, then her face turns bright red.

「This is only because Rou was practically begging me to let him have sex with me, so being a good Princess, there was no way I could simply deny him this request!」

「Eeh, that’s not really…」

Having all of the blame for this situation shifted upon him, Rou desperately tries to deny it, but the look in the Princess’ eyes made him stop at once. There was nothing he could do about that, and him staying all silent was treated as admitting to the crime he has committed.

「Is that really true, Rou-san!?」

「That’s right, Rou! Doing something like this in a place like that… What the hell were you thinking!?」

For the girls who were all over Rou not so long ago, they surely were mad at him for having sex with Reaina just like that.

「Wait a moment, you said that her name is Karen, right? I would like you to stop being so overly familiar with my Rou!」

Reaina broke into the space between Rou and Mirianne and Karen, who were getting ever so closer to the boy. Then, she looked at them with eyes filled with noble confidence, as if to intimidate them.

「I, I have known Rou ever since we were children! I was always calling him like that!」

Since the relation between Karen and Reaina was that of a master and servant, Karen was forced to watch her words as she described the relationship she used to have with the boy. However, she was still looking the Princess dead in the eye, adamant on holding her own ground.

「It’s stupid and not fair that you try to hog Rou-san all to yourself, Onee-sama!」

Mirianne, however, was free to express herself as she saw fit in front of Reaina, since their status was about the same. She also spoke on the behalf of all the other maids.

「What are you talking about, hogging him to myself? To begin with, from the very beginning Rou was my knight, so there is no problem!」

Next, the little Princess walks to the boy knight and takes his arm, raising the matter that in the beginning Reaina was adamant on not accepting Rou as her knight.

「Onee-sama, weren’t you supposed to hate Rou-san!?」

「B, but still, Rou admitted that he loves me! So maybe you should think about Rou’s feeling and respect them…」

The Princess tried to attack the two like that, but since both of the girls were in a physical relationship with Rou before, that was not a very effective strategy. So instead, they began to criticize the Princess and her own selfishness, as well as her bipolar nature in general.

「I, I never said that I hate him! Besides, Rou even risked his own life to protect me from harm!」

Isn’t that right? She turns towards the boy and looks at him like that, looking for his confirmation.

「Eh… Umm, ahahaha…」

Suddenly being dragged in the middle of the conflict, Rou had little to no choice but to give a somewhat lackluster reply while smiling wryly.

「Haa… Rou-san truly is amazing… I wish that he would become my knight instead…」

「…R, Rou, don’t you care about me anymore!?」

「I, it’s not that I don’t care about you! It’s just that… that….」

Honestly speaking, as of now Rou was addicted to having sex with Reaina, and because of that, he was feeling truly sorry for the other girls.

「Ohohohoho~! A woman’s jealousy is truly a terrifying thing! Now, Rou, let us go once more!」

The Princess was well aware of this fact, and had no trouble in using that fact against the other two. When they were getting away, she started laughing, while her ego was getting bigger and bigger, drunk on this sudden victory.

(I’m sorry…)

In the end, the boy knight left the garden together with his Princess. She hugged the boy tightly, while also looking back at her sister and her maid, sending them a smile full of confidence.




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