Chapter 270 – Aerial Party VS Ex Party 5 / Protect Till the End

270 – Aerial Party VS Ex Party 5 / Protect Till the End

The reason why Ewan couldn’t assist Louie is simple.
It was because he was blocked by Galahad.

Blocked, not prevented.


Since the first Wind Blade, Ewan hasn’t used a single magic.
He is currently frantically enduring Galahad’s attacks with his Holy Sword.

Immediately after the start of the match, Galahad grasped the situation of his comrades.
Then, he set Ewan as his opponent.

Without hesitation, he sprinted towards Ewan.
His sudden approach seemed reckless, but in the end, he succeeded.

Behind the scenes, there were countless thoughts and strategies.

The enormous magical energy released by both Merlin and Michel, the generation of magical energy by me and Aerial, and the fact that Mordred interrupted the battle card between Masamune and Arthur, and Louie who was suddenly in a pinch.

After all that happens, everyone’s attention will turn in that direction.
Even if it is for less than

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