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Chapter 288 – All-Heaven Festival Contest Final Stage “Demon King Castle Bloody Field” (10) / The Demon King Opens His Eyes

288 – All-Heaven Festival Contest Final Stage “Demon King Castle Bloody Field” (10) / The Demon King Opens His Eyes

We had succeeded in taking out the “Unyielding Hero” Altreed, but we also sustained heavy damage in doing so.

With the rest of the Altreed Party, everybody from the former Demon King’s Castle, and the “Great Saint” Panacea, we still have eleven opponents still standing.

On the other hand, we have four parties for a total of twenty people left.

The Fenix Party had lost the Paladin Lark and the Warrior Alba.

The Demon King Lucifer Party had lost the “Transparent-like Demon” Balam and the “Air-like Demon” Ipos.

And the Wraith Party had lost the Miner Melania, the White Sorcerer Josh, and the Black Sorcerer Lem.

Everyone from the Aerial Party is still alive.

Thirteen companions still remain on our side.

After transferring my mind back to my Avatar, I left the “cocoon” and looked at the screen in the waiting room.

While Altreed being taken down certainly was a big shock to the enemy side, the battlefield was still filled with first-class skirmishes.

The standstill generated by his defeat lasted less than a moment, and the battle has already resumed.

Just before returning to the “cocoon”, I ruminate on the words uttered by the “Great Saint” Panacea.

I was lucky to be able to pick up those words amidst the cacophony of battle.

『…Ah, this is the first time that my comrades died on the battlefield while I’m still standing. Lem, you may have been the one who was taken out in the end, but I’m the one who lost as a Sorcerer. How frustrating…』

It wasn’t just about me.

She was also acknowledging our battle as a struggle between a White Sorcerer and a Black Sorcerer.

On top of that, the world’s best White Sorcerer has also acknowledged me as a Black Sorcerer.

My chest is starting to feel hot all of a sudden.

But at the same time, I focus my mind.

The truth remained that she was still alive, and because of that, the rest of her teammates continued to have access to a level of recovery magic that made them virtually immortal.

The duel between the “Great Warrior’’ Hector and Samurai Masamune continues.

They’re slashing at each other at such tremendous speed that all I can see from their battle are a mix of the resulting countless sparks and afterimages.

“Flame Hero” Fenix, “Storm Hero” Aerial, “Water Hero” Wraith, and “Destroyer” Fran set out to take Panacea out.

Even those who had been within range of Altreed’s Heaven-Base Magic spell “Storm Ocean” had survivors among them.

Hunter Lily, “Gale Hero” Ewan, “Crimson Wizard” Michel, and “Blade Alchemist” Louie were saved by a defensive wall of ice created by the “Frost Hero” Bella.

By Louie’s “Magic Alchemy”, the magic of his companions was transmuted into weapons.

As a result, for example, Bella, who uses Ice Magic, had been given a weapon with Fire and Wind attributes.

Having seen Lily’s “Godspeed” and her ability to fire arrows that the eyes cannot follow, Louie’s “Magic Alchemy” raged forth.

Impressive. Louie seems to have restocked Lily’s arrows by creating them out of the magic of her teammates.

Thanks to that, a rain of multiple types of arrows, including Gale Arrows, Explosive Arrows, and Freezing Arrows, attacked the Altreed Party.

Some of those attacks were shot down by “Silver Bow” Orion and blocked by “Sacred Knight” Maximillian’s shield, but it was enough to make them turn their attention to the arrows.

Earlier, Orion’s arrows had gotten in the way, preventing Wraith from getting close to me.

Wraith had still been able to use his magic to provide wonderful support from a distance, but if the arrows hadn’t interfered, he would have been able to join Fenix.

In fact, it seems that Orion can’t afford to disturb Wraith and the others now. While he’s still shooting arrows at the three Heroes and Fran with outstanding ability, the pressure he was able to put out earlier is now gone.

In mid-air, a magical battle between “Good Witch” Rogestilla and “Crimson Wizard” Michel is unfolding. The clash between exploding flames makes it easy to visually convey the intensity of their battle.

And then, as for the battle between the former and the current Demon Kings…

「Hey, Biffy, how much longer are you going to take? Need some help?」

The Slime girl “Formless All-Faced” Dantalion sounded as if she was fed up with waiting.

「While I welcome a relationship where we can call each other pet names, I’ll say that “Biffy” isn’t beautiful enough for me, so I’m going to ask you not to call me that.」

“True Vampire” Bifrons is manipulating a huge amount of blood to attack the Demon King and “One-Horned Poet” Amduscias. A large serpent with countless heads – or should I say a dragon – made of blood bares its fangs and approaches the two of them to try to bite them.

「Well, you can call me Tally if you want.」

「Oh, that pet name is really cute, huh?」

「Well, “Danny” doesn’t really cut it for someone who looks like me, does it?」

「What are you talking about? You don’t have a fixed look.」

Just because they’re having a friendly conversation doesn’t mean that they’re being shoddy about their battle. Bifrons’ attacks are extremely severe, and unless some sort of countermeasure is taken, Amdusias’ evasion will soon reach its limit.

「How annoying~」

Dantalion tried to jump in to help him, but at that moment…

A mountain of rubble falls from the sky, crushing her under it.

A single Majin appeared near the mountain of rubble.

It’s the one who commands his signature “Spatial Mobility” and one of the Big Four at the current Demon King’s Castle, the “Time Demon” Agares.

His silver hair was combed down towards the back of his head. He’s wearing a tailcoat and glasses that make him look like an intellectual. A pair of goat-like horns had grown out from either side of his exposed forehead.

The self-proclaimed “Guardian with the Heart of a Child”, his loyalty to the Demon King is the greatest in the Demon King’s army.

「This is my king’s battle. I won’t let you get in the way.」, he said coolly while quickly pushing up his glasses with his middle finger.

He had “moved” all of the pieces of the battlefield that had been scattered about in the battle so far right above Dantalion’s head.


From the cracks in the rubble, slimy, bluish pieces of mucus start to crawl out before rejoining with one another and rebuilding Dantalion’s body.

「…So that wasn’t enough, huh?」

「Nothing will be enough. Only my king can destroy the “Formless All-Faced”」

「If she’s a Slime, you should have a core. If I crush that core, it’s all over for you.」

「Uwaa, you say such cruel things.」

By the time those words were uttered, Agares had already moved behind her and unleashed his spear, which had been wrapped in Magical Energy… Or at least he tried to.

But he stayed his hand just before that.

Dantalion had disguised herself as the Demon Lord.

「Are you trying to backstab me, Agares?」


「Ahaha, you truly are a loyal subject~」

Still wearing the Demon Lord’s appearance, Dantalion hit Agares.

Taking a blow to his abdomen, Agares was blown away.


「So that’s how you are, huh? You’re the type of person who is such a fan of someone else that you can’t bring yourself to even step on a picture of them. I know that feeling~. But is it more important than winning this contest?」

Dantalion’s hit must have dealt severe damage to Agares, as he coughed up a lot of magic particles that imitated blood, which immediately dissolved in the air.

「Don’t say it like there are only two choices to it, Slime. All you have to do is find a balance between loyalty and victory.」

「Ah, so you’re the kind of person who’ll chase after two rabbits at the same time, huh?」

The first-generation duo of “Reaper Knight” Furcus and “Dragon King” Valac weren’t joining their teammates in battle, and they didn’t take part during our battle with Altreed, instead choosing to stand to block the way to Master.

As Warriors, they may be interested in fighting other people, but their top priority seems to be to protect Master’s sleep.

Only the former Demon King’s army has a different stance in this regard.

Their actions weren’t for the sake of ultimate victory but instead came from their loyalty to their Master.

Does that mean that the strongest Demon King is such an influential being for them?

「Just a little more, Amduscias.」

「Okaay. Well then~, it’s up to you now~」

With that, Amduscias grabbed a handful of seeds from the bag hanging from his waist and scattered them on the field.

The seeds sprout quickly and become enormous.

They turn into countless Alraune.

Their limbs look like bundles of plant roots, their leaves grow like a crown over their heads, petals cover their waist, and ivy covers their chest.

They are green Demi-Beasts that resemble human females.

Reliable companions that look like little girls and young ladies who helped Lemegeton during the raid.

Amduscias is a special “Beast Master” who has managed to tame these plant-type Demi-Beasts, who are supposed to be difficult to communicate with.

「The enemy this time around is also very handsome, though he seems to have lived a very long life~」

The Alraunes clung to the multi-headed blood dragon and plunged their limbs into it.

Then their limbs started to move in a jerky motion, just like how the throat does once one starts drinking something.

It wasn’t just my imagination…

「Here I was, thinking that some pretty ladies had joined us, and they started sucking vampire blood. How inconvenient…」

After absorbing Bifrons’ blood, the Alraunes suddenly began to look strange.

Their fangs seem to have grown. And their eyes look like they’ve turned red?

「Shaaa…」「Blood, more blood…」「I’ll drink until you’re completely dried up…」

They started saying things a vampire would say.

Whenever I look at such pretty girls, even though a tense battle is unfolding, I still get a somewhat soothing feeling.

However, in reality, their contribution to the fight was wonderful.

Bifrons calmly cut the Alraune with his blades of blood and stabbed them with spears, mercilessly trying to take them out, but…

「We’ll keep reviving…」「Now we are vampires too…」「Immortal beasts…」

Their bodies regenerated like that of a vampire.

Then, they began sucking blood again.

「…I see, so their characteristics change depending on the nutrients they absorb. They’re quite unique ladies, aren’t they? But you know, princess? I can’t let these kids drink all my blood.」

One by one, the multi-headed dragon starts swallowing all of the Alraune.

This doesn’t take the Alraune out instantly, but they can’t seem to be able to get out of the dragon’s body either.

Before long, each of them had been gobbled up, and an unavoidable array of attacks came toward Amduscias.

「…It looks like that’s all she wrote~」

Amduscias held up his halberd and managed to cut off three of the dragon’s heads, but was bitten at the lower half of its body, which locked him into place and ultimately led to him being completely swallowed.

But just before that, the Demon King jumped off Amduscias’ back to avoid being swallowed as well.

「Best of luck…」


A myriad of dragon heads approached the Demon King in mid-air.

There, Agares appears with his “Air Mobility” and immediately relocates.

Taking a big distance, they return to their initial positions at the start of the contest.

「Well done, Amduscias, the Alraune, and Agares… Thank you for your loyalty.」

「…I don’t understand. I know that you’ve been saving your Magical Energy from the start of this battle until now, princess. You also intend to summon a subordinate with that Summoning Ring. Still… Saving up that much Magical Power… Just who do you plan to summon? Did you make a contract with some “Demon King”?」

This calls for a recap.

I had decided to participate in the All-Heaven Festival Contest as the Black Sorcerer Lem.

That’s why I temporarily returned the Summoning Ring, which was equipped by “The One Horned Dark Sorcerer” Lemegeton, to the Demon King.

The Demon King has been wearing it since the All-Heaven Festival Contest Preliminaries.

And those called forth by summoning magic are basically treated as Familiars.

It’s an extreme case, but the rules allow the Demon King to fight with a Contractor as an enemy in a match, and then summon that Contractor to his own team as a Familiar after they’ve been taken out of the match.

The same goes for dungeon defense. Monsters that shouldn’t be able to appear on other floors unless they’re relocated, as well as any of the Big Four, can reappear there if they’re summoned.

This is what I did in the battle with the Fenix Party on the 10th Floor and in the raid.

But of course, an advantage that huge comes at an equally steep price.

The Summoning itself requires the Magical Energy from the target as cost in order to generate their Avatar.

The only saving grace is that Spirit Magic and the horns’ power are not part of this cost.

Spirits always accompany the soul of their Contractor, whether it is inside their own body or inside an Avatar.

That’s why transferring your soul to your Avatar automatically transfers your Spirit’s protection to it.

It’s not like Avatars are being created with Spirits’ blessings of their own.

And in the same manner, the horns’ power isn’t reproduced at the time the Avatar is generated.

However, unlike Spirits’ blessings, the horns’ power doesn’t just conveniently get automatically transferred to an Avatar.

The horns’ power has to be transferred manually by the summoning target himself.

During the raid, I also transferred the Magical Energy I took from the core of the Demon King’s Castle from my own body into my Avatar.

At any rate, whether it’s a Spirit’s Contractor or a Majin, summoning either won’t consume their Spirit Magic or their horns’ power.

「A “Demon King”, huh…? Well, what do you think?」

Right next to the Demon King…

Right in front of me in the waiting room…

A crack opens in both places at the same time.

A spatial rift is being opened.

This is a summoning path. Usually, this would happen immediately, but it seems that how easy it is to create a path depends on the summoning target.

The one that appeared when I summoned the Demon King in the raid was probably just like this one.

I don’t suppose it’s like this whenever I summon myself too?

The space in front of me comes apart, and what’s at the other side slowly becomes visible.


My king is calling.

「Right away.」

Stepping into the rift in space, I answer the call.

I return to this bloody battlefield, this time as the Chief of Staff of the Demon King’s army.

The moment I passed through, the road was closed.

「Welcome, my Chief of Staff.」


The members of the former Demon King’s army weren’t looking at me.


To be precise, a certain change took place as a result of my appearance, and they were astonished by it.

「…The king is…」

Whose voice was that? It could have been the first-generation Furcus’, or maybe Bifrons’.

Anyway, just as that voice said, the one who changed was the strongest Demon King.

Even though he continues to sit on his throne, with his elbows bent and his head tilted, still…

The Demon King has opened his eyes.

For the four members of the former Demon King’s army, this was a shocking situation.

The reason for that was that they had been ordered by the king they love and respect to “make sure he’s not woken up before it’s over”.

And despite this, the king ended up waking up before his enemies were completely destroyed.

The shock they felt was that of not being able to fulfill their king’s order.

And one more thing…

If the king, who was supposed to be asleep because there was no enemy worth fighting for him, had woken up, that would mean that an enemy worth fighting had indeed appeared.

And there is only one person in this place who can fit that role.

I guess they can’t hide their surprise that the one that has just appeared turned out to be the Chief of Staff of the Demon King’s army.

The next moment, the strong men of the former Demon King’s Army were all staring at me, and the smiles they had vanished from their faces.

The strongest subordinates who supported the Demon King’s army when Master was the Demon King acknowledge me as their adversary.

I sense a terrifying fighting spirit, as if all of the air around us as a whole was trembling.

And in the middle of that, the Demon King smiles happily.

「They seem very interested in you, Lemegeton.」

「It does look like that.」

Then, as if asking for someone to help them with their luggage, carefreely said,

「This poses an obstacle to even the strongest Demon King. Help me clean this up.」

Lemegeton’s king commands so.

And his answer, as a subordinate, is already decided.

「It shall be done.」

My fight isn’t over yet.

It starts here once again.

Staring at Master’s red eyes, I readied my wand.

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