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TRANSLATOR burnt.mashmallows_

EDITOR Weasalopes

「Um, fire magic and water magic?」

「Why is the person who made it asking the question? But it really is amazing. There are a lot of sages who make artifacts for war and other fights, but an item for bathing. Ah, I want to try it as soon as possible……」

It seemed that Ria liked baths.

And I felt like I understood the fact that although she was a female knight, she was still very gentle.

「Wait a second. Don’t rush. Do you know what this is?」

「What could it be? It looks so smooth, but its a material I’ve never seen before」

A smooth material, I see. That’s to be expected, since she probably didn’t know what plastic was.

Ria’s eyes sparkled in excitement.

「Fufufu. So to use this—. When you press here, you get soap for your body and your hair. Soap that makes your hair really smooth will come out.」

「Oh, really? Is it alright if I try it?」

「Ah, of course. Here. Gently. 」

「Ah, ah. It’s the liquid type of soap, I see. It’s very bubbly and it has a very nice aroma. Could this be the smell of flowers?」

I knew that soap had been around for really long. But it probably wasn’t the bubbly type that we put in plastic bottles with push functions like we use now.

What’s more, it was flower-scented.

Ria was completely fascinated by the bubbles in her hand.

It might be mean to keep her from the bath any further.

「I’ve explained mostly everything so I’ll just be in the living room alright? You can just leave your armor outside the frosted glass pane after taking it off. I’ll bring you a change of clothes from outside in a little while.」

「Thank you very much!」

It seemed that in front of the bathing area was the lavatory, and the washing machine was located around there too.

She’ll probably take off her armor in the lavatory after a while, so all I had to do was bring a jersey and a T-shirt for her.

What should we do about her bra and panties……

Unfortunately……I mean, fortunately, there’s a top portion to the jersey as well, so I probably wouldn’t be able to see the shape of her chest even when she wears the T-shirt and it directly touches her skin.

…….Should I just tell her that I only have a T-shirt for her top? What am I thinking? Get a grip on yourself, your grandma’s going to cry if she sees you like this.

「Ria~, I brought you a change of clothes. Are you already in the shower? I guess you wouldn’t understand even if I said lavatory. Is it alright if I enter the place where you took off your clothes?」

「Yes. It’s alright.」

It seemed that Ria was fully enjoying herself in the bathroom.

I’ll just leave the jersey beside her armor……………….



I only realized it just now, but it seemed that, although this apartment had a Japanese-styled room, it was strangely trendy in really weird places. For example, the frosted glass in the bathroom wasn’t the fake kinds made of plastic. Rather, it was real frosted glass.

Moreover, the frosting was rather thin and it wasn’t all that translucent.

Or at least, to the extent that I could tell that Ria wasn’t soaking in the bathtub, but washing her body with the shower.

And I could also tell that her highly-trained body had very distinguished proportions…….I think.

I wanted to look at her more, but any more and we might reach the point in which I really became the magician of darkness.

「I-I’ll just leave your change of clothes here, alright?」

「Yes. I’m really very grateful for all the things you’ve done for me. ♪」

Her voice sounded lively. It seemed that she was having a relaxing time in the shower.

As my grandmother’s smile appeared in my head, I was about to leave the lavatory, patting myself on a job well done.


Wai-what!? Just as I was about to leave the lavatory, I heard Ria screaming from behind.

「What’s wrong!?」


Even as I called out to her, Ria was just screaming at the top of her lungs.

Could it possibly be goblins? Or possibly even slimes?

Even if she was a knight, she didn’t have her sword or her armor with her.

Damn it! Even though I thought that it would be safe inside the apartment!

Oh ya, I had a pickaxe! It was still hooked on the belt around my waist.

I’m going in!


I opened the frosted glass door as I screamed her name.

Something transparent suddenly came charging towards my face.


In the bathroom, the showerhead moved around violently, as if a snake, as it spewed out freezing cold water


Ria continued to scream.

As the water surrounded my vision, I understood the root of the entire situation.

It was a goblin or a slime.

Ria must have adjusted the water volume to the maximum and in her surprise, set the temperature to the coldest setting.

Or it could have been the other way round.

I turned the faucet to stop the water from coming out of the snake-like showerhead.

「Ahaha. A lot of water comes out when you adjust it to the highest setting in this apartment. Adjust it slower next time alright? And also this is where you adjust the temperature…….」

As I continued to explain how everything worked, I regained my sight by wiping my wet face with my hand.


There stood Ria, dressed only in her birthday suit in its full glory.

「N-no, um don’t get me wrong! I, um, this is! I just came to save you so!」

I immediately turned around and made an excuse to Ria.

I was probably too late even if I just turned away at this point.

It wouldn’t be weird even if she hits me right now.

Actually, I’d be lucky to just get away with a beating.

But contrary to my expectations, as I stood there freezing cold from the shower water, my body was surrounded by a warm sensation.

「I-I was so scared……」

What? It seemed that Ria was hugging me from behind.

I could hear her crying softly.

I could probably feel two…….sensations on my back, but I didn’t care about that right now.

This girl was in a dungeon where she didn’t know when she’d get attacked by enemies. She had just experienced the fear of death, being left there powerless even though she was still conscious.

It couldn’t be helped that she would get scared from just a bit of panic.

She was trembling.

「Ria. Are you alright?」

「I’m sorry. Just a little longer……」

I felt warm and fuzzy inside.

She should probably still rest in my room for a while.

That’s right. I should probably go fetch the shield she left in the dungeon.

She was probably still afraid of the dungeon.

There weren’t goblins there anyway, so it should be fine.

Be kind to the cute girl and accumulate affection points from her. That was the standard tactics in games

And I could have a small adventure too.


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