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When My Room Turned Into A Dungeon Rest Stop Volume 3 Chapter 1 Part 3



Translator: “GigiSmile” Editor: “Weasalopes”

Come on, Deet, let’s hurry!

We’re not in any particular rush. Let’s take it slow.

But we are in a rush!

Deet was moving at a leisurely pace. I had to urge her to move faster.

Stop it! Why are you acting like this? I’m trying to enjoy the feeling of being on a date with you, Thor…

Huh? Really?

Of course! You spent yesterday flirting with Ria, after all.

She wasn’t far off the mark.

I’m s-sorry.


When Deet got into a huff like this, it was hard to put her in a good mood again.

There were no crêpes here in the other world. I’d just have to leave her be.

Walking along in silence, we came to a stone building. It wasn’t as big as the temple I’d seen the previous day, but it was fairly large.

I peeked inside and saw what looked like a bar. Is this it? The Adventurers’ Guild?


Deet went ahead of me into the building.

H-hey, wait!

You can speak the lingua franca now, right? Go and make your case at reception however you want. I’m off to get a drink.

When I entered the building, I saw a counter that looked like the reception, with seats along it where adventurers could drink from daytime onwards.

I headed for the counter that I assumed to be the Guild reception, and Deet headed for one of the seats at the counter to get a drink.

The person at the reception desk was a woman with glasses and bobbed hair.

This is my first time at the Guild, so I have a lot of questions.


She was listening to what I was saying, but it wasn’t a very spirited answer. She wasn’t smiling, either.

I’d like to submit a mission to the Guild.

Huh? You don’t want to register at the Guild as an adventurer so you can go on missions, you want to submit a mission?

Th-that’s right.

Suddenly, the receptionist was all smiles. She told me her name was Emilia.

My name is Thor.

Well then, Master Thor, what kind of mission would you like to submit today? Collecting medicinal herbs? Subduing a monster? Whatever you like.

Er… It’s a mission to capture one of the monsters in the dungeon. Is that possible?

Yes, of course! We have an underground prison here at the Adventurers’ Guild. There’s an option to contact us once the monster’s been captured.

An underground prison? I feel kinda sorry for him, but at least it’s better than being hunted down.

In that case, please put out an order to capture the two orcs who’ve been seen on the 5th floor of Yomi.

Emilia and I talked through the details of the quest.

Incidentally, when paying a reward of 10 gold pieces to an adventurer, the Guild would take two gold as a handling fee; on top of that, if they’d succeeded in their quest, the adventurer had to pay a contingency fee of three gold to the Guild.

In other words, if an adventurer took on a quest and succeeded in it, half of their reward would go to the Guild.

Even if they didn’t succeed, they still had to pay the 20% handling fee.

Orcs are pretty powerful. Capturing them… maybe a C-ranked mission?

So the sum total would be 30 gold?

Oof. 30 gold in total? That’s embarrassing.

But if we managed to capture him ourselves, we’d get 20 gold pieces back.

We’d have to pay the total of 30 gold as a deposit beforehand, but we’d get all of it back except for the handling fee of four gold.

The prison costs one gold for two days, and if the adventurer wants to contact us, then they’ll need to pay another adventurer to act as a messenger, which costs another……

This is quickly getting expensive. Oh well.

By the way, those orcs already have an E-ranked bounty on their heads.

Oh, in that case…

Emilia ripped a piece of paper off the tavern noticeboard and brought it back over.

I couldn’t read the writing on it.

Here it is. A reward of 2 gold for subduing the orcs. Terrible, isn’t it?

Apparently, Enami’s life was worth 20,000 yen, not 30,000 yen.

We often get double-booked. Don’t worry about it.

Oh, but I do care. I want them to be captured, you see.

Is that so?

Wouldn’t it be better for the guild if I paid the contingency fee? Can’t this quest be cancelled?

Well, the person who requested it…… a young lady adventurer named Lucia, I think. Since you’ve put out a proper request to capture the orcs, I’ll ask her what she thinks of you taking it up. But she did submit the mission to bring them down for two gold…

Please talk to her.

The contract is probably coming to an end, so it’s a pain for her.

But, if possible, I want to negotiate with her directly about taking up the mission.

Is Lucia here?I asked, gesturing to the tavern.

Although it was daytime, there were a lot of adventurers drinking. Deet’s probably among them.

Nope. Doesn’t look like she’s here today.

I see.

It seemed like there was nothing else we could do at the moment.

I’ll look for Deet. She was sitting at the counter drinking, so I sat down next to her. She turned in the other direction.

Hmph!  You made me guide you to the surface, and now you’re spending my money.

That’s right.

From the smell, I could tell that the alcohol she was drinking was pretty strong. She was completely sloshed.

Well, I’m still in her debt. I suppose it’s Enami’s fault.

Since we’re together, Deet, tell me what’s good to drink. I can’t handle anything too strong.

You went on a date with Riadated Deet, but you just ignore me!

Oh, here comes the sermon.

Or so I thought.

U-um… you’re Deet, the sorceress, right? We don’t have a caster – would you join our party?

The young adventurers quickly began talking to Deet.

I thought they must be newbies, since their gear was much cleaner than any adventurer’s that I’d seen in the dungeon, but they were level 17, 18 and 20.

Using my Person Appraisal Skill on the one who’d addressed Deet, I discovered that he was a level 20 knight called Dominic. I bet he’s their leader.

Wait, no, maybe he’s one of those cool guy types. But he seems pretty eloquent.

The two others with him were women.

I could hear the voices of the adventurers sitting at the round table behind us.

So the up-and-coming Dominic and his party have shown up, huh? I hear he used to belong to a band of knights somewhere.

I wonder what he means.

Oh, I’m sorry. I decided to form a party with him.

Deet took my arm with a smile.

Right, Thor?

Um, er…

I didn’t really know what was going on. I gave a vague answer.

Looking disappointed, Dominic left.

I heard the adventurers at the round table behind us talking again.

I thought for sure she’d join, since it was Dominic. I guess not, huh?

Everyone asks her once, because of her pretty face and her level.

Gradually, I began to get the picture.

So Deet really was famous.

Anyway, who’s that guy sitting next to her? I’ve never seen him before.

Is he really in a party with her?

N-no way. You’ve got to be kidding. He’s only level 10.

As I was straining to hear what the table behind us was saying, I heard Deet’s angry voice. Her breath reeked of alcohol.

Are you listening to me?

I’m listening.

I hadn’t been listening at all.

You need to be nicer to me, Thor!

Are you Miss Deet?

This time, two guys with pointy ears approached her. They’re elves!

Nice to meet you. I’m Ekmant. This is Elmer. As I’m sure you can see, we can’t really form a party with humans. How about joining us, Miss Deet?

Oh, I’m sorry. I’m a high elf; I don’t feel like we’re the same race. Besides, I’m already in a party with this human.

As I’d expected, Deet clung to me tightly, smiling.

Ekmant and his friend left, too.

Are you in a better mood now?

No, I’m not! It was your fault in the first place, Thor!

D-Deet, please form a party with me!

People came up to Deet one after another, inviting her to join their party.

Every time, she turned them down because of me.

Deet’s getting even more invitations than usual today.

She used to give out this aura that said ‘if you try to talk to me, I’ll kill you’, but today she seems kinda…… sweet.

I know, right? I think I might try talking to her, too. By the way, d’you think she’s really in a party with that boring-looking guy?

You’ve gotta be kidding. Everyone keeps approaching her because they know she’s joking.

The guys at the table behind us had called me ‘boring-looking’. I’m sorry, Deet.

But, at any rate, I wonder what her ‘if you try to talk to me, I’ll kill you’ aura is like. Sounds scary……



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